Monday, November 18, 2013

Wartrace Regulators November Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match

30 Cowgirls, Cowboys and Wild Bunch shooters rode into Wartrace for a great day of shooting. By the time we started it was warm enough not to need a jacket and cool enough not to sweat. We shot the 5 new stages with the cowboys shooting the same stages Whiskey Hayes wrote for the Main November Match. Papa Dave modified the stages for the Wild Bunch shooters.

I really like the new stages and all the movement that is possible. I decided it was time to have fun and break out some different guns. I shot two-handed, Senior Category, and used my mat stainless Vaqueros with regular hammers, Spur Marlin rifle and my usual SKB shotgun. With no big matches coming up it was fun to play a little.

We had 3 new shooters, Buckshot Peterson shooting Cowboy and Gun Butcher and Doc Kay B May shooting Wild Bunch.

Reno Mustang changed and shot Senior Gunfighter and Birdshot Pete, a Buckaroo, decided Chickamauga  Slim was having so much fun, he changed and started shooting Outlaw.

Buck Dodgers and Duck River slugged it out all day swapping 1st and 2nd on all the stages. In the end Duck River was the Top Gun of the day, followed by Buck Dodgers, Randy Saint Eagle, Dodge City Dixie, Vaquero Jake, Reno Mustang, Shaddai Vaquero, Tombstone John, Imis Twohofon and Jailbreak Jake rounded out the Top 10.

Dodge City Dixie was the Ladies Top Gun, followed by Ida Shot'em. Dodge city Dixie also shot her first ever Clean Match.

Congratulations to all those who shot Clean Matches, Buck Dodgers, Dirtwood Dobber, Dodge City Dixie, Duck River, Ida Shot'em and Reno Mustang.

Papa Dave was the Wild Bunch Top Gun, followed by Shaddai Vaquero, Frank Buckshot, Papa Oso, Gunbutcher, Tom Horn and Doc Kay B May.

Papa Oso shot a Clean Match.

Complete Scores

 Dodge City Dixie, Reno Mustang and I were able to take some Videos.  

The next match at Wartrace will be the November 23rd Long Range Match, also on the 23rd will be a Womens Only Advanced Defensive Handgun Class. The next Cowboy match will be December 7th.

Happy Trails until we meet again.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2013 Southwest Regional, Comin' At Cha

Cheyenne Thornton, Papa Dave and I loaded Cheyenne's covered wagon early Wednesday morning and headed to Dixon to meet up with Sheriff Frank Canton, Tombstone John and Buck Dodgers and head to Texas. This was my second trip to Comin' At Cha in English Texas and we knew it would be a Great Match. T-Bone Dooley, Ringo Fire, Nuttin' Graceful, Honey B. Graceful, Ellie Gant and all the folks at The Bar 3 Ranch really know how to put on a match.

We met up with Dodge City Dixie, Reno Mustang, CW Knight and Linda at the range. When we got there it was raining, same as last time we got to the Bar 3, but we were able to get our trailer backed into the yard and head for the bunk house. We stayed at The Red River Inn 15 minutes from the range, if you want fancy, it ain't, but if you want close it's the only game in town.

Thursday morning started cool but the rain was gone and it turned out to be a beautiful day for side matches. Here you can shoot the side matches as many times as you want but you have to declare which one you want for score, before you shoot it. They also have a Cowboy Yard Sale in the Big Barn and it was packed.

Dodge City Dixie won the Ladies Speed Double Barrel and Vaquero Jake won the Junior Men's Speed Pistol, Speed Rifle and Speed 87/97 shotgun side matches.

We shot the early wave on Friday morning and it started a little cool but it turned into another great day. I started the first stage with a miss so I didn't have to worry anymore about a "clean match". If you've never been to the Bar 3, they have lots of Chicken targets and I think I saw on the SASS Wire where this year they had 200% more chickens. The starting line for every stage had something to do with chickens. I had 3 misses for the match, all my own fault, and only 1 was on a chicken target.

We shot stages 6 thru 10 and they were fun stages. Stage 6 was rifle and pistol only from the Big Wagon and I mean BIG, the wheels alone are probably 12' tall. Here you had 3 huge buffalo targets and 1 little chicken, you started with rifle pointed safely down range. At the beep you put 2 shots on the chicken and 3 each on the buffalo in any order which means you had a rifle reload and you had to fire the first 10 before the reload. Next you had to put 1 shot on the chicken and 3 on each buffalo with your pistols. Next to the buffalo that chicken looked really small but very few on our posse missed the chicken. On stage 9 you had 2 pistol plate racks and 8 shotgun knock downs, no rifle. You started at either front window, engaged a 5 target plate rack with 1 pistol, moved to the other window and engaged the second plate rack. Then pick up your shotgun and engaged 2 knock downs each from 4 different doors down the hallway of the barn. Any pistol targets or shotgun targets still standing could be made up on 2 gong targets at the end of the hallway.

After both waves were finished stages 2-4 were set up for the Shoot and Scoot, if you're ever at Comin' At Cha you have to try this. All you need are 100 rounds of 38 special ammo and a belt full of shotshells. Guns are set up all along the 3 stages and you don't know what they are till you get to them. The only rules are 2 shots with each shotgun at shotgun targets, all other guns are loaded with 5 rounds each and rifles shoot rifle targets and pistols shoot pistol targets, no double taps. At one table there were 8 pistols and at he end was a 4 barrel shotgun. You had a jeering section along the way to "help" you out, it was a HOOT.

Friday night was another "included" dinner and side-match awards. Once you get to Comin' At Cha you don't have to spend much money unless you find stuff at the vendors you can't live without. Included in your entry fee are 2 lunches, Friday night dinner and Saturday night Banquet dinner.

Saturday we shot the second wave starting at 12:30 pm so we had plenty of time to check out the vendors. We had 5 more fast stages including Stage 4 where you shot an 18 shot figure 8 with your rifle and pistols then moved to your shotgun for 4 knock downs. Fire N Fallback was our Posse Marshall and he was on fire. He shot the best Frontiersman match I've ever seen, 25.28 average for the 10 stages.  Cleve was our Assistant Posse Marshall and we had a great posse, everyone worked and things went really smooth. We got to shoot with some new friends, Jersey Sue and Pecos Pav from New Jersey, Canadian Two Feathers and Canadian Black Magic from Canada and Coffin Sam.

Saturday night brought on the awards and the costume contest with you guessed it, a chicken theme, there were some folks in interesting costumes.

Prestidigitator was the Top Gun of the match, followed by Missouri Lefty, Vaquero Jake, You Bet, Phantom, Justin Parker, Naildriver, Jake Cutter, Roys Creek Dan and Buck Dodgers rounded out the Top 10.

Bent Barrel Betty was the Ladies Top Gun, followed by Sixgun Sallie, Missouri  Mae, Dew R Dye, Spur Broke, Nellie Blue, Sunny Girl, Sierra Starr, Canadian Two Feathers and Diamond Kate rounded out the Ladies Top 10.

Wartrace Regulators fared very well;

Vaquero Jake        Junior Boys Champion     3rd Overall
Buck Dodgers       Wrangler Champion         10th Overall
Shaddai Vaquero   3rd Duelist                      73rd Overall
Randy Saint Eagle  Senior Duelist Champion  83rd Overall
Papa Dave            Range Boss Champion     119th Overall
CW Knight           15th Silver Senior             126th Overall
Reno Mustang       8th Senior                        147th Overall
Dodge City Dixie   2nd Ladies B-Western     156th Overall
Tombstone John    22nd Silver Senior            173rd Overall
Sheriff Frank Canton  13th Senior                 196th Overall
Perfecto Vaquera    5th Ladies B-Western    210th Overall
Cheyenne Thornton  6th Classic Cowboy      283rd Overall
Blackwater was at the match but under the weather all weekend and didn't shoot.

Complete Scores

With only 16 on our Posse I  wasn't able to get any videos or action pictures, but thanks to Dodge City Dixie and Sheriff Frank Canton I have a few pictures.


If you're looking for a Fantastic Match check out Comin At Cha, The Southwestern Regional, T-Bone and the gang will make sure you have a good time.

The next Cowboy Match at Wartrace will be the November 16th Cowboy Wild Bunch Match, for more information always check out our website.

Happy Trails until we meet again.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Regulators Reckoning, The 2013 SASS Tennessee State Championship.

The Tennessee State Championship for 2013 is in the books now and what a fantastic one it was. This was our biggest State Championship to date and God blessed us with terrific weather for the entire weekend. We had 185 Cowboys and Cowgirls actually shoot the match.

We started on Thursday with the standard speed and long range side matches. Since this is October we had a "Are You Tough Enough To Wear Pink", "Cut The Rope" stage going on as well. We collected $322.20 for the American Cancer Society at this and donations at the Banquet. We had the Pig Iron Lane inspired target at 30 feet and you could shoot the 1/4" rope with a rifle or pistol or both.

We had quite a few shooters who were able to cut the rope with a rifle including; Asup Sleeve, Frank Buckshot in 2 shots, Cheyenne Thornton, Cassalong Hopidy, Da Lightning, Sudden Sam, JD Bullet, Mortimer Smith in 2 shots with a Spencer, Kid Nama, Fast Harley, Last Kiss, Dew R Dye, Pants A'Fire Meyer and  Harman Hammer.    Pleasant, Yankee Dutchman and I (Randy Saint Eagle) each cut it on our first shot.

We also had quite a few cut the rope with a pistol including; CW Knight, Trail Bandit, JD Bullet, Pleasant shooting duelist, Harman Hammer and Slippery Stew.  I cut one each right and left handed duelist.
I'm sure I probably missed someone and if so I apologize.

After all the shooting was finished on Thursday Chas B Wolfson and Apple Annie, who drove all the way from Arizona to shoot our match, treated everyone still at the range to Southwest Chile and pinto beans and boy was it good. We're trying to talk them into moving here so we can have it more often.

Friday Morning started out with Whiskey Hayes welcoming everyone who came to spend the weekend with us and introducing our special guests Judge Roy Bean SASS #1 and his lovely bride Justice Lily Kate SASS #1000. Papa Dave gave the Safety Meeting and reminded us that the 170 degree rule is probably the most important rule in SASS. Whiskey lead us in a prayer and the Pledge and then it was off to your respective stages to let the fun begin.

Since last year Wes Outlaw and his crew have added 5 new stages including a Cantina, The Jersey Lily, a new Fort, new Marshall's Office and a Mine Shaft and totally changed the look of the range.

Whiskey Hayes wrote some really fun and for some really fast stages . The top 3 shooters averaged under 20 seconds a stage for the entire match.

The first 5 stages were shot and 30 minutes after the last posse finished we started our Team Match. We had a Texas Star and a plate rack for the rifle, a Texas Star and 5 knock downs for the pistol and 2 kd's and anything left standing for the shotgun. Everyone who wanted to play put their badges in a hat and we drew out the teams. We had the most participation we've ever had and it was a ball. Kid Ziggy, Slick's Sharp Shooter and Pine Ridge Jack were the winning team with a time of 24.57. Thanks to all the teams that made this such a fun match. After the winning team was decided, shooters picked their own teams and no "Dream Team" beat the winning team on their first try. We had so much fun we almost missed the Friday night dinner.

After dinner we had the Side Match Awards starting with the Wild Bunch Match; Duck River Traditional, CW Knight Modern. Black Powder Match was won by Silver City Rebel, next we moved on to Long Range Single Shot; off bags Chickamauga Slim, off sticks Dirtwood  Dobber, offhand  Dirtwood  Dobber; Lever Action Rifle Caliber; off bags Duck River, off sticks Wes Outlaw, offhand Wes Outlaw; Pistol Caliber, off bags Wes Outlaw, off sticks Dirtwood Dobber and offhand Duck River.

Next we went to the speed events starting with Speed Pistol Traditional 3.63 Unpleasant, Duelist 4.86 Shaddai Vaquero, Gunfighter 3.83 Unpleasant; Ladies Traditional 4.92 Slick's Sharp Shooter, Duelist 10.16 Mae Berry, Gunfighter 7.96 Last Kiss; Speed Rifle Men 3.23 Prestidigitator, Ladies 4.0 Slick's Sharp Shooter; 3 Gun Men 8.41 Prestidigitator, Ladies 10.59 Slick's Sharp Shooter; '97 Men 5.59 Prestidigitator, Ladies 8.33 Dew R Dye, Hammerless Double Men 6.17 Duke Skywalker, Ladies 7.34 Slick's Sharp Shooter, Hammered/'87 Men 8.56 Ben T Iron, Ladies 18.22 Alchemist Belle.

Next we gave away enough door prizes that everyone present got something. Included was a SR 1911 from Ruger, a 22/22mag Heritage revolver from Franklin Gun Shop and lots of Jack Daniels Whiskey as well as stuff from stage sponsors, vendors and many others.

Saturday started off with the final 5 stages and another beautiful day.  Some Cowgirls and Cowboys were shooting some really fast times and before you knew it the days shooting had come to an end.

This year our Banquet was moved to the Tullahoma Events Center, which allowed us to raise our shooters capacity. I have always worried about moving because we always had such good food. This year the Bell Buckle Cafe catered our Banquet and to me it was probably the best food we've ever had.

After dinner we had the Best Dressed Awards and there were lots of folks dressed to the 9's. I failed to get a copy of who won the contests. Next the State Champions in each Category were announced and received their plaques. You can pick them out on the Category List on the scores page. Then we moved on to the Overall Awards.

Through the course of the night we gave away 3 guns, a Uberti single action pistol, a Stoeger coach gun and an 1873 Uberti Rifle donated by our Match Sponsor The Outpost Armory, check them out and thank them for sponsoring our match. We also gave away 325 rounds each to 3 lucky Buckaroos and a free shoot to the 2014 Georgia State Championship to Kell Raiser, complements of the Georgia Young Shooters Fund.

Top Gun of the match was Missouri Lefty, followed by Prestidigitator, Vaquero Jake, Unpleasant, Mose Spencer, Silver City Rebel, Missouri Traveler, Cumberland Drifter, Fast Eddie and Duke Skywalker rounded out the Top 10.

The Ladies Top Gun was Slick's Sharpshooter, followed by Dew R Dye, Dodge City Dixie, Elpaso Susie, Lefty's Lady, Tenshot Tammy, Perfecto Vaquera, Last Kiss, Witch Doctor and Kid Nama rounded out the Ladies Top 10.

For those of you who don't know Missouri Lefty is a 13 year old Buckaroo, quite an impressive showing.

Complete Scores

 I only got a couple of  Photos, but Gringo Gordo took lots of pictures.

Gringo's Photos

Birdshot Pete and I took a few Videos.  and thanks to Boondock Saint for the picture below.

John Stokes who works with Wes Outlaw put this Video together.

Thanks to everyone who made this a great match we hope all will come back next year and do it again.

The next  match at Wartrace will be the November 2nd Cowboy Match, come and join us if you can.

Happy Trails Until We Meet Again.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ambush, Alabama State Championship

A week ago, Sheriff Frank Canton and I loaded up my buckboard and headed to the North Alabama Regulators range in Grant. We met up with Papa Dave, Cumberland Drifter, Wild Jill Hickok and Duck River. Whiskey Hayes met us at the range and we joined up with Alchemist Belle, Branchwater Jack and some of the NAR shooters for their workers shoot-thru. They had some good fast stages with no "P" traps and I really enjoyed shooting them.

Ambush this year was the last leg of the Triple Crown of Cowboy Action shooting. Several of us were in the Triple Crown and I have to say a big Thank You to Lick Skillet Charlie for setting it up so we could shoot their workers shoot-thru. Their regular match is the same weekend as our workers shoot-thru so this was the only way we could do it. The North Alabama Regulators had enough members show up so the shoot-thru posse didn't have to do any work, just shoot. This was a great help when you shoot 10 stages in one day.

Duck River and I went up for the side matches on Friday and met up with Alchemist Belle, Branchwater Jack, Tom Horn, Dodge City Dixie, Reno Mustang, CW Knight, Ben T. Iron and Da' Lightning. Those of us that shot the Triple Crown got free side matches and two free lunches. I couldn't make it to the Banquet Saturday night due to shooting 10 Stages at Wartrace so I'm not sure what anyone else did in side matches but Duck River won Men's Traditional Wild Bunch and I won the Duelist 3 gun.

I went back to the Award Ceremony today and got there in time to watch part of the match. It's really amazing to watch some of the top shooters shoot, I can't count as fast as some of them can shoot. At the award ceremony Mose and Bella recognized the Triple Crown Winners. The Triple Crown helped boost the number of shooters to 219 this year.

  The Wartrace Regulators won a lot , Papa Dave, Range Boss; Dodge City Dixie, Ladies B-Western; Reno Mustang, 49'r; Alchemist Belle, Cowgirl; Branchwater Jack, Frontier Cartridge Duelist; CW Knight, Silver Senior; Randy Saint Eagle, Senior Duelist; Ben T Iron, Classic Cowboy;  I didn't write anything down so I hope I didn't miss anyone.

They recognized the Alabama State Champions, which I like, before they did the full awards.
Sidekick and Sugah were the Alabama Overall State Champions.

Lead Ringer was the Overall Champion, followed by Prestidigitator, Blackfish Kid, Sidekick, T-Bone Dooley, Duke Skywalker, Cumberland Drifter, Tuff Stuff, Shell Stuffer and Mose Spencer rounded out the Top 10.

Slick's Sharp Shooter was the Ladies Overall Champion, followed by Dew R Dye, Annabel Lee, Lefty's Lady and Dodge City Dixie rounded out the Ladies Top 5.

The Wartrace Regulators did very well :

Cumberland Drifter, 1st 49'r 7th Overall

Randy Saint Eagle, 1st Senior Duelist 23rd Overall

Papa Dave, 1st Range Boss 34th Overall

Reno Mustang, 8th 49r 35th Overall

CW Knight, 6th Silver Senior 48th Overall

Duck River, 2nd Frontier Cartridge 55th Overall

Da' Lightning, 4th Cowboy 67th Overall

Dodge City Dixie, 1st B-Western Ladies 68th Overall

Sheriff Frank Canton, 12 Silver Senior 86 Overall

Branchwater Jack, 3rd Frontier Cartridge Duelist 92nd Overall

Whiskey Hayes, 3rd Classic Cowboy 111 Overall

Ben T Iron, 5th Classic Cowboy 128th Overall

Wild Jill Hickok, 4th Cowgirl 146th Overall

Alchemist Belle, 5th Cowgirl 148th Overall

Tom Horn, 9th Elder Statesman 184th Overall

If you were at Ambush you know what a good match it was if you weren't you missed a good one. If you're looking for a good match the first weekend in October check this one out.

Complete Scores when available can also be found at the above link or on the ACES website.


We all need to promote youth in this great sport as we are an ageing  group as proven by the fact that Silver Senior was the largest Category with 25 shooters. If you have an opportunity try to get your children or grandchildren involved.

Once again I'd like to thank Mose and Bella for the Triple Crown and all of the Alabama Regulators and everyone else involved in Ambush at Caverns Cove for making this a Great Match.

I got very few pictures but here is a link to them.

Ambush Pictures

I also got a few Videos.

Ambush Videos

Classic Impression was the pro photographer and will probably have photos posted soon.

Thanks Sugah for taking pictures throughout the entire event, once she gets them together I'll add a link. here is one of the Wartrace Triple Crown Winners that were present.
Here are all the Triple Crown present.

Pictures By Sugah

Don't forget the Tennessee State Championship is this weekend and it will be our biggest one ever.

Happy Trails until we meet again.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wartrace Regulators September 21 Cowboy Match

15 Cowgirls and Cowboys braved the weather and rode into Wartrace for the last match before the Tennessee State Championship. We had light rain right up until Safety Meeting time. We shot mostly the same stages as we shot on the Sept. 7 match and they were fast. We did not offer Wild Bunch at this match, it will be back on the mid-month on Nov.16th.

We actually started on stage 5, Corral, today and helped Wyatt Earp take down the Cowboys. Next we moved to the Livery Stable and fought the Indians. On this stage we shot Nevada Sweeps with the rifle and pistols and just 2 shotgun kd's. Just as we were finishing this stage the rain started back up so Whiskey came up with another scenario and we shot another stage at the Livery, this 2nd stage replaced the Train as the loading area was under water. This stage called for at least 3 single taps on each rifle target, same directions for pistols and again just 2 shotgun kd's. The rain stopped before we finished this stage. There are several ways to shoot this stage correctly and if you don't think it out before you start you may get a "P". Done correctly this is a very fast stage.

Next we helped the Marshall stop a prisoner trying to escape at the Wagon. Starting with the rifle you shot a double tap sweep on 5 rifle/pistol targets, then double tap sweep the same targets with the pistols, then move to the shotgun for 2 kd's. These P/R targets were a little farther back than we normally shoot pistols so you had to take time to aim.

We finished up at the Depot where some local bushwackers demanded your money. your line to start the stage was "here's my lead". You started with 1 long gun staged outside the Depot and the other staged inside. Starting with the rifle single tapped the 4 rifle targets for 10 rounds engaging each target at least once. Then from the rifle location you engaged the 4 pistol targets with single taps for 5 rounds engaging each target at least once, then move to the shotgun location and repeat for the next 5 rounds. Then 2 shotgun kd's. We ended up having a fantastic day, the first one in a long time where you weren't wiping sweat every few minutes and we were blessed to be able to stay dry.

Randy Saint Eagle was the Top Gun of the day, (don't get to write that very often), followed by CW Knight, Reno Mustang, Sunflower Kid, Whiskey Hayes, Birdshot Pete, Fort Knox, Deadwood Miner,  Dodge City Dixie and Cheyenne Thornton rounded out the Top 10.

Dodge City Dixie was the Ladies Top Gun, followed by Ida Shot''em.

Congratulations to CW Knight, Ida Shot'em, Randy Saint Eagle, Reno Mustang, Sunflower Kid and Whiskey Hayes for shooting "Clean Matches".  Interestingly the top 5 shooters shot clean.

Complete Scores when available. 

Thanks to everyone who came out and shot with us today, for everyone else, you missed a good one.

The next match at Wartrace will be the Long Range next weekend Sept. 28.

The Tennessee State Championship will be Oct. 10-12. We should have a great match with several vendors for the 3 days including an earplug vendor, something we haven't had for a few years.
Come and join us, spectators are welcome as well.

Also take a look at the Alabama State Championship Oct. 3-6

Happy Trails until we meet again.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wartrace Regulators Sept. 7 2013 Cowboy Match

48 Cowgirls and Cowboys rode into Wartrace for our monthly cowboy Match, and it was a great day for it. It was hot but not as hot as it could have been and there was no rain in sight. After today there is only 1 more match at Wartrace before the 2013 Regulators Reckoning, the Tennessee State Championship.

We shot in the Old Town today and Whiskey Hayes wrote some really fast stages for the hot weather and 3 shooters were under 100 seconds for the match. We had shooters from Kentucky, Alabama and East Tennessee come to join us in a day of Cowboy fun. We had at least 1 new Cowboy Action shooter, welcome Nantahala Ned.

Congratulations to Shaddai Vaquero the Top Gun of the day, it's not often we have a Duelist shooter as Top Gun. Shaddai was followed by Cumberland Drifter, Barkeep Casey, Vaquero Jake, Marshal WD, CW Knight, Ben T Iron, Randy Saint Eagle, Buck Dodgers and Papa Dave rounded out the Top 10.

Perfecto Vaquero was the Ladies Top Gun, a family sweep. Perfecto was followed by Dodge City Dixie and Buxom Boo.

Congratulations to Barkeep Casey, Deadwood Miner and Dirtwood Dobber for shooting "Clean".

Once again I had to work early and got to the range late so I didn't see some of the cowboys until the match was over and didn't get to speak to some of them. Thanks to everyone for letting me jump in as needed to catch up. I did manage to get a few videos.

Randy's Videos

Complete Scores when available

Thanks again to everyone who came to shoot with us.

The Tennessee State Championship is getting close so if you plan to shoot with us, get your entries in as soon as possible.

The Tennessee State Championship

If you'd like to see who is signed up check out the Shooters List or the Category List.

The next match at Wartrace and the last Match before the State Championship will be the Sept. 21 Cowboy Match, we will not offer Wild Bunch at this match. They're will also not be a Long Range Match in September. The range will be closed from Sept 23rd until October 14th for any shooting except the State Championship.

For more info always check out our website.

Wartrace Regulators

Hope to see you at a match.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

North Alabama Regulators Sept. 1 Match

Sheriff Frank Canton and I caught the early morning stage south to help the  North Alabama Regulators clean up their town. We met up with Alchemist Belle, Branchwater Jack, Dodge City Dixie, Reno Mustang, CW Knight and Dirtwood Dobber and tried to help run all the outlaws out of town. We also wanted to get a chance to shoot before the Oct. 4-6  Alabama State Championship. We were a little concerned as we ran through lots of rain on the way down, but once we got there all the water was sweat.

Ben T Iron is now writing the stages and we shot everything from a continuous Nevada Sweep at Desoto Jim's Barber Shop to 10 shot rifle and 10 shot pistols dump on Big Ned. The stages were fast and fun with no "P" traps, although I had more misses than I can count (I must learn what that bump on top of my barrels is).

Barkeep Casey was the Top Gun of the day followed by Double Nickle, Buck D Law, Reno Mustang, CW Knight, Waco Jim, Ben T Iron, Six String, Dodge City Dixie and Graver Bill rounded out the Top 10.

Dodge City was the Ladies Top Gun followed by Sugah, Tullamore Dew, Two Ponies Gal and Alchemist Belle rounded out the Ladies Top 5.

Reno Mustang was the Top Wartrace shooter, 4th overall, 2nd 49R followed by,
CW Knight 5th overall, 1st Senior
Ben T Iron 7th overall, 1st Classic Cowboy
Dodge City Dixie 9th overall, Top Cowgirl
Randy Saint Eagle 14th overall, 1st Senior Duelist
Sheriff Frank Canton 16th overall, 2nd Silver Senior
Branchwater Jack 20th overall, 1st Frontier Cartridge Duelist
Alchemist Belle 35th overall, 1st Cowgirl
Dirtwood Dobber 39th overall, 4th Classic Cowboy.

Complete Scores when available

Thanks to Alchemist Belle and Branchwater Jack for taking videos for me.


We had a great time shooting and some of us stayed for lunch and the awards. I think Reno Mustang was the only Wartrace shooter to have a "Clean Match".

Our next big shoot after the Alabama State Championship will be
The Tennessee State Championship  Oct. 10-12, if you haven't signed up for either of these matches you need to hurry.

The next match at Wartrace will be the Sept. 7 Cowboy Match, for more info always check out our website.

Wartrace Regulators

Hope to see you at the Tennessee State Championship.
Happy Trails, until we meet again.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Wartrace Regulators Aug. 17 Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match

28 Cowgirls, Cowboys and Wild Bunch shooters rode into Wartrace on an overcast day to help rid the town of all manner of ner-do-wells. The clouds kept the temps  great for August and we only had a light mist of rain a few times, never enough to get you wet.

Whiskey Hays wrote the stages and as always they were fast and fun with no "P" traps. Papa Dave modified them for the Wild Bunch shooters. At the Gallows  with the rifle and revolvers you had a 5 round dump and then a single tap sweep with the remaining 5 rounds. You also had a split shotgun and the Wild Bunch while not splitting the shotgun had to also sweep the the rifle targets with the pistol for 5 rounds.

Cowboys and Wild Bunch all shot the Line Shack the same with gun order shooters choice. You single tap the center target and double tap each outside target and repeat. The same sequence with pistol and rifle and 4 shotgun kd's.

At Grafton's Saloon you confronted a bottom dealing gambler starting at the bar with shotgun in one window and rifle in the opposite. Gun order was shooters choice again,  pistols were shot from either window, other guns shot from staged location. With rifle and pistols you single tapped each outside target and had an 8 round dump on the center and 4 shotgun kd's.

At the Cemetery, rifle was staged on one coffin, shotgun staged on opposite coffin. Start at center table with hands on pistols. At the beep, rifle shot from staged location, triple tap R1, double tap R2, repeat. Move to shotgun and engage 6 shotgun kd's, it was difficult to set up where you could shoot 6 without moving most engaged 2 then moved to the table and shot the final 4, then from table shoot pistols same as rifle. Wild Bunch shot the same except the shotgun was stoked with 3 rounds, you shot 3 and moved, then were required to load 3 more before shooting the last 3. Single loading the shotgun for the final 3 was a "P".

At Wells Fargo Bank you stopped Fredrick Brown from locking up and stealing $10,000. You started with rifle and shotgun staged on shelf, standing at shelf with pistol pointed safely down range. At the beep double tap Nevada Sweep the 3 pistol targets, then same sequence with the rifle on rifle targets, then engage 4 shotgun kd's. After the shotgun the Wild Bunch had to double tap Nevada Sweep the 3 rifle targets with the pistol.

The Wild Bunch Top Gun was Frank Buckshot, followed by Branchwater Jack, Capt. Jo Walker, Papa Oso and Tom Horn.

Miss Scarlet was the Top Lady Wild Bunch shooter.

Buck Dodgers was the Top Gun Cowboy shooter, followed by Cumberland Drifter, Cherohala Chase, Randy Saint Eagle, Ben T. Iron, Reno Mustang, Sheriff Frank Canton, Duck River, Scrub Oak Willie and Tombstone John rounded out the Top 10.

Dodge City Dixie was the Top Lady followed by Ida Shot'em and Dirty Nerdy.

Complete Cowboy Scores

Complete Wild Bunch Scores

I was able to take a few videos, mostly Wild Bunch.

My Videos

Buck Dodgers also posted a few videos.

Buck's Videos

If you're interested in the Tennessee State Championship, Oct. 10-12,  it's time to sign up now.

Tennessee State Championship

Hopefully someday I'll get to come to a match on time instead of going to work first so I'll see everyone. The last few matches when I see the scores I see someones name I didn't realize was there.
Thanks again to everyone who came and shot with us and those who came to watch and help.

For more info always check out our website.

Wartrace Regulators 

Happy Trails until we meet again.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wartrace Regulators August 3rd Cowboy Match

61 Cowgirls and Cowboys rode into Wartrace for a fun day of Cowboy Action Shooting. We had several folks from East Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi and Alabama come out to join us.

 Whiskey Hayes wrote some fun stages with some different scenarios than we usually see. They were also written for summer with only one stage having a lot of movement. The stages were also very fast, the top shooter shot 5 stages in under 100 seconds. We had  overcast skies and a few very light showers, for August it was a great day.

I had to go to work early and got to the range just in time to be the last shooter on the first stage so I have to apologize to anyone I didn't get a chance to speak to. There were 3 posses and several shooters I didn't realize were there until I saw the score sheet.

Buck Dodgers was the Top Gun of the day followed by Unpleasant, Shaddai Vaquero, Boozy Creek, Duck River, Reno Mustang, Ocoee Red, CW Knight, Pleasant and Papa Dave rounded out the Top 10.

Perfecto Vaguera  was the Ladies Top Gun followed by Mrs Pleasant, Dodge City Dixie, Garnet Gal, Dirty Nerdy, Shez a Pistol and Ida Shot'em.

Congratulations also to these Cowboys and Cowgirls who shot Clean Matches; CW Knight, Deadwood Miner, Ida Shot'em, Jailbreak Jake, Mrs Pleasant, Ocoee Red, Pleasant, Papa Oso, Reno Mustang and Sheriff Frank Canton.

Complete Scores

Thanks to everyone who came out and shot with us and if you haven't sent in your application for the Tennessee State Championship  don't wait too long we have filled up and had to quit taking applications the last few years.

Thanks also to Tombstone John and Vaquero Jake for taking most of the videos I have this month.

Match Videos

We will be hosting RO I and RO II classes August 31st 2013, if interested contact Papa Dave.

Happy Trails until we meet again.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wartrace Regulators June 15 Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match

28 Cowgirls, Cowboys and Wild Bunch shooters rolled into Wartrace for some shooting fun. It was a beautiful day and we had some great stages to shoot. The cowboys shot the same stages as the first of the month and Papa Dave modified them for the Wild Bunch.

Brada Tat Tat had his friends from Italian Gun Grease come out and display and talk to us about their products.

Italian Gun Grease

Aaron and Gabe also donated about $125 gift pack each to the Cowboy Top Gun and the Wild Bunch Top Gun. Check out their website, I think you'll be impressed with their products.

I really enjoyed these stages, we had a lot of movement in 3 and not much in the other 2 so it was a good combination. I had to work that morning but got there in time to join in on the first stage.

Cumberland Drifter was the Top Gun for the Cowboys, followed by Big 6 Henderson, Randy Saint Eagle, Ben T Iron, Imis Twohofon, Sheriff Frank Canton, Fort Knox, Tombstone John, Grey Horse and Brada Tat Tat rounded out the Top 10.

Wild Jill Hickok was the Top Cowgirl, followed by Dirty Nerdy and Ida Shot'em.

Cumberland Drifter also shot a Clean Match, congratulations.

Branchwater Jack was the Wild Bunch Top Gun, followed by Duck River, CW Knight, Slug Vermin and Frank Buckshot rounded out the Top 5.

Itchy Vermin was the Top Lady Wild Bunch shooter and congratulations to Slug Vermin for shooting the only Wild Bunch Clean Match.

Complete Scores when avalaible.

I got a couple of videos.

My videos.

Aaron and Gabe with Italian Gun Grease took some pictures and videos and they can be seen on their

 Facebook page.

I also shared their video on my Facebook

My Facebook

Thanks again Aaron and Gabe.

Thanks again to everyone who came and shot and those who came to watch,  hope you all come back again.

The next matches at Wartrace will be the Long Range next Saturday the 22nd and our July Cowboy Match July 6th, for more info check out our


If you're looking for a match next Saturday check out

The Ocoee River Rangers

Hope to see you at a range somewhere.

Happy Trails.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wartrace Regulators June 1 Cowboy Match

45 cowboys and cowgirls rolled into Wartrace for our June Cowboy Match. I had to work and got there after shooting had started so didn't get to see everyone before the match. Some I didn't know were there until I saw the score sheet.

Lone Wolf Swain was there selling bullets. It was good to see Marshall Red Stockburn again, unfortunately he was selling off his stuff. We had shooters come in from Kentucky, Alabama and East Tennessee  to join us for some fun.

Whiskey had some fun and fast stages and if I'm not mistaken they were 5 of last years State Match stages. I started the day with 4 misses on the first stage and did't get much better as the day progressed. We had sunshine, cloud cover, about 10 minutes of rain, but we were lucky and had a good day.

Ben T Iron was having a great day until his rifle broke on the last stage, but he was lucky it didn't happen last weekend at the Ohio State Match. Most shooters were apparently  struggling some as only 3 shooters had "Clean Matches". Congratulations to  Captain Grouch, Cumberland Drifter  and Fort Knox.

Cumberland Drifter was the Top Gun of the day, followed by Vaquero Jake, Duck River, Shaddai Vaquero, Papa Dave, Captain Grouch, Ocoee Red, Lead Bone, Ben T Iron and Whiskey Hayes rounded out the Top 10.

Perfecto Vaquera was the Ladies Top Gun, followed by Dodge City Dixie, Alchemist Belle, Dirty Nerdy, Shez A Pistol and Russian Annie.

I was able to take a few videos so check out my

 You Tube link.

Scores when available

The next match at Wartrace will be the June 15 Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match.

Wes Outlaw and his crew are making good progress on the new stages so hopefully we'll be able to shoot them a few times before the State Match.

The applications are available for the Tennessee State Match, we've filled up the last few years and had to start a waiting list so get your application in early.

Regulators Reckoning, The Tennessee State Championship.

See you at the range.

Happy Trails.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

2013 Shoot-Out @ Hard Times, Ohio State Championship

Papa Dave and I loaded the wagon hitched up the team and made our first trip to the Ohio State Championship in Piqua Ohio. Once there we met up with several others from Wartrace including, CW and Linda Knight, Branchwater Jack, Alchemist Belle, Donald Duke, Ben T Iron, Dodge City Dixie, Reno Mustang, Blackwater Desperado and Shotgun Schoolmarm. Doc Eells and Mean Gun Mark promised good weather but when we arrived in the rain on Thursday afternoon I wasn't so sure, but they were right. The rain quit and we didn't get anymore till Monday morning when we were leaving. The weather was great for all match activities.

The shooting started out Friday morning at 8 am with the Wild Bunch Match. Branchwater Jack, CW Knight and Papa Dave shot  the match. I haven't gotten the hang of those new-fangled guns yet.  Most of the rest of us started with the regular side matches at 11 and the Warm Up Match at 1. There was a meet and greet potluck at 6 pm which included a fish fry, pulled pork and brisket along with about anything else you could want.

Saturday brought on the first 6 stages of the main match. The targets were a little smaller than we've gotten use to at Wartrace, most pistol targets were 16" circles and the rifle targets were mostly squares with a few diamonds and cowboy shapes. The distances were good and everything was very hit-able. There was lots of movement and all stages were fun. Stage 7 had 2 pistol targets that were 10" circles, but they were "in your face", I don't think anyone on our posse had a miss on them. The match was based on the movie "Blazing Saddles" and had some great starting lines. Doc Eells and Mean Gun Mark really came up with some great stages.

As I said earlier this was my first trip the Miami Valley Cowboys range and it is real nice, shaped like a big horseshoe. The entire area between the stages is graveled, the loading and unloading tables are covered and most have some type of shield to protect from splatter. It's great to shoot in different parts of the country and see nice ranges and see how other cowboys and cowgirls do things.

We were on a really good posse and anyone who knows me knows I'm horrible with names but I'll try to list  members of Posse 10. Papa Dave, Stroud, Barkeep Casey, Ben T Iron, Randy Saint Eagle, CC Top,  Spittoon  Otool, Badger McNeely, Flush Draw, Korupt Karl, Short Term Emory, Branchwater Jack, Lickskillet Charlie, Alchemist Belle, Michigan Slim, Travelin Kid, Blackwater Bob, Dusty Deputy D, Jesse Jane, Willie Gitum, Baby Ruth and I'm sure I forgot someone.

After the 6 stages on Saturday we had a Shoot Off open to everyone who wanted to play. after several rounds of intense competition, Duke Skywalker was the Shoot Off Top Gun. Saturday night was a steak dinner, with great steaks, and side match awards. Papa Dave was 3rd Wild Bunch Traditional and CW Knight was 1st Wild Bunch 59'r.

Sunday morning started with Cowboy Chapel and then the final 6 stages. The final 6 were just as much fun as the first 6. One of the highlights of our final 6 was the Fort where the rifle targets were inside a stage coach, 3 targets, 1 in each window. Following the final stage it was time to head to the Club House for some Cowboy Trap. This was my first time to try trap shooting and it showed. 10 cowboys and cowgirls tried the trap and Papa Dave was the Trap Shoot Off  winner.

Sunday night was the Banquet, Costume and Main Match Awards at the Eagles Club in Covington.
Chicken and fish were served and like all the other meals it was really good. Ringo Fire, Doc Eells, Mean Gun Mark and Boaz Longhorn took care of the Awards.

Lead Ringer was the "Top Gun" of the match, followed by Deuce Stevens, Three Gun Cole, Sage Chick, Duke Skywalker, Doc Molar, Knob Creek Drover, Two Bit Drifter and Indy Kid rounded out the top 10.

Sage Chick was the "Ladies Top Gun", followed by KJ Stevens, Turkey Legs, Two Sons and Sunshine Marcie rounded out the ladies top 5.

Complete Scores

218 shooters completed the match.



Wartrace Regulators were well represented;

Papa Dave 1st Elder Statesman, 23rd Overall, Clean Match
CW Knight  5th Silver Senior,  50th Overall
Ben T Iron 3rd Classic Cowboy, 53rd Overall
Randy Saint Eagle 2nd Senior Duelist, 61st Overall
Reno Mustang 9th 49'r, 84th Overall
Dodge City Dixie 2nd Ladies B-Western, 136th Overall
Branchwater Jack 6th Frontier Cartridge Duelist, 141st Overall, Clean Match
Alchemist Belle 4th Cowgirl, 162nd Overall
Blackwater Desperado 5th Frontiersman, 212th Overall

Thanks again to Samuel Doc Eells, Mean Gun Mark, Boaz Longhorn and all the Miami Valley Cowboys involved in making this a really fun match. Also thanks to Lassiter, as Chief Range Officer, for trying to ensure stages were shot the same by all posses.

If you're ever in the area go and check out a really a really nice range and a fun bunch of Cowboys and Cowgirls.

The next match at Wartrace will be the June 1st Cowboy Match.

Don't forget to sign up for the Tennessee State Championship Oct 10-12 2013

TN. State Match

Happy Trails till we meet again.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wartrace Regulators May 18th Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match

The threat of bad weather and graduation weekend kept many away, but we had 16 Cowgirl, Cowboys and Wild Bunch shooters. We were blessed with very good weather, it sprinkled lightly for less than 10 minutes. The rest of the day we had good weather.

Whiskey Hayes was anticipating the possibility of  bad weather so he wrote some very fast and fun stages with no "P" Traps. We are still shooting the stages on the hill due to range construction. Wes Outlaw and his crew have started building stages and if you haven't been here in a while you won't recognize 1/2 of the range.

CW Knight was the Wild Bunch Top Gun and shot a "Clean Match" as well, followed by Duck River.

Randy Saint  Eagle was the Cowboy  Top Gun, followed by Reno Mustang, Ben T Iron, Whiskey Hayes, Tombstone John, Dodge City Dixie, Birdshot Pete, Sheriff Frank Canton, Wes Outlaw and Da Lightning rounded out the Top 10.

The Cowboys shooting "Clean Matches" were Cheyenne Thornton, Randy Saint Eagle and Reno Mustang.

Scores when available 

A special thanks to Buckshot Peterson for taking most of the videos for me.


Some Regulators will be traveling to the Ohio State Match  and some will be heading to Smokin' Guns at Rabbit Ridge over Memorial Day weekend.

The applications are now online for the Tennessee State Championship, get your application in early, we've filled up and had to quit taking applications the last few years.

 Lots of good matches will be going on all year, if you haven't planned your year check out  the SASS Annual Matches.

The next Wartrace Matches will be Long Range May 25th and the June Cowboy Match June 1st.

Happy Trails until we meet again.

Monday, April 29, 2013

2013 Midwest Classic

Papa Dave and I loaded the wagon, hitched up the team and headed north to the Midwest Classic at The World Shooting Complex in Sparta IL., the first leg of  The Triple Crown of Cowboy Action Shooting. On the range we met up with Alchemist Belle, Branchwater Jack, Donald Duke, Cumberland Drifter, Dodge City Dixie, Reno Mustang, CW Knight, Blackwater Desperado and many of our old friends and made new friends while there as well.

We made it by high noon, in time for the side matches. In addition to the normal array of speed matches, they had a .22 Gallery with categories for 1911 pistols, revolvers and cowboy rifles and an Extreme Shotgun stage with 22 knockdowns including a Texas Star. It was a blast to shoot but it took me an hour to catch my breath afterwards. I had so much fun I had to do it again before the side matches ended. Your first score was recorded on side matches and if you felt like you could beat that score you could declare it before you shot and if it beat your original score it would be recorded. You could practice as much as you wanted but only declare once. I had never seen side matches done this way but I liked it.

Papa Dave, CW Knight, Alchemist Belle and Branchwater Jack also shot the Wild Bunch Match. After all shooting was finished on Thursday we had a fish fry on the patio of the range restaurant for $6, all you could eat, what a deal.

Friday morning following a brief Safety Meeting we started the first 5 stages of the Main Match. Mose Spencer had some really good stages with a good amount of choice on how you shot them.The morning started a little cool and later got a little damp, but not bad. After the Friday stages were finished we were treated to lunch on the range and then Team Matches. 3 person teams were picked on the range and shot 3 stages that included speed, long distance accuracy, team work and fun.

Friday night we were treated to a lasagna dinner before we moved to the Vendor Mall for Side Match Awards. Papa Dave won the .22 Gallery 1911 award and I won the .22 Gallery Revolver award. I was taking pictures so didn't get the award winners written down, but I took Sweet Sister Kit and Lead Ringers pictures several times each. I met Cowboy Carty  for the first time, who won Speed Rifle with a time of 2.64 shooting one of his Marlins. Missouri Lefty had to go to school on Thursday and got to the range 10 minutes before the side matches closed. He was talked into grabbing his rifle and loading up. He only made 1 try and won Buckaroo Speed Rifle with a time of 2.75. I'm sorry I left out many winners but as I said I didn't get it written down.

Saturday morning brought more threatening weather and the final 5 stages. We shot most of the day in a light rain but fortunately it never got too bad. Things were going pretty well till our last stage when Dodge City Dixie went down on a wet floor while shooting the Church stage. She hurt her knee and foot but never lost control of her guns. I hope it wasn't anything serious. Due to the weather, after the last stages were finished, Mose had the lunch on the range moved to the restaurant. After lunch we had time to head back to the bunk house and rest up for the banquet.

The banquet theme was a Cattle Baron's Ball and many Cowboys and Cowgirls were dressed to the nines.
We were treated to a Prime Rib dinner and Mose said we should thank MJ for that. There were lots of door prizes and raffles but I didn't manage to win any of them. After dinner we had the Best Dressed Awards and then the Main Match Awards were handed out.

Missouri Lefty was the Top Gun of the match, followed by Prestidigitator, Lead Ringer, Cowboy Carty, Blackfish Kid, Frisco Red, Duke Skywalker, Copperhead Joe, Faygo Kid and Don Jorge rounded out the Top 10.

Dew R Dye was the Top Lady followed by Sweet Sister Kit, Lefty's Lady, Miss Hitem and Miss Behavin'.

Wartrace was represented well,

 Cumberland Drifter was 1st 49r.
Papa Dave, 1st Range Boss.
CW Knight, 6th Silver Senior.
Randy Saint Eagle, 1st Senior Duelist.
Reno Mustang, 6th 49r.
Branchwater Jack, 2nd Frontier Cartridge Duelist.
Dodge City Dixie, 2nd B-Western Ladies.
Alchemist Belle, 3rd Cowgirl.
Blackwater Desperado, 3rd Frontiersman.

Complete Scores Here.

I wasn't able to take any match pictures but here is a link to the awards photos.

Main and Side Match Awards

I just have to again congratulate Missouri Lefty for being the Overall Champion and shooting the match "Clean", quite an accomplishment for a Buckaroo and I know his Mom, Missouri Sweetie, and Dad, Missouri Traveller, are very proud of him.

After the awards were over T-Bone Dooley cranked up the Karaoke and it wasn't long before Blackwater Desperado was belting out some tunes and if you've ever heard Blackwater and his band Milkbone, you know he can sing.

Mose and Bella always put on a fantastic match and if you left hungry it was your own fault, every meal except breakfast was covered. Thanks also to the Kaskaskia Cowboys and all the others who helped make this a Great Match.

Don't forget the second leg of the Triple Crown is coming up in less than a month. Shootout at Hard Times, The SASS Ohio State Championship May 24-26 in Piqua Ohio. And the final leg, Ambush at Caverns Cove, The SASS Alabama State Championship October 4-6 in Woodville Alabama.

The next match at Wartrace will be the May 4th Cowboy Match, Safety Meeting at 9:30 for more info always check out our website.

Hope to see you at match down the road,

 Happy Trails, until we meet again.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wartrace Regulators April 20th Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match

25 Cowboys, Cowgirls and Wild Bunch Shooters rode into Wartrace for the mid-month shoot. We had 1 new to Wartrace shooter, welcome Payden Tolbert.  It was a pretty nice day but the wind was cool. I had to work in the morning so I missed the introductions, but got there before the first stage was finished.

The cowboy shooters shot the same stages as the first of the month and Papa Dave modified the stages for Wild Bunch. Several of us had a little trouble getting started , I had a pistol miss and jacked out a rifle round on the first stage, Buck Dodgers took 4 shots on 1 shotgun target, on stage 2 Cumberland Drifter took 6 misses due to a jammed up rifle. I think most settled down after a couple of stages. Cumberland Drifter was the fastest on 3 stages and Buck Dodgers won the other 2 and Papa Dave was second fastest on most of the stages.

Buck Dodgers was the Top Gun for the Cowboys, followed by Papa Dave, Ben T Iron, Cumberland Drifter, Randy Saint Eagle, Reno Mustang, Brada Tat Tat, Imis Twohofon, Tombstone John and Branchwater Jack rounded out the top 10.

Congratulations also to Ben T Iron, Buck Dodgers, Imis Twohofon, Paden Tolbert, Papa Dave and Reno Mustang for shooting "clean" matches. A special congrats to Payden Tolbert who told me this was his first ever "clean" match.

Complete scores when available.

C W Knight was the Wild Bunch Top Gun, followed by Frank Buckshot, Dirtwood Dobber, Papa Oso, and Tennessee Roadrunner.

Wild Bunch scores when available.

I didn't get any pictures but I saw a couple of videos Dirty Nerdy posted on YouTube.

Dirty Nerdy Videos

Buck Dodgers brought his youngest daughter, Thunder Rose, she spent all day picking up brass and also took a few videos. Here is Buck's YouTube sight .  Hopefully she'll be shooting with us by next year.

The next matches at Wartrace will be the April 27th Long Range Match and the May 4th Cowboy Match.
For more info always check out our website.

Wartrace Regulators

If you're looking for some good annual matches in the next few weeks check out the Midwest Classic April 25th thru 27th.

Midwest Classic

Also the Georgia State Championship May 2nd thru 5th.

Georgia State Championship

Happy Trails until we meet again.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wartrace Regulators and North Alabama Regulators April Cowboy Matches

We finally got a break on April 6th and had a fantastic day for a Cowboy Match, and 48 cowgirls and cowboys rode in to join the fun. We had several new to Wartrace shooters including Scrub Oak Willie and his wife Garnet Gal, Mezcal Jack, Big Jim Vaquero, Da Lightning and Diamond Gal( at least the first time in a while). We had 2 new aliases, Dirty Nerdy (the cowgirl formerly known as Dora Dufran) and Brada Tat Tat ( the cowboy formerly known as Brad Manco).

As always Whiskey Hayes wrote some fast and fun stages with no "P" traps.

Buck Dodgers was the Top Gun of the day followed by Sean Clancy O'Conall, Papa Dave, Randy Saint Eagle, Wes Outlaw, Ben T Iron, Tombstone John, C W Knight, Scrub Oak Willie and Frank Buckshot,  rounded out the Top 10.

Garnet Gal was the Top Lady Shooter.

Congratulations also to 10 shooters who shot "Clean" matches; Ben T Iron, Brada Tat Tat, Branchwater Jack, Cody Kid, Dirtwood Dobber, Frank Buckshot, Ida Shot'em, Imis Twohofon, Papa Oso and Sean Clancy O'Conall.

Thanks also to Jersey Brat for helping with the scoring.

Sheriff Frank Canton, Fort Knox, Tombstone John and Buck Dodgers were trying to get some practice in before they head to Oklahoma for Land Run this week. If I left out anyone else heading west, I apologize.

Sheriff Frank had a rifle lay down on the last stage and Charlie Bowdre was gracious enough to loan him one for Land Run. After lunch at Bell Buckle Cafe we followed Charlie home to pick up the rifle.

 Link To Videos

Complete Scores

Frank and I decided it was such a nice weekend we would go to Alabama on Sunday and shoot with the North Alabama Regulators. Sunday was another beautiful spring day and NAR is a great range.

I think Tuff Stuff wrote the stages and they were fun and fast and no "P" traps although we had to think a little on some of them. North Alabama is in the process of covering and adding fans to all of their loading and unloading areas, that will be really appreciated about July and August.

We were on Buck D Law and Sugah's posse along with Waco Jim, Lefty Young Gun, Toolman (Tim Allen, talk about a fitting alias) and I can't remember all the others except Graver Bill. If you've never shot with Graver Bill you need to and look at his guns, he does some awesome work.

After shooting we went down to the pavilion and had lunch while the scores were compiled.
Sidekick was the Top Gun of the day followed by Barkeep Casey, Buck D Law, Marshall TKD, Waco Jim, Six String, Graver Bill, Ben T Iron, Lone Wolf Swain and Tuff Stuff rounded out the Top 10.

Sugah was the Top Cowgirl.

If you're looking for a place to shoot on the first Sunday of the month you can't go wrong with North Alabama Regulators. For more info and Scores check out their website.

North Alabama

Sheriff Frank Canton, First Place Silver Senior

It took Frank 3 rifles to make it through the weekend.

The next match at Wartrace will be the March 20th Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match. For more info always check out our website.

Wartrace Regulators

Happy Trails until we meet again.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

3/16/13 Wartrace Regulators Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match

35 Cowgirls, Cowboys and Wild Bunch shooters rode into Wartrace  for a day of day of action shooting and were treated to some Fantasic weather, mid to high 70's is hard to beat in March. It was good to see some folks I haven't seen in a while like Johnny Bodock, Tyrell Cody and Jailbreak Jake who made the trip over from Memphis.

This month seems to be the saga of Papa Dave and Wild Jill. At the Gallows Papa Dave wants to hang Jill over ownership of a herd of horses. Here we shot pistols and rifle in an outside, inside middle sweep and 4 shotgun knock downs. At the Outlaw Cabin Papa Dave is worried about Jill turning him in for the price on his head. Here we shot the rifle in a 4 target progressive sweep, 4 shotgun kd's and finished with the pistols in a progressive sweep. At Grafton's Papa Dave is trying to force Jill to drink a shot of rotgut whiskey disguised as Jack Daniel's. Here we shot a 2-3-2-3 sweep with rifle from either window, same sweep with pistols from either window and 2 shotgun kd from window opposite of rifle. At the Cemetery Wild Jill is tired of Papa Dave telling tales from her past life and shouts "Dave you're a lying cur dog". Here we started behind a table with both long guns staged on the table and unless you were as tall as Grey Horse you couldn't see the rifle targets from your starting position. Here with rifle and pistols we double tapped the 2 outside targets, single tapped the center target and then repeat instructions for the second 5 rounds, then shoot 4 shotgun kd's. Finally at Wells Fargo Bank, Papa Dave draws on Wild Jill when she turns down his loan application. Here with rifle and pistols we single tap sweep 5 targets then put 5 on the center target and finish up with 6 shotgun kd's.

To say these were some fast some fast stages would be an understatement as proven by 93.52 second total time by the Top Gun of the day, Buck Dodgers, and a 98.13 by the second place shooter, Cumberland Drifter, they were followed by Randy Saint Eagle, Scattergun Kid, Duck River, Ben T Iron, Jailbreak Jake, Dusty Wilcox, Wes Outlaw and Reno Mustang rounded out the Top 10.

4 of the top 10 were 49r's and 4 shoot 1-handed (gunfighter or a duelist style). 

We had 7 Clean Match shooters, Buxom Boo, Cody Kid, Cumberland Drifter, Grey Horse, Gringo Gordo, Jailbreak Jake and Reno Mustang, Congratulations on good shooting.

Cowboy Scores when available.

CW Knight was the Wild Bunch Top Gun with a 134.38, don't be fooled by the slower time, they shoot a lot more pistol rounds than the cowboys, followed by Frank Buckshot, Papa Dave, Papa Oso, Tennessee Roadrunner and Tom Horn.

Congratulations to Wild Bunch Clean Match shooters CW Knight and Papa Oso.

Wild Bunch Scores when available.

I didn't take any still pictures because I still can't do a slideshow on Photobucket but I got 27 videos, so here is a link to them.


The next matches at Wartrace will be Long Range March 23 and our April 6 Cowboy Match.

Charlie Bowdre and family are still moving lots of dirt at the range preparing for the new stages so we'll continue to shoot on the hill until further notice. When completed I think the new area will be amazing.

For more information always check out our website.

Happy Trails until we meet again.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wartrace Regulators 3/9/13 Make-up Cowboy Match

2013 has been a cold year so far and we've had to cancel 3 matches. Yesteday we had a make-up match and for early March the weather was pretty nice.

Charlie Bowdre discussed the new range improvements and if you haven't been here for a while the old fort and jail have been torn down. Starting just past Wells Fargo Bank will be a Mexican Cantina, a Judge Roy Bean "Law west of the Pecos" stage, an open stage where we can set up and change things as needed, a Marshall's Office and Fort Sweeney. He also mentioned if anyone would like to sponsor the construction of a stage and have their name on it to contact him. There is a lot of work to be done between now and the State Match, but once completed you'll be able to start at the Gallows and go straight down the line for 10 stages.

39 cowboys and cowgirls rolled into Wartrace for a great match. Whiskey Hayes wrote some fast and fun stages and Papa Dave was the subject of all the scenerios. I can't remember all the story lines but at Grafton's he was accused of selling rotgut whiskey in Jack Daniels bottles and at the Cemetery he was called a "Lyin' kerr dog". We had a lot of fun reading reading the stages and picking on Papa Dave. As always Whiskey had a lot of variety on the stages with gun order being shooters choice on several as well as starting location being optional on a couple. For good measure he threw in a couple of smaller than usual pistol targets at Grafton's, you might need to aim on these.

It was to good see several of our Alabama pards make the trip up to join us. I also really enjoyed watching Joe Dirt and Hatfield shooting Outlaw. Outlaw shooters are a hoot to watch and Joe Dirt has less shotgun make-ups from the hip than I do aiming.

Randy Saint Eagle was the "Top Gun" of the day (I like writing that), followed by Scattergun Kid, Papa Dave, Buck Dodgers, Duck River, Tombstone John, Ben T Iron, Brad Manco, Dusty Wilcox and Slug Vermin rounded out the "Top 10".

Congratulations to Coyote McNeely, Papa Oso, Scattergun Kid, Slug Vermin and Tombstone John for shooting  "Clean Matches".

Dobber put on a Long Range Mini-Match after the main match but I don't have the results.

Complete scores when available

I'm not currently able to make slideshows in Photobucket so this is the only still picture from yesterday.

Buck Dodgers brought a friend, Nathan, out to see what we do and I'd like to thank Nathan and Tombstone John for helping me take videos, here is a link to 25 videos from the match.

Deadwood Miner had a knee replacement done a few weeks ago so he won't be shooting with us for a while. I talked to him last week and I think his recovery is going well. I didn't ask if he had any bionics added but I'm sure when he gets back he'll be faster than ever. Good luck Deadwood I wish you a speedy recovery.

Tombstone John, Buck Dodgers, Nathan and I made a run to the Bell Buckle Cafe for a late lunch and it was good as usual, if you haven't tried it be sure to try their oatmeal cake with warm caramel sauce, I think you'll like it.

The next match at Wartrace will be this Saturday March 16, Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match. Safety meeting at 9:30 for more info always checkout our website.

Wartrace Regulators

Happy Trails, until we meet again.

Monday, March 4, 2013

North Alabama Regulators Match

Sheriff Frank Canton and I headed south to visit The North Alabama Regulators this morning. When I woke up this morning and saw it was snowing I wasn't sure of our choice. I had to sweep snow out of the bed of my truck before loading gear. We left in the snow and had snow falling until South Pittsburg. When we got to Caverns Cove it was cloudy, cold and windy.

They had 29 shooters brave the cold and come out and shoot including 2 new shooters, Big Jim Vaquero and Leatherneck Jack. Our posse started on stage 3 and it was an ugly start, several of the first few shooters had misses, procedurals or in my case both. By the time we finished the first stage the sun was beginning to break through the clouds and things got a lot better.

 Tuff Stuff wrote the stages and once my fingers and brain began to thaw out they were a lot of fun. We had a fair amount of movement which helped keep the blood pumping on a cold day. We had one stage, which was my favorite, that had 6 shotgun knock downs and 4 shooting positions. At the jail we only had 3 shotgun kd's, I'm glad I shoot a double barrel because I needed all 4 shots. On 1 stage we had down range movement and the closest thing to stand and deliver was the Saloon and you still had to run through the doors and to the bar. I hope Bo Didley is ok, he tripped over a prop and took a tumble but didn't drop any guns, he did better than I did last year when I fell and lost both pistols.

Barkeep Casey was the Top Gun of the day, followed by Tuff Stuff, Graver Bill, Ben T. Iron, Lone Wolf Swain, Waco Jim, Randy Saint Eagle, Buck D Law, El Camino and Lefty Young Gun rounded out the Top 10.

Scores when available

I have to say a big thank you to Sugah for taking pictures and videos for me.


Photo Bucket has changed and right now I cannot make a slideshow, hopefully they will get that straightened out soon. But here is a link to the pictures.


Thanks to all the North Alabama Regulators for welocoming us.

The next match at Wartrace will be a Cowboy Make-up Match this Saturday March 9, for more info always check out our website.

Wartrace Regulators

Happy Trails, until we meet again.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wartrace Regulators Feb. Make-up Match

February has been a bad month for trying to get a match in so we decided to have a Make-up Match, the first I can remember. Well sometimes you catch a break and it turned out to be a Great day for February. We had a Long Range Match (their normal weekend), a Wild Bunch Match and a Cowboy Match, all going on at the same time.

I started my trend from last year and had to go to work and then come to the match, fortunately I got there in time to join in on stage 2, stay with the posse the rest of the day and make up stage 1 at the end.

Whiskey Hayes wrote a fast and fun match with Yosemite Sam featured in every story line. We had 17 Cowboys and Cowgirls.

Cumberland Drifter was the Top Gun of the day for the Cowboys with a blazing time of  101.53, followed by Ben T Iron, Knob Creek Drover, Randy Saint Eagle and Tombstone John rounded out the Top 5.

Congratulations to Cumberland Drifter, Ben T Iron, Imis Twohofon and Cody Kid for shooting "Clean" matches.

Cowboy Scores when available

Thanks to Buckshot Peterson for taking videos.


5 Wild Bunch shooters were able to run their own posse due to being able to clear guns on the line. Papa Dave modified the stages for Wild Bunch.

C W Knight was the Wild Bunch Top Gun, followed by Papa Dave, Frank Buckshot, Duck River and Rawhide John.

Wild Bunch Scores when available.

5 Long Range shooters shot the match and here is a report from Dobber.

Saturday was a fine day for shooting. We served up coffee, donuts, orange juice,sausage and biscuits... and good companionship during the festivities.

Match Results were:

200 yd lever action rifle:

1st... Papa Oso

2nd... Tom Horn

200 yd single action rifle:

1st... Old Sarge

2nd... Mortimer Smith

3rd... Dobber

100 yd pistol caliber rifle:

1st... Dobber

2nd... Mortimer Smith

3rd... Tom Horn & Old Sarge

50 yd pistol:

1st... Dobber

2nd... Old Sarge

3rd... Papa Oso

Next match is March 23rd... and all shooters are welcome... so come and join us.

Dirtwood Dobber

The next Watrace Match will be next weekend with our March 2 Cowboy Match and according to it looks like we might be able to get this on in, we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Get out and travel to a match somewhere, it's great to see how other folks do things and support other clubs.

Happy Trails, until we meet again.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Green River Gunslingers

Cheyenne Thornton, Sheriff Frank Canton, Papa Dave, Cumberland Drifter, Tombstone John, and I went to shoot with the Green River Gunfighters today. We met up with Dodge City Dixie, Reno Mustang and CW Knight. It was the first time I'd been up to visit Yak, Leadbone, Poncho and all the Gunslingers in a couple of years.

The morning was cool but it was sunny. Yak had some good straight forward stages with no "P" traps. A couple had 6 shotgun targets, but the biggest challenge was stage 5. You had to double tap sweep the rifle targets which were big and close except for target 5 which was out at about 50 yards, but it was big and very hittable. I went into the last stage clean and was a little worried about that distant rifle target, but I slowed down, aimed and managed to hit it with both shots.

Several of the stages ended up with pistol and they were great for me shooting Double Duelist style, I could holster both pistols off the clock. Yak sometimes has some moving targets and other fun things but since the weather can be questionable this time of year,  he kept these stages fast. I shot my first sub 16 second stage ever.

We had one first time Cowboy Action shooter on our posse and I think he did well for his first match. Welcome Dusty Streets, I hope you had a ball.

We had two posses and we were finished shooting before 1pm. Cumberland Drifter was the "Top Gun" of the day followed by Randy Saint Eagle, CW Knight, Papa Dave and Yak rounded out the top 5.

I also like to say Congratulations to those, who shot clean matches they are listed below the scores.

# Class       Alias………………………………………    Score

01 49 Cumberland Drifter………..................................... 109.07

02 D Randy St. Eagle ………………………………….. 112.84

03 SS C W Knight ………………………………………132.57

04 RB Papa Dave ………………………………………  133.06

05 ES Yak ……………………………………………… 143.16

06 W Leadbone …………………………………………144.06

07 SS Tombstone John …………………………………146.71

08 S Frank Canton ………………………………………166.62

09 49 Gizzard …………………………………………  169.77

10 49 Poncho …………………………………………   178.79

11 49 Reno Mustang ……………………………………183.17

12 W Little Preacher ……………………………………187.02

13 CC Cheyenne Thornton ………………………………198.46

14 S Crawdaddy …………………………………………  204.93

15 SS Whip Willow ………………………………………218.17

16 SS P I Parker …………………………….......................218.70

17 L49 Dodge City Dixie …………………………………229.32

18 D Shooter ………………………………………………232.34

19 W Smitty ………………………………………………263.74

20 W Mad Mike …………………………………………   286.45

21 GF Chupacabra …………………………………………287.03

22 S Dusty Streets …………………………………………302.49

23 FC Burn’em up …………………………………………310.38

24 WC Dodge Boy ………………………………………   100.02

25 RD Rowdy Ruben ………………………………………158.95

Clean shooters were, C W Knight, Dodge Boy, Gizzard, Tombstone John, Randy Saint Eagle & P I Parker

New first time CAS match, Dusty Streets.

Click on the link below to see a few videos.


-flash" wmode="transparent" allowNetworking="all" allowFullscreen="true" src=" River Gunslingers 2 9 13%2F8f158cd4.pbw" height="360" width="480">

Those of you who know Papa Dave know that when we travel we have to stop for ice cream, so on the way home we made a detour to the DQ but I still got home about as early as I do from a Wartrace match.

If you have the second Saturday of the month free head to Bowling Green and shoot with Yak and the Green River Gunslingers.

The Mid-Month Wartrace Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match will be this coming Saturday Feb. 16, weather permitting. For more info always check out our website.

Wartrace Regulators

Happy Trails

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jan.19 Wartrace Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match

23 Cowgirls, Cowboys and Wild Bunch shooters rode into Wartrace for a good day of shooting. It was pretty windy which kept it feeling a little cooler than the sunny mid 50's we had.

The Cowboys shot the same stages as the Jan. 5 match and Papa Dave modified the stages for the Wild Bunch.

A new prospective shooter, Whiskey Benton, came to check us out and helped the Cowboy Posse through 3 stages, with only 13 shooters the help was greatly appreciated. Tennessee Sky Pilot came out and said he plans to get back to shooting this year. Willy McCoy came by long enough to deliver bullets and Frank Dalton was back to shoot with us and I have to apologize for calling him the wrong name all day, my old age is kicking in.

Cumberland Drifter was the Cowboy Top Gun, followed by Sheriff Frank Canton, Ben T. Iron, Randy Saint Eagle and Reno Mustang rounded out the top 5. Dodge City Dixie was the Cowgirl Top Gun, followed by Dora Dufran who was back for her first match since ear surgery.

Congratulations are also in order for Cumberland Drifter as the only Clean Shooter on the Cowboy Posse.

CW Knight was the Wild Bunch Top Gun, followed by Papa Dave, Emmett Moon, Duck River and Dirtwood Dobber rounded out the top 5. Itchy Vermin was the Ladies Wild Bunch Top Gun.

Congratulations to Deadwood Miner and CW Knight for shooting the Wild Bunch Match Clean.

Scores when available

Wild Bunch Scores when available


While all the construction is going on at the range we'll be shooting the "Hill" stages for a while.

The next match at Wartrace, weather permitting will be Long Range  Jan 26.

Long Range info

The next Cowboy match will be  Feb 2, for more info always check out our website.

Wartrace Regulators

It's the time of year to think about Annual Matches so pick out a few and check out some other clubs.

Happy Trails, Until We Meet Again!