Thursday, April 23, 2009

Couples Shoot and Friday Night Karaoke Georgia State '09

Friday after the first 5 stages were finished they had a couples shoot. Due to a shortage of Ladies they had a pairs shoot after the couples shoot. One on the team shot a rifle the other shot both pistols and both shot their shotguns, it was a lot of fun. the Top Couple was Annabel Lee and Fast Eddie, I don't remember who the fastest pair was.

After lots of shooting we were treated to a BBQ dinner on the range.

Later T-Bone Dooley , Nuttin Graceful and Ringo Fire cranked up the Karaoke as a warm up for Saturday night. Marshall Red Stockburn turned into a real performer. If you ever get a chance to go to a match where T-Bone and The Dooley Gang are providing the entertainment, don't miss it. They are great and really know how to throw a party.

Before the night was over Buck Dodgers, Marshall Red Stockburn and I were inducted into the Dooley Gang.