Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wartrace Regulators 1/1/11 Match

The Wartrace Regulators and friends got to ring (steel) in the New Year with our first match of the new year and new decade. Conditions were less than ideal but a few pards came out to join us. Actually the high was in the high 50's, the problem is that was just after midnight Saturday morning.

We had 15 registered shooters, however only 11 finished the match. The McNeely's ended up not shooting but stayed and helped with all the Posse duties, without their help it would have been a hard day. Without them, Lickskillet Charlie and Montado we'd have had to cancel.

The Gallows was our first stage of the day and it reminded me of The Tennessee State Championship in Memphis in 2009. The wind and rain was BITTER. Whiskey wrote some fast and fun (after the rain quit) stages. We had a variety of shotgun targets including a clay in the air, 2, 4, or 6 knockdowns ( that one took me 8 shots) and we had a Lawrence Welk sweep on the last stage which turned out to be my best. The rain quit and the wind died down after the second stage and the rest of the day was pretty nice for January.

I decided to shoot Double Duelist style and before I got done with the first 2 stages I was beginning to think I should have picked a warmer and dryer day to try that but I got through it. After the last stage my hands were limbered up enough I'd have liked to have shot a couple more.

Sergeant Shooter was our Top Gun of the day followed by Whiskey Hayes, Randy Saint Eagle, Papa Dave and Sheriff Frank Canton rounded out the top 5. I'd also like to congratulate Papa Dave for shooting the only Clean Match of the day. This was an amazing feat considering he spent most of the day fighting rifle problems.

I have to say a Big Thank You to Shotgun Schoolmarm for doing registration and stats and thanks to Feisty Mama for helping her.

Our next scheduled match is Jan. 15 and will be Wild Bunch/ Cowboy for those who want to break out their 1911's. This will also be on the winter time schedule. For more info on this and our Cold Weather Policy check out our Website.

Complete Scores when available.

I'd like to wish everyone a Great 2011 and may all your matches be fun, see you at a match.

Due to weather and posse size I was only able to get a few pictures.