Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match 2/19/11

27 Cowboys, Cowgirls and 18 Wild Bunch Shooters converged on Wartrace today to try to shake out the cobwebs from a long cold winter. I for one shot like it had been a long winter. The weather was pretty good for a February, although some sunshine would have been nice. It was great to have several Alabama cowboys and cowgirls join us.

We had one new shooter Doc Blackburn, 1 junior Red Wolf Swain, 1 buckarette Precious Lil' Prissy and 1 buckaroo Coyote McNeely, it's always nice to see new shooters. It's great to see the young shooters come out and have fun with us "old folks".

After a brief safety meeting by Papa Dave, a prayer by Sergeant Shooter and the Pledge we split up into 2 Cowboy Posse's and 1 Wild Bunch Posse. We caught up with Ned Pepper at the "Line Shack", helped Virgil Earp at the "Depot", cleaned out the "Cemetery", stood with Wyatt Earp at the "Livery" and fought off hostile Indians at "Fort Sweeney.

Several Wild Bunch shooters made it out, I think they're wanting to get in all the practice they can before April 30th, The Tennessee Wild Bunch State Championship. Papa Dave said a special thanks was due Imis Twohofon, his rifle died on the first stage, but instead of borrowing one he just stayed and helped with the Posse. When looking at the times remember the Wild Bunch shot more pistol rounds on several stages than the Cowboys.

Congratulations to the Wild Bunch Top Gun , Capt Jo Walker, followed by Lone Wolf Swain, Sunflower Kid, Slim Jim Dandy and C W Knight rounded out the top 5. It was great to see C W back. Also Congrats to Capt. Jo Walker for shooting a "Clean Match".

I was on Posse 3 and had the pleasure of shooting with Coyote McNeely and Pretty Lil' Prissy, they are really good young folks and worked all day. Our Posse was fairly small and I have to offer a 'Big Thanks" to everyone for working hard and making it run smooth all day.

After shooting the 4th stage we learned that through a clerical error the 2 Cowboy Posse's were not shooting the same exact scenarios. We corrected before the 5th stage and swapped scenarios so we shot the last 2 stages the same. After the match I checked and the only other stage that was different was the "Livery". Posse 2 re-staged their long guns back on the center table and Posse 3 re-staged one on each barrel. It was not enough to make any significant difference in the outcome. Papa Dave and I discussed it and decided that since their was a difference no one would win the Cadillac this month, maybe next month.

The Cowboy Top Gun was Buck Dodgers, followed by Sergeant Shooter, Fort Knox, Randy Saint Eagle and Badger McNeely rounded out the Top 5. Congratulations to Cheyenne Thornton and Colonel John W. Reed for shooting "Clean Matches".

I have to say thanks to Birdgun Quail, Buck Dodgers and other on Posse 3 for helping me take pictures and also to Rawhide John's wife for taking pictures on the Wild Bunch Posse.

Don't forget our next main match, March 5., this will still be on the winter schedule.

Be thinking about matches to travel to. Smokey Mtn. Shoot-Out April 7-9. and

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Pictures from Rawhide John.