Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wartrace Regulators 12/3/11 Cowboy Match

30 Cowgirls and Cowboys came to Wartrace to enjoy the fantastic December weather and shoot our match. Whiskey Hayes, as always, wrote some fun stages. We had enough movement to keep it interesting but without feeling like you had run a marathon.

We shot pistols at each window, then shotgun at each window in Graftons. At Wells Fargo we started inside, carried gold nuggets outside and shot pistols, went back inside for the rifle and ended up with 6 shotgun kd's. We also shot from 2 locations at the Gallows and the Train. The KO Corral was the only "Stand and Deliver" stage, but we started with the shotgun on a clay tosser and clay then alternated between a rifle target and the Texas Star before finishing with pistols.

I had to work in the morning and got to the range about noon and I have to thank all the cowboys and cowgirls for letting me jump back and forth between posses and shoot through. This year I've had to shoot through more times than not and I appreciate every one's patience with me.

Will Reilly was the Top Gun of the day followed by Randy Saint Eagle, Papa Dave, CW Knight and Whiskey Hayes rounded out the Top 5.

We always like to congratulate those who shoot "Clean Matches" , this match we had 3, Fort Knox, Whiskey Hayes and Randy Saint Eagle. This was my first clean match at Wartrace and only my second of the year.

Complete Scores, when available.

Our next match at Wartrace will be the Dec.17 Cowboy/Wild Bunch, Safety Meeting will be at 9:30 for more info always check our Website

I also took some Videos

Always remember the Reason For The Season and have a Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wartrace November Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match

25 Cowboys, Cowgirls and Wild Bunch shooters came out to take advantage of really good November weather. The morning started out cool but we got up to the upper 60's. We had a pretty stiff breeze but it was a good day.

Latigo Jim had a brief safety meeting and Sergeant Shooter offered a prayer and led us in the pledge.

We had one Cowboy Posse and one combined Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Posse. The Cowboys and Cowgirls shot the same scenarios we shot at the Main November Match including pulling shotshells out of a bucket you had to carry to each location. We also had to run from the fence to the pump at the corral before shooting at a Buffalo on the hill, a clay bird and the Texas Star.

The Wild Bunch had less gimicks and movement but shot more pistol rounds so the Overall times were close together.

CW Knight was the Wild Bunch Top Gun, followed by Frank Buckshot, Papa Dave, Papa Oso, Deadwood Miner and Tom Horn. CW Knight and Papa Oso also shot "Clean" matches.

Sergeant Shooter was the Cowboy Top Gun, followed by Dusty Wilcox, Sheriff Frank Canton, Wes Outlaw and Imis Twohofon rounded out the Top 5. Sergeant Shooter and Sheriff Frank Canton also shot "Clean" matches.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. I shot my first match as a Gunfighter and while I didn't shoot real well I had lots of fun. The Gunfighters don't have to worry (or laugh) I'm not changing Categories, just playing.

Cowboy Scores

Wild Bunch Scores

You can see some of the action on my YouTube Channel,


To see my entire album click on RandySaintEagle's Album

Our next Cowboy Match will be December 3rd, for more info always check our Website

We will not change our hours for winter, the Safety Meeting will be at 9:30, check our website for our Cold Weather Policy.

Happy Trails and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Cowboy Match

We had great weather for the Wartrace November Cowboy Match, cool in the morning and sunny and warm by mid-day. Whiskey Hayes took advantage of the good forecast and wrote some really fun stages. He added a little movement since we finally got out of the abusive heat. 38 Cowboys and Cowgirls came out to join in the fun.

At the Outlaw Cabin we started in the center then move to one side to shoot the rifle, the other side for the shotgun and back to the center for the pistols.

At the Cemetery we started at the wheelbarrow shooting the pistols, moved to a coffin to shoot the rifle and back to the wheelbarrow for the shotgun.

The Depot added the challenge of having to retrieve your shotgun shells from a bucket you had to carry from the starting position to each shooting position.

The KO Corral was a real hoot, you started with your back against the fence, gun order was shooters choice except rifle couldn't be shot last. With pistols put 5 shots each on 2 targets, Rifle, 5 shots each on a large square and the Buffalo on the hill (those who shot the Team Match at the State Championship will remember the Buffalo on the hill), rifle and pistol were both shot from the pump. The real fun came with the shotgun, shot from the trough, first you shot the clay tosser then the clay (with a KD target to shoot in case you missed the clay) next you cleaned the Texas Star. We don't get to shoot 7+ shot shells on a stage very often. This was a long stage to shoot and to reset but it sure was fun.

At Fort Sweeney you started at the window, shot pistols outside,outside,inside,inside,then 6 shots on the center target. Move left to the platform, shoot the same sequence with the rifle and then engage the 6 KD targets with the shotgun.

I worked that morning and got to the range at noon and both posses were kind enough to let let me jump in and shoot through. I was able the finish out the last 2 stages with the same posse.

Buck Dodgers was the Top Gun of the day followed by Will Reilly, Sergeant Shooter, Papa Dave and Randy Saint Eagle rounded out the top 5.

Also congratulations to Emmett Moon,Papa Oso, Sergeant Shooter and Will Reilly for shooting "Clean Matches".

Complete Scores


Our next match will be Cowboy/Wild Bunch November 19, for more info check out our Website.

Come out and join us for the fun.

Till next time "Happy Trails".

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Smokeout in the Hills 2011 Possum Trott

Dobber, Branchwater Jack and I left last Thursday and headed to The Smokeout In The Hills at Possum Trott to meet up with our cabin mate, Buck D Law.

Also from Wartrace were Blue Boy, Imis Twohofon, Blackwater Desperado, Hatfield.

This was my 3rd trip to Possum Trot and I believe it was the best one I've been to. Thursday night had Jambalaya and a Poker Tournament. Friday morning started with a breakfast of country ham, eggs, bisquits, gravy and fried apples.

The Long Range Side Matches ran from 8:30 till noon and Dobber and I tried some of them. Dobber won one of the 200 yard rifle events and I won the long range smokeless pistol match.

After lunch we had the regular Speed side matches plus Ringers Humdinger which covered 3 stages 8 guns and was a ball.

Friday night brought out the Chili Cook-off (which was also part of supper), the best Home Brew Contest, Liars Contest and the Pie Eating Contest which for the first time was won by a Lady, congratulations to Tequila Liz.

Saturday morning brought the start of the Main Match and Posse 2 with Cheyenne Culpepper as Posse Marshall had more fun than was believed possible. We had the Honor of having Blue Boy, the oldest active competitor in SASS, on our Posse. I can't remember but I believe Blue Boy is 92 or 93 and still has a good time shooting. Posse 2 also had our share of Category Winners, 8 winners out of 16 posse members.

I usually don't try to name all the posse members for fear of leaving someone out but we had so much fun I'm going to try. I apologize in advance if I forget anyone.

Shooting smokeless were Tequila Liz, Luscious Liza, Speedy Fredrico (1st Elder Statesman), Blue Boy ( oldest active competitor in SASS) and Long Wolf.

Shooting black powder were Imis Twohofon, Dobber, Kirk (1st 49r), Branchwater Jack, Witch Doctor (1st Ladies Senior), Ole Saddlebags (1st Wrangler), Randy Saint Eagle (1st Duelist), Mckensie River Drifter (1st Elder Statesman), Pig Iron Lane (1st Senior), Cheyenne Culpepper (1st Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter) and Fast Eddie.

Saturday night we feasted on Copperhead Joe's fish receipe that is bound to win the Parking Lot War at Comin' At Cha. It was some fine fish. After that we were treated to a great concert from Blackwater Desperado and Milkbone and as usual they do Southern Rock proud.

Sunday brought Cowboy Church with Cree Vicar Dave and his wife. We had a good service and got to hear Dave play his new Mandolin.

After Church we finished the final 4 stages and then feasted on a lunch of everything that was left over, if we'd had a couple more days there I'd have to buy new pants. Thanks to Baby Bull and Miss Julia for the fine breakfasts and to everyone who helped feed us so well.

After lunch Ringer had the scores together and Copperhead Joe passed out the awards.

Silver City Rebel was the Top Cowboy followed by Fast Eddie, Copperhead Joe, Cheyenne Culpepper and Pig Iron Lane rounded out the Top 5. Anita Marguarita was the Top Cowgirl.

Also congratulations to Hatfield and Ole Saddlebags, the only ones to shoot a Clean Match.

They also gave away free 14 entries to matches, Branchwater Jack won one to The Midwest Classic and I won one to The Georgia State Championship.

While this was a Great Match it was also a sad one as we learned this will be the last Smokeout at Possum Trott. Next year look for the Smokeout at Copperhead Joe's Range.

The Wartrace Regulators finishes:

Blue Boy, 2nd Smokeless Elder Statesman

Blackwater Desperado, 4th Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter, 48th Overall

Imis Twohofon, 3rd Josey Wales, 46th Overall

Dobber, 3rd Classic Cowboy, 44th Overall

Branchwater Jack, 2nd Classic Cowboy, 28th Overall

Hatfield, 1st Cowboy, 15th Overall

Randy Saint Eagle, 1st Duelist, 9th Overall

Complete Scores

To see the Videos I took click on Wartrace Cowboys Channel

The next Wartrace Regulators Cowboy Match will be November 5th.,for more info check our website

Happy Trails and may all your shots "ring steel".

Monday, October 10, 2011

2011 Tennessee SASS State Championship

The Wartrace Regulators hosted the 8th Regulators Reckoning, The Tennessee State Championship Oct. 6-8.

157 Cowgirls and Cowboys from 12 states were treated to FANTASTIC weather. The Lord blessed us with better weather than we could have asked for.

Thursday started out with the usual Side Matches, but with some new winners including
Marshal WD.

Side Match Winners

Friday morning started with Whiskey Hayes welcoming everyone and telling about the match.

Papa Dave gave the Safety Meeting and Charlie Bowdre gave thanks and then led us in the Pledge Of Allegiance.

We shot the first 5 stages either on the Hill or in the Old Town depending on which posse you were on. Whiskey Hayes wrote some fast and interesting stages with no "P" traps in any of them. When you look at the scores you'll see how fast they actually were.

After the 5 Main Match stages were finished we had a Team Match consisting of 3 person teams shooting the Texas Star with a rifle, pistol and shotgun knock downs and a clay bird. The teams were drawn from a hat so it made it very interesting. 10 teams tried it and the winning team consisted of Duck River, Sgt. Shooter and Ruff Edge.

This was followed by dinner on the range prepared by Rollin' Chopstix and it was as good a meal on a range as I have ever had. They were also our food vendor for the entire weekend including breakfast, pancakes and country ham on the range are hard to beat.

After dinner we had the Side Match Awards and Dooley Gang inspired high speed tag team door prize drawings. Thanks to sponsors, vendors and prize contributors we handed out well over 100 door prizes. I might have even seen lots of Jack Daniels.

Next up was Chickamauga Slim and Karaoke. I heard some pretty good singing including Charlie Bowdre. When I left the karaoke was still going with a group of cowboys singing, last I heard they were still trying to come up with a name. I kind of like Buck and the Dodgers.

Saturday morning brought the final 5 stages of the match and the weather was just as Great as the first 2 days. I was able to take some videos on Saturday and got to see some fantastic shooting. To see some of what I saw check out my YouTube channel. I didn't get names on all the videos so feel free to add names in the comment blocks.

Wartracecowboys Channel

Saturday night brought what I believe is one of the Best Awards Banquets in all of CAS. The food was great as usual and this year they did some rearranging so it wasn't crowded like last year. Whiskey Hayes gave away two guns donated by Ruger, our Main Match Sponsor.

First in the Awards we gave buckles to all the Category State Champions, then we sent them to see Mose and Bella. If you haven't heard the IDNR (Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources) is giving every SASS Category State Champion a free entry to the 2012 US Open. Mose and Bella are handling this and it looks like it will be the largest Cowboy Action Shooting Match in the World. If you didn't win an entry you better register early to be a part of this History Making Event. To read more about this click on the News Flash link and scroll down.

News Flash

Next we passed out the plaques to the Top 5 shooters in each Category, and then the Top Guns.

Prestidigitator was the Top Gun and Dew R Dye was the Top Lady.

The Top 10 were Tator, Silver City Rebel, Duke Skywalker, Fast Eddie, Mose Spencer, Dew R Dye, Knob Creek Drover, Buck Dodgers, Shell Stuffer and Risin' Outlaw.

17 Cowboys and girls shot a clean match, congratulations to them, their names can be seen on the Complete Scores Link.

Complete Scores

I'd like to congratulate all the winners and also everyone who competed.

The State Champions from Wartrace are:

Buck Dodgers, Wrangler 8th Overall

Randy Saint Eagle, Double Duelist 32nd Overall

Sergeant Shooter, 49'r 48th Overall

Tombstone John, Silver Senior 49th Overall

Scattergun Kid, Frontier Cartridge 50th Overall

Whiskey Hayes, Classic Cowboy 57th Overall

Ida Shot'em, Ladies Silver Senior 154th Overall

Way to go Wartrace.

I hope everyone enjoyed The Tennessee State Championship and remember us when you plan your agenda for 2013.

Happy Trails and may all your shots "ring steel".

My Entire Album

PLP Photo took pictures at the range and the Banquet click on their link to see and purchase Posse, action and Banquet photos.

PLP Photo

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rockcastle Rangers Sept. Match

Papa Dave, Sheriff Frank Canton and I headed north to spend the day with The Rockcastle Rangers. Also making the trip were Buck Dodgers, Tombstone John, Will Reilly, CW Knight, Randy Atcher and Tom Horn.

This was my first trip to this range since spring and Shaddai and the Rangers have done a lot of work since then. The range is really looking good.

After a Safety Meeting, Prayer and Pledge 25 Cowboys and Cowgirls shot 3 stages before a free lunch the the final 3 stages. The stages were some I've not shot before and they made you think. 2 of the stages were very similar, but opposite so I was glad one was our first stage and the other was our last.

I enjoyed the Stages even though I had to think. Sometimes I think we get so used to ordinary stages we don't have to think much.

I finally broke my 13 month streak and shot a "Clean" match, but not without some help from Shaddai to keep me from getting a "P" on the last stage.

Dusty Walker was the Top Gun, and also shot "Clean" , followed by Buck Dodgers, Campo Kid, Black Tom and Cumberland Drifter rounded out the Top 5.

The Rangers also have a new Website. and I think the scores will be posted on that sight.

To see all 8 videos go to my YouTube Channel

Don't forget The Tennessee State Championship is coming Oct. 6-8. Hope to see you there.

Until next time Happy Trails.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2011 SASS US Open

Buck Dodgers drove the Stage Coach to the US Open and hauled Papa Dave, Sheriff Frank Canton, Tombstone John and Randy Saint Eagle. We went up on Wednesday and got a good spot to park our equipment trailer and checked out the range. We met up with CW Knight, Branchwater Jack, Jailbreak Jake, Blackwater Desperado and Hatfield.

It was my, along with several others, first trip to this range and I was impressed. You could tell Mose, Bella, The Kaskaskie Cowboys, The Dooley Gang and IDNR (Illinois Department of Natural Resources) had really been working hard.

This Match was all inclusive which I really like. It even included a Dooley Gang Shooting School with T-Bone, Nuttin' Graceful, my pard, Ringo (By Gawd) Fire, Copperhead Joe, Stormy Shooter and a Buckaroo named Rattlesnake Wrangler (you'll hear that name a lot in the future). We had a great time, I feel like I learned a lot and did I mention it was FREE.

There was plenty to do every day from morning till late night. Did I mention this range is on 1600 acres with over 1000 RV hookups and 3.5 miles of trap fields if wanted to try it.

Thursday after the Shooting School we burned up lots of ammo at the Side Matches and Buck Dodgers won the Double Barrel Shotgun Speed Match and with a faster time than Copperhead Joe who won the 97 Event. Rattlesnake Wrangler won the Speed Rifle with a 2.96 and Prestidigitator won the Speed Pistol, Missouri Lefty (another Buckaroo) and Rattlesnake Wrangler tied .01 seconds behind Tator.

The Main Match started on Friday morning with 5 stages followed by the Team Side Match. Papa Dave, Sheriff Frank, Tombstone John and I shot on Team 10 and had a ball. This was a 3 Stage Match that started with a clay bird flurry, 24 birds thrown up from 3 different machines and they counted the unbroken ones that hit the ground. Our team let 6 get to the ground. Each of the other 2 stages had part of the team shooting at clay birds, it was great fun.

Friday night we had a dinner and Side Match Awards. Branchwater Jack placed in both the Black Powder and the Wild Bunch Matches.

Saturday we finished the last 5 Main Match stages. All 10 stages were interesting and fun to shoot. Posse 3 with Sgt. Eli as Posse Marshall had to have been the best Posse. Everyone worked, the Posse ran smooth and both days we were finished shooting by 1:30.

Papa Dave and I stayed at the range and watched the Top Gun Shoot off (anyone who wanted to could shoot in it). It was probably the first ever all Clay Bird Shoot off in SASS. Each shooter had 24 stationary clay birds spread out in stands they had to shoot with their revolvers and rifle before grabbing their shotgun and cleaning up whatever was left. After all birds were broken they ran to the center of the stage and shot a stop plate. Tator was the Top Gun and Sixgun Sallie was the Top Lady shooter.

At the Awards Dinner on Saturday night we got some of the most exciting news in SASS.


[SASS Wire Post] Sparta Illinois loves cowboy action shooting!!!! The IDNR (Illinois Department of Natural Resources) formally announced on September 10th, 2011, at the SASS U.S. Open awards banquet, that they would like to honor all champions across the United States. In doing so, the IDNR will pay for every Resident champion, in every category, and from each state-level and above a free match entry to the 2012 SASS U.S. Open.

That’s right!! You read it right and heard it right!! If you’d been at the banquet you would have heard the IDNR representatives announce it personally. This is for cowboy action shooting only (no certificates will be awarded for mounted, wild bunch, black powder, or other club events).

If you are a match director for a state-level and above event, please contact Honey B. Graceful ( or Tbone Dooley (903-272-9283) to see if your match qualifies and for more details and a downloadable/printable free match entry. These match entries are non-transferable and have no cash value.

I told y'all it was gonna be big news...Tbone Dooley

Next year the US Open may well be the biggest match SASS has ever seen.

Back to the awards; Prestidigitator was the Overall Top Gun and Dew R Dye was the Top Lady.

Buck Dodgers was the top Wartrace shooter he was 5th Wrangler, 27 Overall

Papa Dave 1st Range Boss 34th Overall

CW Knight 7th Senior 56th Overall

Randy Saint Eagle 5th Duelist 59th Overall

Jailbreak Jake 6th Duelist 97th Overall

Sheriff Frank Canton 9th Silver Senior 98th Overall

Hatfield 11th Cowboy 104th Overall

Tombstone John 10th Silver Senior 131st Overall

Branchwater Jack 4th Frontier Cartridge Duelist 172nd Overall

Blackwater Desperado 7th Frontiersman 186th Overall

There were 204 shooters at the match and may be 8 to 10 times as many next year. If you're looking for a big match to travel to next year take a close look at the US Open.

Don't forget The Regulators Reckoning, The SASS Tennessee State Championship is Oct. 6-8
we are at over 130 entries so don't wait if you want to shoot. If you just want to be a spectator come on out we'd love to have you. For more info check our Website

Until next time Happy Trails.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ocoee Rangers 8/27/11

Papa Dave, Sheriff Frank Canton, Buck Dodgers and I decided to head east to the Ocoee Rangers for the "Return Of The Black Hat". "We Reckon There's Going To Be A Gunfight" and we didn't want to miss it. Unpleasant wrote some good stages and we got to shoot on the Pleasantly Unpleasant Posse. Posse 5 ran smooth and the only problems we had were several gun and ammo malfunctions. Several shooters got re-shoots including me.

The weather was great that morning but warmed up by afternoon, but it was still better than most we've had this summer. These were really fast and fun stages, the Top 5 Shooters all had times under 100 seconds. Being the tightwad that I am and wanting to get more for my money I took a little more time (if you believe that I've got some oceanfront property for sale in Middle Tenn.).

The Top Gun and Favorite B-Western Cowboy was Marshall WD, followed by his dad, Clancy O'Conall, Ruff Edge, Copperhead Joe and Marshall Too Tall rounded out the Top 5.

If you're in driving distance of the Chattanooga check out this club, you won't be disappointed.

To see some videos of the match go to Wartrace Cowboy's YouTube Channel

Don't forget the Tennessee State Championship Oct. 6-8, get your entries in soon we are 2/3's full. If you don't shoot visitors are always welcome, just please bring some type of eye and ear protection.

Our next Cowboy Match in Wartrace is Sept. 3.

Until next time, Happy Trails and may all your shots "Ring" steel.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wartrace August 2011 Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match

It was a really hot day for a Cowboy Shoot, did I mention it was mid-August in the south. 27 Cowboys and Wild Bunch shooters came out and tried to brave the heat, however by the end of the match it was touch and go.

I had to work but I came to the range to take a few pictures and got there just in time, to time the last 4 or 5 Cowboy shooters, the Wild Bunch Posse had already finished. A few cowboys had to get in the shade and they were running out of workers.

Everyone survived the heat and Sgt. Shooter (cowboy) was the "Top Gun" of the day, followed by Moon (Wild Bunch), Branchwater Jack (Wild Bunch), Tombstone John (cowboy) and Charlie Bowdre (cowboy) rounded out the "Top 5".

It must have been the heat, because no one shot a "Clean Match".

Complete Scores

Wes Outlaw Video

Don't forget about the Tennessee State Championship coming up the 2nd weekend in October.

Our next match will be the Sept 3rd Cowboy Match, for more info check out our Website.

Happy Trails.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

8/6/11 Wartrace Regulators Cowboy Match

43 Cowboys and Cowgirls came to Wartrace to brave the heat and help defend Wartrace from all manner of miscreants and thugs. This month we shot at the "Line Shack", "Cemetery", "Fort Sweeney", "KO Corral" and for the first time in the new berms, "The Wagon".

It was overcast all day so the temperature stayed down but the humidity was so high it felt like you could cut the air with a knife. We got to the last few shooters on the last stage before the rain started, but it was light enough it felt pretty good to me.

When the smoke had cleared Campo Kid was the Top Gun of the day (he is starting to make a habit of this, and I hope he continues), followed by Papa Dave ( who is always ready to ponce if you make any mistakes), Buck Dodgers, Vaquero Jake and CW Knight rounds out the Top 5. I find it interesting that a Junior won followed by an Elder Statesman, Wrangler, another Junior and a Senior, I think that is a pretty good mix. Next time we'll try to get a one-handed shooter in the Top 5.

Congratulations also to CW Knight, Campo Kid, Cherohala Chase, Cheyenne Thornton, Ida Shot'em and Tom Horn for all shooting "Clean ".

I took a few Videos with my still camera to try it out. They aren't too good but they are watchable. I hit a wrong key and wasn't able to get captions on all of them, one day I'll figure this out.

I was also able to get a few still pictures.

I'd also like to welcome back two former Wartrace Regulators who have rejoined, Colonel Reb and Gil Carter, Welcome Back cowboys.

Don't forget The Regulators Reckoning , The Tennessee Cowboy Action State Championship is coming soon for more information check out our Website.

Also our next match, Cowboy/Wild Bunch is August 20th, for more info click the above link.

Happy Trails and may every bang end with a clang.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ocoee Rangers 7/23/11 Match

Papa Dave, Sheriff Frank Canton and I decided to head east, we heard there was going to be a "Gunfight". Papa Dave hitched up his wagon, we piled in our gear and headed out to the home of the Ocoee Rangers. When we arrived there was already a crowd gathering and sure enough it looked like there was going to be a gunfight.

We'd been hearing for awhile about Unpleasant's "Black Hat Stages", so we decided we ought to check them out. The crowd kept gathering, it looked like everybody had the same idea we did.

We ended up having 5 Posse's including a Ladies Only Posse, however I heard 1 of them ladies was right homely looking. It was really nice to see that many ladies shooting, at Wartrace we usually only have 1 or 2.

We were on Posse 2, Horseshoe John and Ocoee Red's Posse, with a good bunch of Cowboys and Cowgirl. The Black Hat Stages were as good and fast as we had heard. I think everyone there had a big time.

When all the smoke had cleared Papa Dave was the Top Gun of the day, followed by Unpleasant, Marshall W.D., Anita Margarita and Jackalope rounded out the Top 5. Papa Dave shot an awesome match and Anita summed it up well on the Ocoee Rangers Forum;

A man comes into town from out of the west, steely-eyed and well armed. We said "I reckon there's going to be a gunfight". And he proceeded to whup us all.

Good Shootin' Papa Dave.

There were 78 shooters at this match and it ran like a well oiled machine.
I don't know about the other Posse's but we had 10 "Clean" shooters on our Posse.

For Complete Scores

It was really fun to see so many pards I hadn't seen in a while and to meet new friends. If you're in the Cleveland Tn. area on the 4th Saturday go by and visit the Ocoee Rangers, you'll be glad you did.

Check out their website for more information.

I'm getting old and forgetful and forgot my camera, so I don't have any pictures.

The next Wartrace Match will be Aug. 6. for more info check out our Website.

Also don't forget the Tennessee State Championship Oct. 6-8.

Until next time shoot straight and keep your powder dry.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 2nd Wartrace Regulators Cowboy Match

53 Cowboys and Cowgirls converged on Wartrace for our July Main Match. We were fortunate enough to have shooters from Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky as well as Tennessee join us. It was a great day (a little warm but much better than winter) with no rain to dampen any ones spirit.

Whiskey Hayes scaled back the movement again on the stages due to the expected hot weather. At the Gallows and Graftons we had minimal movement and only 2 shotgun knock downs at the Gallows. The Wells Fargo Bank and the Jail were both "Stand and Deliver" stages with 6 shotgun kd's at the bank. At the Depot we shot from both inside and outside.

They were some fast stages as evidenced by the fact that Campo Kid shot the 5 stage match in less than 85 seconds.

We had a few new shooters but I had to work in the morning and didn't catch all the names. I was also unable to take any pictures as I shot through once I got there.

Campo Kid was the Top Gun of the day, followed by Buck Dodgers, Randy Atcher, Sergeant Shooter and Lone Wolf Swain rounded out the Top 5.

I'd also like to congratulate Ben T Iron, Campo Kid, Cash Jackson, Deadwood Miner, Outcast, Randy Atcher, Sheriff Frank Canton and Sunflower Kid for all shooting "Clean Matches".

Complete Scores

I'd also like to Congratulate one of our pards from West Tennessee, Dew R Dye for winning Ladies Wrangler Category at End Of Trail.

2011 World Champion Ladies Wrangler

I'd also like to congratulate a young man from Kentucky who used to shoot with us a lot and still comes sometimes. Vaquero Jake 2nd Junior Boys at The World Championship.

Here is how some other pards that shoot with us on occasion finished at EOT

Amorous Ali 19th Ladies 49'r;

Amaduelist 3rd Senior Duelist.

Judge'm All Duncan 5th Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter

Kid Ziggy 14th Gunfighter

We had 3 Wartrace Regulators that I know of, go to End Of Trail.

Charlie Bowdre 17th Elder Statesman

Scattergun Kid 10th Frontier Cartridge

Jailbreak Jake 16th Duelist

We had many other friends there, I can't name them all but for complete results click on

This news was sent to me by Cody Kid;
This past Friday the last and only-known picture of "Billy the Kid", which was an Upham Tin Type, Circa 1879-1880, sold at auction for $2.6 million. There were orginally four Tin Types Billy had made and gave to friends. The other three were all destroyed. I thought some of the cowboys and cowgirls would be interested in this information.
I am sorry to miss the July 2nd shoot. I'm waiting for cooler weather.
Your pard,
"Cody Kid"

Our next match will be the Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match July 16th, no lunch available.

As always for additional info check out our

Happy Trails until we meet again and remember speak softly and carry a big gun.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

6/18/11 Wartrace Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match

35 Cowboys and Cowgirls came to Wartrace to help us defend our town. We shot at the Line Shack, Cemetery, Livery Stable, K O Corral and Fort Sweeney. As is our normal we shot the same stages as we did the first of the month with a few changes for the Wild Bunch Shooters.

We had 3 Cowboys and new Wartrace Regulators shooting their first match. It's great when new members shoot their first match.

It was a warm day, but a breeze and clouds kept it nice most of the day. It got pretty hot on a couple of stages and the Cowboy Posse got rained on at the last stage.

The Wild Bunch shooters shooting those new-fangled auto-loading pistols topped the Cowboy shooters today, but I think they are just a passing fad. I don't think that auto ever take the place of Sam Colt's Single Action Army revolver.

Papa Dave (on one foot) was the Top Gun of the Wild Bunch and the Overall Top Shooter. In the Wild Bunch Match Papa was followed by Sunflower Kid, Slim Jim Dandy, Cherohala Chase and Branchwater Jack rounded out the top 5 Wild Bunch. 7 of the overall top 10 were shooting Wild Bunch, The Cowboys want another rematch.

C W Knight was the Top Gun in the Cowboy Match, followed by Randy Saint Eagle, Sheriff Frank Canton, Latigo Jim and Dusty Wilcox rounded out the top 5 Cowboys.

Wild Bunch Scores

Cowboy Scores

For a link to 20 videos go to my YouTube Channel

**NOTICE after this video the rest are not mine and I have no control over what is next, for all Cowboy videos click on link above video screen.**

I hope everyone enjoyed this Match as much as I did. Our next Match at Wartrace will be our Main Cowboy Match, July 2nd. Hope to see you all there. For more information about our Club and Matches always check out our Website.

Until next time Happy Trails to you and may all your shots "ring steel".

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wartrace Regulators June Cowboy Match

Well it seemed more like late July or early August instead of early June but 39 Cowboys and Cowgirls braved the heat and came out to help Butch and Sundance get away from the Pinkertons at the Line Shack; Frank James fight off another Pinkerton at the Cemetery; Matt Dillon fight off drunk cowboys at the Livery; Jessee James fight off the Pinkertons at the Corral; and Major Crompton's recruits fight the Indians at the Fort.

Due to the excessive heat Whiskey Hayes rewrote the stages at the last minute to cut down on the time and movement required. Two were "Stand and Deliver" and three had some movement, none had more than 4 shotgun KD'S. It was a good fast match for a hot day. We also opted to have 3 small posses to make things move a little quicker. Everyone pitched in and helped with posse duties and we had a great match.

We had the pleasure of having the Rider Gang, Shotgun Rider, Lady Rider, Sunset Rider and Pony Rider, from East Tennessee join us for the first time. This is a really neat family and I hope they had a good time and will join us again. Also from East TN. Iron Maiden and Boondock Saint came to visit us again. Campo Kid and Lauren, his sister, came down from Kentucky to whoop up on the the Tennessee Cowboys and he did a good job of it. Campo is one GREAT Kid and comes from a Great family. I really enjoy watching him shoot. If you haven't seen him shoot, check out Campo Kid on You Tube.

Campo Kid was the Top Gun of the day with a 5 stage time of 88.19 (I told you he was impressive), followed by Buck Dodgers, Papa Dave, Latigo Jim (it was good to have Latigo back shooting with us) and Whiskey Hayes rounded out the top 5. Great shooting guys!

Congratulations also to Ben Uriah, Buck Dodgers, Cash Jackson and Dobber for shooting "Clean Matches".

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did and hope to see you for our next match, June 18th for the Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match, for more info check out our Website.

For Complete Scores

I bought a Flip Video and tried to take some video of the match, I learned that I'm a little shaky to be doing that but I hope you enjoy them anyway. I think this link will take you to my YouTube Channel

Please be aware that after watching this video the Up Next Videos are not mine, I don't know why they do this? To see the Wartrace Videos click on the link above this Video.

When they are available you should also be able to see some Wartrace Videos on Campo Kid's Channel.

Happy Trails to you and may all your shots find their target.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

May Mid-Month Cowboy/Wild Bunch

10 Cowboys and Cowgirls and 10 Wild Bunch shooters had a great day of shooting. The weather was fantastic and I think everyone had a ball.

With only 10 each we had to have 1 big Posse. The scenarios were slightly different so the Cowboys and Cowgirls shot first on each stage while the Wild Bunchers worked, then we read the scenario for Wild Bunch and they shot while the Cowboy Posse worked. This worked well but made the day a little long.

We shot the same stages as the May Main Match. They were fast and fun with no "P" traps, even though I got one (brain fade).

I had a ball and I hope everyone else did. We were excited to have one new Cowboy shooter, Brad Manco, and his wife and soon to be shooter, Dora Dufran. They are also new Wartrace Regulators. We also gained 3 more new Regulators, Montana Duke, Dynamite Jim and Tioga Roy, please welcome these new Cowboys and Cowgirl when you meet them.

Papa Dave was the Top Gun for the day shooting Wild Bunch, followed by Scattergun Kid {Cowboy}, C.W. Knight {WB}, Sheriff Frank Canton {CB} and Cherohala Chase {WB} rounded out the top 5. I thought it was interesting that the top 6 alternated Wild Bunch then Cowboy.
But I have to admit the Pards with them "New Fangled" guns topped the Cowboys this day but we want a rematch next month.

Congratulations also have to go out to Ida Shot'em, Dusty Wilcox and Dobber (shooting black powder) for shooting "clean" matches.

Our next Cowboy match will be June 4, for more info always check out our Website.

Complete Scores when available.

These pictures were provided by Dusty Wilcox's wife Lisa, Thanks Lisa.

If you're looking for a place to shoot on Memorial weekend.

If your looking for a travel Match in June try this:

Doc Holliday's Immortals in Griffin, Georgia will host our annual

two day match on June 11th & 12th, (2nd weekend) this summer.

"The Ride of the Immortals" will feature 10 challenging but fun stages,
6 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday.

There will be team side matches on Saturday and a BBQ dinner served on the range (included with the shooter fee).

Adult Shooter fee: $35

Jr/Buckaroo w/parent: $20

Dry Camping on range: $25

Extra Sat Dinner: $10

Vendor Fee: Free if Pre-registered.

Application may be obtained from the Doc Holliday's Immortals website,

'Nooga Kid

Happy Trails

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Georgia State Championship

I got word back from some Regulators, that at The Last Stand, Witch Doctor said that I had better be at the Georgia State Match "or else". Well not knowing what the "or else" was I decided, along with several Wartrace Regulators to head south and see what this ruckus was all about.

8 Wartrace Regulators made the trip, after checking out Boarding Houses and seeing they were all 30 minutes or longer to the range, Buck Dodgers sent up some smoke signals and sent a few telegraphs to see if we could find a Bunk House closer to the range. All his work paid off and we found a little Bunk House within 20 minutes of the range.

Papa Dave, Sheriff Frank Canton, Tombstone John, Branchwater Jack, Cheyenne Thornton, Buck Dodgers and I (Randy Saint Eagle) were joined by a friend from Florida, Amaduelist, at this little 5 bedroom 4 1/2 bath bunk house. Blackwater Desperado was also at the match but stayed at a different location.

Papa Dave, Sheriff Frank, Branchwater and Amaduelist got to the range early to shoot either the Wild Bunch Match or the Black Powder Match. Buck, Cheyenne, Tombstone and I got there in time to shoot the afternoon Side Matches. They had to normal speed side matches plus one of the most fun side matches I've ever tried. The entire match was based on Clint Eastwood movies and if you're a fan, you remember him shooting the Hangman's rope into to save Tuco.

This was set up where to save Tuco you had to shoot a 1/4" rope into at about 9 to 10 yards away. I'll tell you with old eyes it's hard to see that little rope. If you cut the rope it would fly up into the air so you knew right away you got it. If you saved Tuco you were given a button that said "I saved Tuco" and a piece of the rope. Mine took a place with all my badges from other shoots. Buck Dodgers turned out to be the King of rope cutting in our group. Buck cut it with his rifle and 3 different pistols, a Blackhawk, Vaquero and a Bisley.

Friday morning after the introduction, safety meeting, prayer and pledge we started the main match. We were on Posse 4 and what a great posse it turned out to be. Everyone worked and our posse ran like a well oiled machine. Buck Dodgers and Papa Dave were our Posse Marshalls and did an excellent job.

The stages were set up well and the targets big enough and close enough. Several of the stages had enough movement to keep it fun and you had to think on some to keep the shooting order straight. Several were shooters choice on gun order (rifle can't be last) and none had any "P" traps. You could tell it was a straight forward match by the fact out of 179 shooters 42 shot "Clean".

After shooting the first 5 stages they had Couples and Team matches. I had lots of fun shooting a team match with Olin Winchester (current World Champion Buckaroo) and his little brother, Joe Cartwheel. These are 2 fine shooters and you can expect to hear their names frequently.

I also got to shoot on a team with Cassalong Hoppidy and Deadly Sharpshooter, 2 more fine shooters and a lot of fun to Posse with.

Then we had a great meal prepared by the Mule Camp Cowboys with money collected going to help Storm Victims.

On Saturday we shot the last 5 stages and they were just as much fun as the first 5. Posse 4 consisted of Amaduelist, Big Boyd, Blackwater Desperado, Blaze Dawson, Branchwater Jack, Briscoe Callaghan, Buck Dodgers, Cassalong Hopidy, Cheyenne Thornton, Colt McCloud, Deadly Sharpshooter, Sheriff Frank Canton, Papa Dave, Purly, Randy Saint Eagle and Tombstone John.

This is how the Wartrace Regulators finished;

Buck Dodgers 6th Wrangler 21st Overall

Papa Dave 1st Elder Statesman 23rd Overall

Randy Saint Eagle 3rd Double Duelist 58th Overall

Sheriff Frank Canton 8th Silver Senior 103rd Overall

Tombstone John 9th Senior 119th Overall

Branchwater Jack 4th Frontier Cartridge Duelist 142nd Overall

Cheyenne Thornton 8th Classic Cowboy 149th Overall

Blackwater Desperado 4th Frontiersman 153rd Overall

Outback Steakhouse provided the meal at the Awards Banquet and Judgem' All Duncan and Witch Doctor took care of the awards.

If you missed this match you missed a good one and you should put it on your list for next year.

For Complete Scores.


The Wartrace Regulators will be giving RO1 and RO2 classes on May 14.

The Wartrace Regulators Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match will be May 21 for more info check out our website

Happy Trails to you and may all your shots "Ring Steel"

Saturday, April 30, 2011

2011 Tennessee Wild Bunch State Championship

The Wartrace Regulators hosted the first and only 5 Stage Tennessee Wild Bunch State Championship today. It seems after this Match was approved the rules changed and now in order to have a State Championship it must be at least 10 stages.

The weather was great and Whiskey Hayes wrote some really good stages. None had less than 15 pistol rounds fired and 3 of them had 20 pistol rounds. No "Stand and Deliver" all had movement. I think everyone got in plenty of shooting for a 5 stage match.

I had to work this morning and got there just as they were finishing up Stage 3. This still gave me time to take plenty of pictures and a few videos (with Duck River's phone).

We offered 12 age-based categories instead of the normal 4 .

Category Winners:

Wes Outlaw Modern Male 45 & under
Frank Buckshot Modern Male 46-60
C. W. Knight Modern Male 61 & over
Branchwater Jack Traditional Male 45 & under
Duck River Traditional Male 46-60
Papa Dave Traditional Male 61 & over

We had no Lady shooters today.

Top Modern shooter was CW Knight
Top Traditional Shooter was Duck River and
Top Gun Overall was Duck River
2nd Overall was Capt. Jo Walker, followed by Papa Dave, CW Knight and Frank Buckshot rounded out the Top 5.

Papa Oso shot the only "Clean Match" of the day.

To me it was interesting and surprising that the Top 3 shooters were shooting Traditional.

I'd like to thank Coyote Claxton for coming down from Michigan to shoot with us and hope he and his lovely bride can make it back to our Cowboy State Championship in October.

After the awards we were treated to a great lunch prepared by Lucy Delight and Babs.

I think everyone had a great time and if any other Tennessee Clubs are interested in hosting a Tennessee Wild Bunch State Championship feel free to contact Whiskey Hayes or any Wartrace Board Member for any needed information.

Complete Scores when available.

Videos when and if Duck River and I can figure out how to get them linked.

Our next match will be the May Cowboy Match May 7. For more info. see our website.

Several Wartrace Regulators will be heading down to Georgia for the Georgia State Championship, also next weekend, for more info on that Match

Happy Trails and may all your shots ring steel.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

4/22/11 Rock Castle Rangers Match

Papa Dave hitched up his wagon and drove the team by my spread. We loaded my gear (the bare minimum) and headed over to L.A. (Lower Antioch) to pick up Sheriff Frank Canton. We then headed to the Stage Depot in Portland where we loaded the Stage with Buck Dodgers driving and headed up to Park City, KY to the Rock Castle Rangers range. We met up with fellow Wartrace Regulators; Imis Twohofon, Sergeant Shooter, Blackwater Desperado, and Hatfield to try to help the Rangers clean up their town. It was like Old Friends Day as we met up with many old friends and made more new friends while there.

Shaddai Vaquero, Perfecto Vaquera and Vaquero Jake put on a great shoot. We had 6 fast , fun stages with enough movement to keep it interesting. They've done a lot of work in a short time on this new range and it is really shaping up.

We shot 3 stages and broke for lunch (included), then finished up the final 3. Perfecto shot early on the last stage, then tallied the scores and printed out awards. Not long after the guns were put away Shaddai started the awards ceremony. This was my first trip to the Rock Castle Rangers home but I don't plan on it being my last, they did a great job and are well on there way to having a First Class Range.

Campo Kid was the Top Gun for the day and man can this kid shoot, 6 stages in 115.62 seconds. Black Tom was second followed by Buck Dodgers (1.58 sec. between them), then Cumberland Drifter and Dusty Walker rounded out the top 5. I have to say the closest match of the day was in the Duelist Category .04 sec. between Shaddai Vaquero and Randy Saint Eagle.

Perfecto Vaquera has to be Congratulated as the only person to shoot a "Clean Match".

If you are looking for a place to shoot on the 4th Saturday, give the Rock Castle Rangers a try, you won't be disappointed.

Complete Scores when available.

They also have their first Annual Match , The James Gang Rides Again, coming up May 27-29, if you're looking for a shoot Memorial Day weekend check this out.

Sgt. Shooter's video's here.

Don't forget to come to Wartrace next weekend for The Tennessee Wild Bunch State Championship, we still have more room if you like to shoot Wild Bunch and don't forget spectators are always welcome.

The next Cowboy Match at Wartrace will be May 7th 2011.

Hope to see you at a Match .

Happy Trails to you and may all your shots ring steel.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Wartrace Regulators April 2 Cowboy Match

It has been a long cold Winter and God Blessed us with a beautiful day, and 67 Cowboys and Cowgirls took advantage of it. We had cowboys from Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi and a few of our East Tennessee pards joined us in a day of trying to keep Blue Boy out of trouble.

Before the Safety Meeting Papa Dave gave out Award Certificates from our last match. I gave out a special Award to the Wartrace Regulator who shot the most "Clean Matches" in 2010. That Award went to Deadwood Miner. When I started searching the match results to see who our winner was, I discovered that I had "O" Clean Matches at Wartrace in 2010, so far 2011 is not looking any better.

After the Awards were finished Papa Dave had a brief Safety Meeting and Sergeant Shooter offered a prayer and led us in the Pledge.

Whiskey wrote some fun and fast stages including the Corral with a rifle and a pistol knock down as well as a clay bird to shoot. We also shot the Line Shack, Cemetery, Livery Stable and Fort Sweeney. We had 4 posses, I was on posse 2 and I have to thank everyone for making our posse so much fun. Everyone worked and made for a smooth running posse. We had the pleasure of having 2 East Tennessee Gunfighters on our posse, we don't have many Gunfighters shoot with us and they are fun to watch. I also have to thank Yak for bringing Campo Kid down to shoot with us, this Junior shooter is fast and a great person.

Papa Dave was our Top Gun for the day, followed by Campo Kid, Sean Clancy O'Conall, Buck Dodgers and Marshall W.D. rounded out the Top 5. I think it is interesting that we had an Elder Statesman 1st, a Junior 2nd and had 9 Categories represented in the Top 10. I think that proves, at least at Wartrace, that no one Category has the best shooters.

As always I'd also like to congratulate the shooters who shot "Clean Matches"; Birdgun Quail, Buxom Boo, Col. John W. Reed, Moon, Papa Dave, Papa Oso and Sean Clancy O'Conall.

I'd also like to welcome our newest Wartrace Regulator Buffalo Red Rock.

A Big thanks to Birdgun Quail for taking over 700 pictures.

Complete Scores

The next match at Wartrace will be the Tennessee Wild Bunch State Championship April 30 2011.

Until next time Shoot Straight and may all your shots hit steel.

Complete Album

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wartrace Regulators Wild Bunch/ Cowboy Match 3.19.11

14 Wild Bunch Shooters and 21 Cowboys and Cowgirls came out for a fantastic day of shooting. The weather was great, a little cool early but nice by the time we started shooting. As always Whiskey wrote some fast and fun stages .

We shot a Lawrence Welk Sweep at the Gallows, which took a little explaining to make sure everyone understood. While this looks complicated when you first read it, it's not bad a lot of fun once you get it in your head. (1,12,123,1234). Buck Dodgers blazed that stage in 18.01. At Grafton's, one of 3 stages that the gun order was shooters choice, we had a 5 shot sweep from each direction. Wells Fargo was shot with single tap's on the center targets and double taps on each of the 2 outside targets. The Depot's target arrangement looked like a 5 domino and you single tapped each corner target double tapped the center and single tapped each corner again. At the Jail we shot the rifle and pistols through the bars in the cell and the shotgun from the table outside. We had double tap the outside targets, single tap the center target, double tap the inside targets and single tap the center. Sergeant Shooter topped this stage with a 22.89.

Buck Dodgers was the Top Gun for the Cowboys with a total time of just 118.41 seconds, just under 2 minutes shooting for the whole day. Sergeant Shooter was 2nd, followed by Randy Saint Eagle, Imis Twohofon and Sheriff Frank Canton rounded out the top 5.

The Wild Bunch shooters shot basically the same stages except they shot quite a few more pistol rounds, if you really want to shoot a lot you might consider trying the Wild Bunch Match.

Duck River was the Wild Bunch Top Gun with a total time of 208.45. Papa Dave was 2nd, followed by Deadwood Miner, C W Knight and Branchwater Jack rounded out the Top 5 Wild Bunch.

Congratulations to Papa Oso for shooting the Wild Bunch Match "Clean". I didn't get a report on the Cowboy shooters so I don't know if anyone was "Clean".

I'd like to welcome some new members Ida Shot'em, our only Lady shooter Saturday, who just moved here from Washington State (I think) and Dusty Wilcox who also shot his 1st match with us. Kellertown Kid didn't shoot but came to check everything out and hopes to shoot with us in 2 weeks. It was good to see new member Doc Blackburn back for his second match, just a week after surgery.

We'd like to thank all the Alabama bunch, including Dusty Dan on his 1st trip to Wartrace, for joining us.

Don't forget The Tennessee Wild Bunch State Championship is coming up April 30, if you haven't already done so, get your entries in.

The next Cowboy Match will be April 2nd. We will be back on our regular time schedule for the rest of the year, starting with the April Match.

Don't forget to check out our Traders Post if you're looking for Cowboy gear.

Also if you're looking for a match to travel to check out the Smokey Mtn. Shootout, The Georgia State Championship or James Gang Rides Again.

I have to say a special thanks to Birdgun Quail (World Champion Baptist Category) for taking pictures, without his help we would be looking at a 6 picture slideshow. Click on THIS to check out all the pictures taken.

Video of the Infamous Buck Dodgers

The Scores .

Until we meet again, Shoot Straight and may all your shots hit steel.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match 2/19/11

27 Cowboys, Cowgirls and 18 Wild Bunch Shooters converged on Wartrace today to try to shake out the cobwebs from a long cold winter. I for one shot like it had been a long winter. The weather was pretty good for a February, although some sunshine would have been nice. It was great to have several Alabama cowboys and cowgirls join us.

We had one new shooter Doc Blackburn, 1 junior Red Wolf Swain, 1 buckarette Precious Lil' Prissy and 1 buckaroo Coyote McNeely, it's always nice to see new shooters. It's great to see the young shooters come out and have fun with us "old folks".

After a brief safety meeting by Papa Dave, a prayer by Sergeant Shooter and the Pledge we split up into 2 Cowboy Posse's and 1 Wild Bunch Posse. We caught up with Ned Pepper at the "Line Shack", helped Virgil Earp at the "Depot", cleaned out the "Cemetery", stood with Wyatt Earp at the "Livery" and fought off hostile Indians at "Fort Sweeney.

Several Wild Bunch shooters made it out, I think they're wanting to get in all the practice they can before April 30th, The Tennessee Wild Bunch State Championship. Papa Dave said a special thanks was due Imis Twohofon, his rifle died on the first stage, but instead of borrowing one he just stayed and helped with the Posse. When looking at the times remember the Wild Bunch shot more pistol rounds on several stages than the Cowboys.

Congratulations to the Wild Bunch Top Gun , Capt Jo Walker, followed by Lone Wolf Swain, Sunflower Kid, Slim Jim Dandy and C W Knight rounded out the top 5. It was great to see C W back. Also Congrats to Capt. Jo Walker for shooting a "Clean Match".

I was on Posse 3 and had the pleasure of shooting with Coyote McNeely and Pretty Lil' Prissy, they are really good young folks and worked all day. Our Posse was fairly small and I have to offer a 'Big Thanks" to everyone for working hard and making it run smooth all day.

After shooting the 4th stage we learned that through a clerical error the 2 Cowboy Posse's were not shooting the same exact scenarios. We corrected before the 5th stage and swapped scenarios so we shot the last 2 stages the same. After the match I checked and the only other stage that was different was the "Livery". Posse 2 re-staged their long guns back on the center table and Posse 3 re-staged one on each barrel. It was not enough to make any significant difference in the outcome. Papa Dave and I discussed it and decided that since their was a difference no one would win the Cadillac this month, maybe next month.

The Cowboy Top Gun was Buck Dodgers, followed by Sergeant Shooter, Fort Knox, Randy Saint Eagle and Badger McNeely rounded out the Top 5. Congratulations to Cheyenne Thornton and Colonel John W. Reed for shooting "Clean Matches".

I have to say thanks to Birdgun Quail, Buck Dodgers and other on Posse 3 for helping me take pictures and also to Rawhide John's wife for taking pictures on the Wild Bunch Posse.

Don't forget our next main match, March 5., this will still be on the winter schedule.

Be thinking about matches to travel to. Smokey Mtn. Shoot-Out April 7-9. and

If you are looking for something be sure to check out the Traders Post.

Pictures from Rawhide John.