Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wartrace Regulators Jan. 4,2014 Cowboy Match.

22 Cowgirls and Cowboys didn't worry about the cold and came out for a great day of shooting. If you were dressed for it it was a really nice day.

We started the day with something I was almost a year behind on doing. For the last few years we've recognized the Wartrace Regulator who shoots the most "Clean" matches at Wartrace. Papa Oso shot the most "Cleans" in 2012 and we presented him with his Eagle Eye Award today. Hopefully I won't be as far behind on the 2013 award.

Papa Dave gave the Safety Meeting and reminded us of the new ruling on Long Guns closing on re-staging.
Cheyenne Thornton offered up a prayer and led us in the Pledge.

Whiskey Hayes wrote some fast and fun stages. I especially liked stage 4, The KO Corral. You started with the rifle safely pointed down range, pistols holstered and shotgun staged on the table in front of you. There were 20 knock down targets in a figure 8 pattern. At the beep you started on a center target and went clockwise or counterclockwise around for 10 shoots then continued around the figure 8 with pistols for 10 rounds. Any targets still standing were cleaned up with the shotgun. The fastest on this stage were those who cleaned it without having to use the shotgun ( I wasn't one of them).

We also shot stages at the Fort, Jail, Mine Shaft, and Livery. I think all the stages payed tribute to Cash Jackson.

Cumberland Drifter was the Top Gun of the day. He was followed by CW Knight, Ben T Iron, Randy Saint Eagle, Papa Dave, Sheriff Frank Canton, Whiskey Hayes, Frank Buckshot, Slug Vermin and Fort Knox rounded out the Top 10.

Ida Shot'em was the Ladies Top Gun, followed by Itchy Vermin.

Congratulations as well to CW Knight, Cheyenne Thornton, Cumberland Drifter, Dirtwood Dobber, Fort Knox, Sheriff Frank Canton and Slug Vermin for shooting "Clean Matches".

Complete Scores

We had 2 small posses so I wasn't able to take any pictures or videos.

Papa Dave went to the SASS Convention and accepted the 2013 Club of The Year for Wartrace and here is a video of him accepting the Wooly Award.

Happy New Year to everyone and Happy Trails until we meet again.