Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wartrace Monthly Shoot 8/2/08

Cheyenne Thornton shooting at the Train in his first stage of his first  Cowboy Match,  being timed by Farmer Buck, welcome to the Posse 

Me , Randy Saint Eagle,  shooting out of the train carCheyenne Thornton's got his sights leveled on a bad hombre
Cheyenne shooting from the Coal Car

Hatchie Kid helping Virgil Earp fight off some rowdy cowboys at the train

Cash Jackson getting ready for a fightCash is making that '73 look easy 

Sergeant Shooter trying to fight his way off the Train

Raildog Pete getting into the fight

Crooked Penny blasting away from the train
Duck River shooting his way to a 2nd place finish

Farmer Buck Dodgers making those pistols sing
Buck showing us how fast a '73 can run
Joe K getting into the fight.
Duck River at the Train
Fatback Slim shooting the train targets
Me from the Depot

Here I am again trying to demonstrate all the possible mistakes you can make on 1 stage

Cheyenne Thornton at the Depot

Farmer Buck making his '97 rock from the coal car

Fatback Slim fighting off some bushwackers from the Depot
Sergeant Shooter backing him up.
Cash Jackson at the Depot
Hatchie Kid trying to find his targets through the smoke

The infamous Scattergun Kid at the Depot

Sergeant shooter at the Depot
Whiskey Hayes showing how it's done at the KO Corral

Whiskey Hayes at the Depot

Fatback Slim at the KO Corral

Whiskey Hayes showing how it's done at the Corral

Cheyenne Thornton at the KO Corral

Fatback Slim
Cash Jackson getting it done at the Corral

Hatchie Kid still making lots of smoke

Sergeant Shooter taking care of business at the KO Corral

Joe K letting his '66 do the talking for him

Duck River at the KO Corral

It was a hot day for a Cowboy Shoot, but 35 brave souls ventured out to give it a try. We had one brand new cowboy, Cheyenne Thornton, that joined us today. I think he enjoyed it in spite of the heat. Congratulations to Papa Dave, our Top Gun for the day, followed by Duck River, Will Reilly, Farmer Buck Dodgers and Whiskey Hayes round out the top five cowboys. They will also make up the Shootist Category for September. 

It will probably still be hot in 2 weeks for the mid-month match. Hopefully we'll catch a break from the heat for the September match. 

A few of us are going to Memphis for their Aug. 9th match, the last chance to check out the range before A Gunfight In Dixie in September.

Scattergun Kid has the Scores posted for our August Match.  Scores

Thanks to Farmer Buck Dodgers, Joe K and Scattergun Kid for helping me take pictures

May all your bangs end with a clang.