Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wartrace Regulators November 3 Cowboy Match

44 Cowgirls and Cowboys ignored the 37 degree temp. at 5am and headed to Wartrace for some Cowboy fun. They made the right choice as it turned out to be a fantastic day, 79 degrees by the time we finished.

Charlie Cougar joined us for his first ever Cowboy Match, he shot on my posse and I think he is hooked. He is also our newest Wartrace Regulator so next match welcome him to the club.

I missed the first of Papa Dave welcoming shooters so I'm not sure but I think I heard that Tyrel Cody was  shooting his first match as well. Please try to make all our new shooters feel welcome.

This month Whiskey Hayes had some really fun stages for us, we needed a lighter mood after finishing up the State Match last month. Time to have some extra fun before we start getting serious about next years matches.

I was on posse 2 and we started at Stage 3 the KO Corral. Here you started with your rifle pointed safely down range and alternated for 10 shots between the rifle Texas Star and a cowboy target. Then with your pistols you alternated for 10 shots between the pistol Texas Star and a cowboy target, that's right 2 Texas Stars on 1 stage. Your shotgun was only used to clear any targets left on the Stars. This was a great Gunfighter stage and Wes Outlaw showed us how gunfighters do it.

Next we shot the Jail which was my best stage, all guns were staged on the table and you started sitting in a chair at the table. Gun order was shooters choice and you shot 4-2-4, with rifle and pistols and 4 shot gun knock downs.

At Fort Sweeney, the Train and the Depot we shot from at least 3 locations so the match had a good mix of movement and stand and deliver.

Top Gun of the match was Randy Saint Eagle followed by Duck River, Papa Dave, Cumberland Drifter, Scattergun Kid, Wes Outlaw, Ben T. Iron, Imis Twohofon, Sheriff Frank Canton and Lead Bone rounded out the Top 10. The Top 10 represented 9 different Categories.

Raildog Pete and Randy Saint Eagle got the only "Clean Matches", our perennial "Clean Match" shooters Ida Shotem' and Papa Oso both had problems.

Complete Scores

Randy's Videos

Our next match at Wartrace will be the November 17 Wild Bunch/Cowboy Match and Papa Dave told us if we have  around 10 or more Wild Bunch shooters they will have their own posse, he said he learned that all guns can be cleared on the line so there is no need for an unloading officer. Always check out our website for more match and club info.

Wartrace Regulators

With winter getting nearer check out our cold weather policy.

Cold Weather Policy

I didn't have this when I posted my State Match Blog but have since added this link, so please check out Gringo Gordo's photos from the State Match and Awards Banquet.

Gringo Gordo's Match and Awards Photos.

If you've gotten pretty comfortable in your Category change things up once in a while and try a different Category or try a completely different shooting style such as Gunfighter, Duelist or Outlaw, have some extra fun.

Happy Trails until we meet again and may all your shots "Ring Steel".