Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wartrace Dec. 4 2010 Cowboy Match.

32 shooters decided to take a chance and go to Wartrace on Saturday to help Marshall/ Sheriff Fatback Slim defend Wartrace from all manner of Horse Thieves and Holligans

We made the right choice as the weather turned out to be good for December. It was a little cool and windy at times, but no rain. It looked a little iffy early as Cheyenne Thornton and I hitched up the team and traveled in the rain until about 10 miles from the range. It was dry the rest of the way, that's why I don't care what it's doing at home when I head out.

It was a great match with all the stages in memory of Fatback Slim.

I had a hard time hitting my targets and I wasn't the only one. Papa Dave and Fort Knox were the only 2 to shoot "Clean", congratulations to them.

Whiskey Hayes decided we would shoot a "Total Time" match today and I for one was glad to try that out instead of "Rank". As Whiskey said sometimes Rank helps you and sometimes it hurts you, but it is a whole lot easier to explain total time to a new shooter. I'm not sure how long we'll do this but we're going to try it for a while.

Papa Dave was the "Top Gun" of the day followed by Buck Dodgers, Sergeant Shooter, Randy Saint Eagle and Shaddai Vaquero rounded out the top 5.

Join us Dec. 18 for our last match of the year, as always for more information check out our Website.