Monday, June 6, 2016

Wartrace June 4 Cowboy Match

30 Cowgirls and Cowboys ignored the 80% rain chance in the forecast and rode into Wartrace for some Cowboy Action fun. I had to work from 4am to 9am and got to the range while they were shooting the first stage so I missed the Welcome by Whiskey Hayes, a Travelin' Regulators report by Dodge City Dixie and the Safety Meeting by Papa Dave. We didn't totally miss the rain but only had to contend with it for about 1/2 of one stage.

We shot the Cantina and stages on the hill except the Cemetery  . Our posse started on the Cantina where you had 3 rifle targets, 3 pistol targets and our new clay tosser with throws the clay bird around 15' up, nearly twice as high as our old one. Gun order was shooters choice, rifle not last, targets were set one above the other and one to right center of the other two. You single tapped the targets for 10 rounds in a circle either direction for pistols and rifle and shot the tosser and the clay bird in the air. Pa Faux smoked this stage with an awesome 16.22. This was my fastest stage also with a 18.06.

Next we shot the Wells Fargo Bank where you started at the front door with rifle staged in the right rifle rack, pistols holstered and shotgun on the barrel outside. 5 pistol and rifle targets 1-3-2-3-1 sweep. Gun order was rifle, pistols and end with 6 shotgun knock downs. Purly blazed this stage with a 22.65.

In Grafton's you started standing at either window with pistols holstered and shot from the left window, rifle staged at and shot from either window and  shotgun staged at the right window. Gun order is shooters choice, rifle not last. Start standing at either window, 4 shotgun kd's, 3 rifle and 3 pistol targets shot single tap 1, double tap 2, double tap 3, double tap 1, double tap 2 and single tap 3. Cumberland Drifter was fastest on this with a 17.06.

At the Line Shack we had 4 pistol, 4 rifle and 4 shotgun targets with pistols holstered, rifle staged on center shelf and shotgun staged in either gun box. You start touching the empty gun box with both hands, gun order was shooters choice, rifle not last. At the beep rifle shot in a 1-2-3-4-1-4-3-2-1-4 sweep, pistols shot the same way and 4 shotgun kd's in any order. Cumberland Drifter ran this one in a 19.15.

Our last stage was the Gallows where you started with hands on the front rail, pistols holstered, shotgun in one gun box and rifle staged in the opposite. At the beep you shoot the 4 pistol targets in a 3-2-2-3 sweep starting and ending on the center target. You shoot the rifle targets in the same order and end with 4 kd's in any order. Cumberland Drifter also blazed this one with a 17.65

Cumberland Drifter was the Top Gun of the day, followed by Purly, Randy Saint Eagle, Double Nickle, Papa Dave, Blackjack Lee, Branchwater Jack, Reno Mustang, Pa Faux and Dodge City Dixie rounded out the Top 10.

Dodge City Dixie was the Ladies Top Gun, followed by Doc Kay B May.

Clean Matches were shot by Cumberland Drifter, Deadwood Miner, Georgia Slick, Grey Horse, Pa Faux, Papa Oso, Purly and Randy Saint Eagle.

Complete Scores

I for one really enjoyed the stages Whiskey Hayes wrote. Some up them made you think quite a bit to get them in your head, but if you always shoot stages you don't have to think about it can really mess you up if you travel to a range that has some odd stages.

Don't forget to get your entries in for the

Tennessee State Championship Oct. 6-8.

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Happy Trails and may all your shots ring steel.