Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wartrace Regulators Mid-Month Match 8/16/08

Crooked Penny trying to keep the peace at the KO Corral

Whiskey Hayes in the middle of the Gunfight at The KO Corral

Sergeant Shooter helping Wyatt defend Tombstone at the KO Corral

Boothill Smoke doing his part to end the shootout
After shooting his rifle dry Boothill  makes a smooth transition to his revolver 

The infamous Duck River being timed by Cash Jackson

Blackwater Desperado showing how its done with cap and ball and the Holy Black

Boothill Smoke and Duck River at the loading table for the Train
Cash Jackson shooting it out with some cowboys so Virgil can get off the Train

Sergeant Shooter having it out with some bushwackers at the Depot
Boothill Smoke is not about to let them have his money either

Duck River after being bitten by the Depot Curse
Blackwater Desperado had a clean match until the Depot

Crooked Penny at the Depot
Frank Buckshot fighting his way out of the Depot

Cash Jackson not letting anyone get away at the Depot

Cheyenne Thornton was our last shooter of the day

What a great day for a cowboy shoot.  God provided us with cloud cover to hold the temperature down some. It was a welcome break from the heat of the last several matches. I think the threat of rain and school starting back kept a few folks away, but we had 23 Cowboys. 
Papa Dave was the match winner for the second shoot in a row, I think he's trying to make a habit of this.
 It won't be long until the State Championship, A Regulators Reckoning , rolls around, October 9-11 2008.
For the scores from the shoot pictured above click here