Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wartrace Regulators 3/15 Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match

31 Cowgirls, Cowboys and Wild Bunch Shooters rode into Wartrace for a great day of shooting. We were blessed with fantastic weather, the best we've seen in quite a while. The day started with me getting to do a walk thru with a Buckaroo preparing to shoot his very first Cowboy Match, welcome Mustang Lewis.

Whiskey Hayes welcomed us and had the Safety Meeting, then Jagged Rock offered a prayer and led us in the pledge. The Cowboy shooters shot the same stages as the March 1 Match and Papa Dave modified them for the Wild Bunch shooters.

We shot the stages in the Old Town, Train, Depot, Wagon, Livery and KO Corral. The stages were fast and fun. I especially liked the Corral where we had 20 knock down targets and the Texas Star. On this stage you started with your hands on your hat, Pistols loaded with 5 rounds each, holstered or staged on the table in front of you. Rifle loaded with 10 rounds and staged on the table, shotgun oped and empty and staged on the table. At the beep you could shoot any target with any gun, you had to fire 10 rifle, 10 pistol and 5 shotgun rounds. Any targets still standing could be made up by reloading any guns, you just couldn't end with the rifle. The only way to have a miss on this stage was to run out of ammo and you could stage as much ammo as you wanted on the table prior to starting the stage. Duck River owned this stage shooting it in  22.08 seconds, much faster than I could type this.

Cumberland Drifter was the Top Gun Cowboy of the day, followed by Duck River, Randy Saint Eagle, Whiskey Hayes, Dodge City Dixie, Sheriff Frank Canton, Tom Cassidy, Branchwater Jack, Scrub Oak Willie and Reno Mustang rounded out the Top 10.

Dodge City Dixie was the Top Cowgirl, followed by Alchemist Belle, Garnet Gal and Ida Shot'em.

CW Knight was the Wild Bunch Top Gun, followed by Sunflower Kid, Frank Buckshot, Jagged Rock and Gunbutcher rounded out the Top 5 Wild Bunch.

Doc Kay B May was the Ladies Wild Bunch Top Gun.

Congratulations to the Clean Shooters for the match, Branchwater Jack, Cumberland Drifter, Ida Shot'em and Whiskey Hayes for the Cowboys and CW Knight for the Wild Bunch.

Complete Scores

Thanks to Dodge City Dixie and Reno Mustang for the pictures and videos from the match. Also Dixie sent me a link to 3 videos from the March 1 Match.

March 1 Videos

Reno's Videos

Dixie's Videos

Dixie's pictures from last years State Match

You can also see other match pictures by clicking on other album links, Thanks Dixie.

The next match at Wartrace will be the Long Range March 22 and the next Cowboy Match will be April 5th.

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If you're looking for some matches to travel to don't forget the Tennessee State Championship is the final leg of the Triple Crown this year. You can get 3 Great matches for only $300. Click on the Triple Crown in this State Match link.

Happy Trails until we meet again.