Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wartrace June Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match and First Ladies Only Shooting Clinic

The forecast all week was pretty bad but obviously God likes a good Cowboy Match as the weather turned out very nice. We had no rain, some cloud cover and a breeze sometimes. 26 Cowgirls, Cowboys and Wild Bunch shooters came out for a good day of shooting.

We shot the Gallows with Ben T Iron posting the fastest time with a 27.80. Randy Saint Eagle shot the Line Shack in 23.57 for the best time. Cumberland Drifter bested Graftons with a time of 17.73. The best time at Wells Fargo Bank was 23.74 by Randy Saint Eagle and Dodge City Dixie had the best time at the Cantina with a 20.90.

Ben T Iron was the Top Gun of the day, followed by Cumberland Drifter, Dodge City Dixie (Ladies Top Gun), Reno Mustang, Randy Saint Eagle, Alchemist Belle, Scrub Oak Willie, Garnet Gal, Grey Horse and Big Six Henderson rounded out the Top 10.

Dodge City Dixie was the Ladies Top Gun, followed by Alchemist Belle, Garnet Gal, Doc Kay B May, TN Missy and Ara Tiest.

For the Wild Bunch Branchwater Jack Had the fastest stage time at the Gallows with 37.69, Graftons 20.03, Wells Fargo 25.27 and the Cantina 33.69. Papa Dave bested the Line Shack with a 21.79.

Branchwater Jack was the Wild Bunch Top Gun, followed by Jagged Rock, Papa Dave, Dirtwood Dobber and Demented Frenchman rounded out the Wild Bunch Top 5.

Complete Scores

The posses were small so I don't think anyone was able to get any pictures or videos.

Dodge City Dixie hosted Wartrace's first Ladies Only Shooting Clinic, with help from Reno Mustang, Cumberland Drifter, Branchwater Jack, Donald Duke and Randy Saint Eagle.

Ladies participating were Alchemist Belle, Garnet Gal(both experienced shooters who also helped) Ara Tiest, Georgia Dew, Sassy Sally, Ricochet Ruthie and Vicki Cothron.

Immediately following the conclusion of the Match we had lunch provided by Dodge City Dixie and Alchemist Belle with help from the other ladies, Ara Tiest made some really cool cookies shaped like guns, cowboy boots and cowboy hats. While in the air conditioning we touched on Safety and Sight Alignment. Then we moved to the Livery Stable for the shooting portion of the clinic.

We started by having everyone shoot a stage and thanks to Papa Dave for loaning us his printing timer. Everyone got a print out of their stage time. After some discussion on stance, grip, sight picture and hold we worked on some 1 shot drills with pistols and rifle. Here is where I must apologize to Vicki for not realizing sooner the problem she was having with the rifle was due to the fact she is left eye dominant and right handed. Thanks to Branchwater Jack for the loan of his shooting glasses with the left lens taped over. With those she was able to hit her targets with no problem. Next time we'll remember to check eye dominance before we begin the shooting portion.

After the 1 shot drills and some discussion on transitions everyone shot the same stage again and I think most everyone shot a faster time with some cutting their time more than in half. It was really great to see the smiles when they shot so must faster at the end of the clinic.

I hope all the ladies enjoyed this as much as Dixie, Reno and I did. Hopefully we can have a slightly more advanced Clinic next time and be able to spend more time on gun handling and transitions.

Thank you to Dixie for thinking of this and asking me to be involved, also to everyone who helped and especially to the Ladies who participated.

It's too late to get there now but the World Championship is going on this week.

End Of Trail 

The next travel match I'm planning to go to is Copperhead Joe's

Black Gold Shootout

The next match at Wartrace will be the June 27th Long Range. The next Cowboy Match will be July 4th and we'll also be celebrating Blue Boy's 96th Birthday, come on out and help us celebrate.
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Happy Trails until we meet again.