Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wartrace Wild Bunch/ Cowboy Match 3.20.10

8 Wild Bunch and 7 Cowboy Action Shooters came out to try their luck on this wonderful day. We had a nice warm day with enough cloud cover not to roast.

Papa Dave had 5 good fast stages, all on the hill. There were no "P" traps, although at the Cemetery, it would have been better if he had written it the way I shot it. Some people have no sense of humor so I earned a "P" for not shooting it as written.

If we'd had much more fun, I don't think we could have made it through the day. We had some spectators and one comment made to me was that we were just having TOO MUCH FUN, I told them if we weren't having fun we might as well be at work.

Top Gun of the day was Duck River (Wild Bunch) and he was the only one to shoot a Clean Match, 2nd was Buck Dodgers (Cowboy), followed by Randy Saint Eagle (Cowboy), Papa Dave (Wild Bunch) and Sergeant Shooter (Cowboy) rounds out the top 5. The top 6 had 3 Wild Bunch and 3 Cowboys so it seems like a pretty even split.

Papa Dave started letting Cowboy Action shooters come out and compete at the Wild Bunch matches due to the bad weather this winter and limited shooting opportunities. It was decided last month that since this had worked so well, all Mid-Month Matches will now be Cowboy Action/ Wild Bunch combined matches. This will give people a lot more chances to shoot Wild Bunch and the other Cowboys and Cowgirls a chance to watch it and see if they want to give it a try.

Papa Dave also wanted to thank Sergeant Shooter for getting out early and helping him set up the stages.

We would like to Welcome, Tn. Roadrunner, who joined The Wartrace Regulators yesterday, I failed to get his picture for the Directory but I'll do that next month. If you are a member of The Wartrace Regulators please check the Directory and if your picture and info has not yet been added please get with me at the next match so I can add it.