Sunday, December 7, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

I didn't take pictures at the December shoot, we had 30 Cowboys and Cowgirls show up to brave the cold weather and defend Wartrace against all manner of scallywags. We had 2 posses and shot 3 stages on the hill and 2 in town. Some of the guns didn't like the cold weather, but we got thru it. I think the consensus was that a cold day shooting was better than sitting on the couch and watching TV.

My wife Lannie decided I need a Cowboy Christmas tree so she rounded up some things and we put together a small tree on a table with a few awards from different shoots.

2008 was a great Cowboy Shooting year for me, I was able to travel to several matches with friends, Buck Dodgers, Will Reilly, Tombstone John, Latigo Jim, Duck River, Sheriff Frank Canton, Marshall Red Stockburn, Papa Dave, Tombstone Peacekeeper,and Two Moon Shining. I was able to meet new friends at matches and see many old ones again. I also had an old friend, Cheyenne Thornton, take up Cowboy Shooting and now have someone to ride to local matches with.

By the grace of God and with lots of prayers, my shooting improved this year and I am very thankful to all the folks who have given me pointers and helped me along the way. Hopefully next year I can hook up with Papa Dave for some regular practice.

Finally I'd like to say "Thank You" to everyone I've shot with this year for making it a Great Cowboy Year. May God be with you and bless you through the Holiday season and next year, and remember if it were not for the Grace Of God we wouldn't have this game we love.

Thanks to my wife Lannie for putting up with me for 29 years, daughters Allison ( Allison started this Blog for me) and Natalie, sons in law Matt and Chris, and granddaughter Jade for putting up with me and buying me a camera.

And a special thank you to Charlie Bowdre and Sassy Lora for getting Cowboy Shooting started in this area, without them I'm sure I wouldn't be enjoying this game now.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

God Bless You.
Randy Saint Eagle

December Scores

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Designz By You

I just had to show a few items from a really cool shop in Bell Buckle. Some of these are things I had made for me and some are just a few examples of what they donated for door prizes to The Regulators Reckoning. I should have taken pictures of all the door prizes , but I didn't think about it until it was too late. They can do amazing Laser Engraving on wood,glass and metal. If you get to opportunity go to Bell Buckle and see Joe and Debbie and check out the Custom Fly Tying by Little Joe. Tell them Randy sent you. Their website

Monday, November 3, 2008

Nov. 08 Wartrace Match

We had 57 Cowboys and Cowgirls come into Wartrace for our November Match. It started out a little cool but turned into a beautiful day, lower 70's and sunny. I think God was smiling on us. Whiskey Hayes put together some great stages, we had some movement and had to think on a couple of them. We had the same food vendor that was at the State Championship and the hamburger I had was great.
I've had to change the way I do my blog. click on the more pictures link below for pictures and a slideshow on Photobucket. A special thanks to Buck Dodgers for taking most of the pictures this month. Come and shoot with us in December.
Scattergun has the scores posted.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

08 Smokeout in The Hills

The Tennessee and Kentucky Black Powder State Championship Of Cowboy Action Shooting.

Ringer getting us started
Blackwater Desperado always breathing fire
Senior Black Powder, Harry 3 Fingers 1st and Kentucky State Champion, Sheriff Frank Canton 2nd and Tennessee state Champion , 3rd Just Hoss

Smokeless Elder Statesman,  Blue Boy , He's the Wartrace Regulators inspiration at 89
"B" Western Black Powder,  1st and Kentucky State Champion Copperhead Joe,  2nd and Tennessee State Champion Randy Saint Eagle

7 Cowboys and 1 Cowgirl from Wartrace decided to head up to Possum Trott for The SmokeOut
It was a really fun shoot and a cowboy atmosphere. We had a little rain on Friday for the side matches, but with covered firing points it wasn't really a problem. Saturday was a fine day and we shot 6 stages. After that we had a BBQ dinner at the Winfield Community center. Back at the Saloon Blackwater Desperado and his band entertained until the wee hours of the morning.
Sunday morning started with Campfire church, followed by the final 4 stages. I think some cowpokes were having a problem with their heads after Sat. night. After all scores were compiled, they had an Awards Ceremony. It was a really fun shoot and many thanks to Ringer, Tall Drink Of Water, Iron Maiden , Tn. Triple B, Rowdy Bates and all the gang from Possum Trott for a shoot done well. Also thanks Ernie for a good breakfast every morning.

 I now have a better appreciation for being able to see your targets.
I plan to be back next year. Also thanks to Sheriff Frank Canton, Marshall Red Stockburn and Papa Dave for letting me ride and share a room with them.

Congratulations to all the Wartrace Regulators.

Imis Twohofon 1st and Tn. State Champion Josey Wells Category
Blackwater Desperado 3rd  Josey Wales
Shotgun Schoolmarm 2nd and Tn. State Champion Ladies Modern
Sheriff Frank Canton 2nd and Tn. State Champion Senior
Marshall Red Stockburn 3rd Classic Cowboy
Randy Saint Eagle 2nd and Tn. State Champion  "B" Western
Papa Dave 3rd Elder Statesman

and most of all to our inspiration at 89

Blue Boy 1st Smokeless Elder Statesman

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Tennessee State Championship 2008

The Regulators Reckoning

Feisty Mama and Deadwood Miner

Stage 1      The Gallows, there really are targets beyond the smoke.

Mose Spencer at The Wells Fargo Bank

Bella Spencer keeping the score book.


Fatback Slim

Mountaineer Lefty at The Wells Fargo Bank

Boondock Saint

Dew R Dye

Bill Carson,   I can't see any targets, I hope you can.

Brush Creek , where did the targets go?

Big Six Henderson

Fast Harley                           Gunfighter
Cheyenne Thornton

Jailbreak Jake
Badlands Beck                   Outlaw

Tennessee Tombstone               Outlaw

Duck River

Sunny Girl

S.A. Pondwater


Deadeye Daisy

Tabasco Jot

Marshall Too Tall

Ozark Az

Sunshine Billy

Maggie Darlin'

Ottway Smith

Silver City Rebel

Amorous Ali

I had to take this picture, this used to be one of my Dad's Steers
Belching Fire

Fast Harley showing his Gunfighter Style

Stage 6 The Train   Sponsored by   Tullahoma Auto Sales, Berm Marshall's Cash Jackson and Tombstone John
Sgt. Eli making his '73 sing.

Stage 7 The Depot Sponsored by  Cody Kid and Buxom Boo, Berm Marshall's Demented Frenchman and Fort Knox.
Stage 8  The Livery Stable Sponsored by The Geezer's Posse,   Berm Marshall's Two Moon Shining and Tombstone Peacekeeper.
Starline Brass Sponsor of Stage 9 The Marshalls Office,  Berm Marshall's   Jailbird and Yampa Jack

Xcalibers Bullets sponsor of Stage 10 Fort Sweeney,  Berm Marshall  Grey Horse

Easy Lee

Emmett Moon in front of the Starline Brass Banner

Emmett Moon

Duck River

Sunny Girl

Bullshipper Bud
Joe West

Big John Denny

Easy Lee

Christmas Kid  at Stage 10 Fort Sweeney

Marshall Red Stockburn at the head of the food line prior to the Side Match Awards
Boomerang    Mens Speed Pistol Duelist  7.35  and Gunfighter   4.71
Iron Maiden     Ladies Speed Pistol  Duelist     10.94
Last Kiss     Ladies Speed Pistol Gunfighter       7.13

  S.A. Pondwater      Mens Speed Rifle 3.01
Buck Dodgers Presenting Dew R Dye with one of her many Side Match Awards
Silver City Rebel     Mens Speed Shotgun Double or Pump    6.47
Bella Spencer         Ladies Speed Shotgun- Double 8.83
S.A. Pondwater     Mens 3 Gun  11.43
Dew R Dye           Ladies Speedy Gonzalas  19.49
Tn. Critter       Long Range Pistol Cal. Handheld, Off Sandbags and Off Sticks
Duck River  Long Range Rifle Cal. Hand Held and Off Sand Bags
Yellowstone  Long Range Single Shot Off Sticks
Duke Skywalker  Mens Speed Pistol Traditional 4.83
Ozark Az    Mens Speed Shotgun '97 6.52 and Mens Speedy Gonzalas 14.85
Will Reilly

Cody Kid

Annie Marlin
Buck Dodgers
Posse  21
Posse 22

Blackfish Kid on his way to a Clean Match

Willy McCoy

Lady Blackfish

Bella Spencer
This is one of my favorite pictures.
Cherokee Sergeant 

Wsalking Short

Rockwood Ranger

Mose Spencer

Copperhead Joe

If you've ever shot with him you know this means Duck River was here.
Sunshine Billy

Dirt Merchant a true Florida Gators Fan.

Ziggy The Kid

Maggie Darlin'

Ottway Smith

Silver City Rebel I don't know how he sees the targets to shoot so fast.

Amorous Ali

Dirt Merchant

Mose Spencer

Prestidigitator showing world class style


Last Kiss

Fast Eddie

Jailbreak Jake
Lady Blackfish trying to stay cool
Fatback Slim

Tabasco Jot.

Christmas Kid

Jailbreak Jake

Badlands Beck                             Outlaw

Two young cowpokes practicing their gun handling skills.
Walking Short

Copperhead Joe

Clancy O Conall

Brush Creek

Big Buff

Wendy always making lots of smoke


Sunshine Billy

Deadeye Daisy
Tabasco Jot.

Stage 1 Gallows Sponsored by Guns and Leather Inc.  Berm Marshall's Blackwater Desperado and Shotgun Schoolmarm.
Stage 2 Cantina Sponsored by The Reloader's Bench,  Berm Marshall's Raildog Pete and Papa Dave

Stage 3 Grafton's Saloon sponsored by Franklin Gun Shop,  Berm Marshall  Buck Dodgers
Stage 5 Sponsored by Commerce Union Bank     Berm Marshalls Latigo Jim and Crooked Penny
 Cemetery, Sponsored by Happy Trails Division of The Collection Connection,  Berm Marshall's Imis Twohofon and Blue Boy

Judgem All Duncan.

Dobber on his way to winning his Award.

Yazoo City Gal  breathing fire at the Cemetary
Emmett Moon
Sponsor for Stage 2 Cantina.
Lannie and Randy Saint Eagle
The band doing some Pickin' and Grinnin'
Dew R Dye

Ziggy The Kid and Amorous Ali.
Will Reilly presenting a sixgun to Regulator Of The Year, Whiskey Hayes.
 Joe K     Best Dressed Working Cowboy      

Lil' Marshall WD Best Dressed Junior.
Bella Spencer Best Dressed Soiled Dove
Christmas Kid Best Dressed B-Western
Texas Flower Best Dressed Town Lady
Copperhead Joe  1st B-Western, Dirt Merchant 2nd, Randy Saint Eagle 3rd and State Champion
Sgt. Eli 1st Classic Cowboy, Emmett Moon 3rd and State Champion, Big Six Henderson  2nd
Boondock Saint 2nd and State Champion Double Duelist,  Jailbreak Jake, 1st,  Bull Skinner 3rd
Mortimer Smith  2nd Duelist, Yampa Jack 1st and State Champion
Ruff Edge, 1st Elder Statesman, Papa Dave 2nd and State Champion, Tenn Critr 3rd.
JD Brooks 2nd Frontier Cartridge, Scattergun Kid 3rd and State Champion, 1st Silver City Rebel
Double Eagle 1st and State Champion Frontier Cartridge Duelist, Dingleberry Pete 3rd
Dingleberry Pete 3rd Frontier Cartridge Duelist, not shown Rockwood Ranger 2nd
Wendy 1st and State Champion Frontiersman, Blackwater Desperado 2nd.
Buxom Boo 1st and State Champion Grand Dame
Pleasant 3rd Gunfighter, Bluff 2nd, and not shown Boomerang 1st and State Champion
Lil' Marshall WD  1st and State Champion Junior Boys. 
Maggie Darlin' 1st Ladies 49'r, Lefty's Lady 2nd, Two Moon Shinning 3rd and State Champion
Iron Maiden 1st and State Champion Ladies Duelist.
Yazoo City Gal 1st Ladies Frontier Cartridge. 
Last Kiss 1st and State Champion Ladies Gunfighter.
Sunny Girl 1st Ladies Modern, Annie Marlin 2nd and State Champion, Sassy Motchie 3rd.
Witch Doctor 1st Ladies Senior, Songbird Sally 2nd,  Texas Flower 3rd.
Cimarron Lil 2nd Ladies Silver Senior, Deadeye Daisy 3rd, Tumbleweed Tilly 1st
Bella Spencer 3rd Ladies Traditional, TN Triple B 2nd, Dew R Dye 1st and State Champion
Ozark Az 1st 49'r,  Fast Eddie 3rd,  Tombstone Peacekeeper 2nd and State Champion
SA Pondwater 1st and State Champion Modern, Buck Dodgers 2nd, Pig Iron Lane 3rd.
Whiskey Creek Johnson 1st and State Champion Outlaw, Tennessee Tombstone 2nd, Badlands Beck 3rd.
Sheriff Lord 3rd Senior, Chinaman 2nd, Marauder 1st, not shown Sheriff Frank Canton Senior State Champion.
Ottway Smith 1st Senior Duelist and State Champion, Shanandoah Drifter 3rd, Texas Mac 2nd
Sunshine Billy 1st Silver Senior and  State Champion, Tabasco Jot 2nd  , Charlie Bowdre 3rd .
Prestidigitator 1st Traditional and  State Champion, Duke Skywalker 2nd Blackfish Kid 3rd 
Prestidigitator Men's Overall State Champion , Dew R Dye Ladies Overall State Champion
There were 11 Clean Matches

Dobber    accepting the Cross-eyed Cowboy award, it may be a State Record, 35 misses in 5 Stages, but nobody has more fun shooting than Dobber.

We had 155 shooters from 10 states compete at this years Tennessee State Championship,  The Regulators reckoning. The weather was great ( a little hot). The Stages were Fast and fun with no procedural traps. There were some P's but I think most were brain fade. 
It was good to see old friends and to make new ones. I'm looking forward to the next big match to see lots of friends again.
I hope everyone enjoyed it, I know I did. I posted the names I knew and the awards I could remember. I'm sorry I didn't get everyone's picture, but with range duties it seemed like I got back to each Posse just as the same folks were shooting every time. 
Thanks to all the Regulators and all the Shooters who made this a great shoot.
 See you down the trail.

Deadeye Daisy has her and Sheriff Donald's pictures posted,  take a look at them they are always good.