Sunday, September 1, 2013

North Alabama Regulators Sept. 1 Match

Sheriff Frank Canton and I caught the early morning stage south to help the  North Alabama Regulators clean up their town. We met up with Alchemist Belle, Branchwater Jack, Dodge City Dixie, Reno Mustang, CW Knight and Dirtwood Dobber and tried to help run all the outlaws out of town. We also wanted to get a chance to shoot before the Oct. 4-6  Alabama State Championship. We were a little concerned as we ran through lots of rain on the way down, but once we got there all the water was sweat.

Ben T Iron is now writing the stages and we shot everything from a continuous Nevada Sweep at Desoto Jim's Barber Shop to 10 shot rifle and 10 shot pistols dump on Big Ned. The stages were fast and fun with no "P" traps, although I had more misses than I can count (I must learn what that bump on top of my barrels is).

Barkeep Casey was the Top Gun of the day followed by Double Nickle, Buck D Law, Reno Mustang, CW Knight, Waco Jim, Ben T Iron, Six String, Dodge City Dixie and Graver Bill rounded out the Top 10.

Dodge City was the Ladies Top Gun followed by Sugah, Tullamore Dew, Two Ponies Gal and Alchemist Belle rounded out the Ladies Top 5.

Reno Mustang was the Top Wartrace shooter, 4th overall, 2nd 49R followed by,
CW Knight 5th overall, 1st Senior
Ben T Iron 7th overall, 1st Classic Cowboy
Dodge City Dixie 9th overall, Top Cowgirl
Randy Saint Eagle 14th overall, 1st Senior Duelist
Sheriff Frank Canton 16th overall, 2nd Silver Senior
Branchwater Jack 20th overall, 1st Frontier Cartridge Duelist
Alchemist Belle 35th overall, 1st Cowgirl
Dirtwood Dobber 39th overall, 4th Classic Cowboy.

Complete Scores when available

Thanks to Alchemist Belle and Branchwater Jack for taking videos for me.


We had a great time shooting and some of us stayed for lunch and the awards. I think Reno Mustang was the only Wartrace shooter to have a "Clean Match".

Our next big shoot after the Alabama State Championship will be
The Tennessee State Championship  Oct. 10-12, if you haven't signed up for either of these matches you need to hurry.

The next match at Wartrace will be the Sept. 7 Cowboy Match, for more info always check out our website.

Wartrace Regulators

Hope to see you at the Tennessee State Championship.
Happy Trails, until we meet again.