Monday, September 8, 2008

Sept '08 Wartrace Monthly Match

53 Cowboys and Cowgirls rode into Wartrace to have a little fun not knowing a band of outlaws had got there first.
Dobber tries to defend Grafton's Saloon from a band of Mexican bandits lead by Hernandez

After he ran out of ammo Bullshipper Bud stepped in to help out, being outnumbered they yelled for 

Ocoee Red to come in and help out, he called for

Blue Boy  who came in with guns a blazing.

Steelwater heard all the commotion and jumped in to help. Then he called out for

Ham Bell, when all the smoke had cleared  Grafton's had been saved.

Dobber at the Gallows

Bullshipper Bud
Timmy The Kid

Emmett Moon at the Gallows

Delap Dave

Moody Jim 
Delap Dave was in the bank checking on his money when Butch and his gang slipped in. Butch tossed a bag to the clerk demanding money. Delap had no intention of giving up his money so he grabbed his scattergun and started shooting. 
Blue Boy grabbed his rifle and joined in.

Moody Jim was a casualty in the fight so the undertaker propped him up on a coffin to see if anyone would claim his body (  and pay for the box).
Emmett Moon stumbled onto the Depot where Texas Rangers were trying to arrest a band of rustlers. Not being one to run from a fight Moon grabbed his guns and joined in.

Timmy The Kid saw what was happening and stepped up to help.
Delap Dave joined in
Moody Jim didn't cotten to rustlers either so he came a running

Ocoee Red had rode into town from over toward Cleveland and he ain't never backed away from a fight

With the help of Blue Boy they were able to arrest all those rustlers, at least the ones that were still standing.

Cash Jackson

Emmett Moon at the Corral, good thing it was an overcast day.

Delap Dave

Moody Jim

All is quiet once again in Wartrace, so Birdgun Quail loads his wagon to head back to Alabama.

Scattergun Kid has the scores posted