Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gunfight at Givhans Ferry

Dodge City Dixie and Reno Mustang packed up their covered wagon and headed to my homestead last Tuesday. After throwing in my gear (we left most of my Garage Papa Dave) we headed to Ridgeville South Carolina for the SASS Southeast Regional Match. We rolled in on Wednesday in time to set up camp and find and check out the range. This was our first trip there and we were happy to find a very nice range. We checked out the stages and they looked good, targets were reasonable sized and close enough to easily hit, or miss if you decide to run too fast.

Thursday morning we got to the range early and while Dixie attended the Doily Gang Clinic Reno and I had some great omelets from Crazy Lady Cafe'. He told us when we ordered the loaded omelets that they don't do small and they don't do normal and I'd say their 4 egg omelets were not normal and certainly not small. We shot a few of the Speed Side Matches and I learned a long time ago if you're not a fast shooter shoot early and you can still get your name in the book. At 1 pm the 3 of us shot the 3 stage Blast Match to get a feel for the stages.

Friday we shot the afternoon wave starting with the Safety Meeting at noon. We were on Posse 16 with;

 Bill Bonney FL
Chicken Scratch FL
Did I Get 'um NJ
Dodge City Dixie TN
Medicine Bow FL
Peddler Jack NY
Randy Saint Eagle TN
Renegade Roper NY
Reno Mustang TN
Saddle Burr Jack NC
Sidekick Chick FL
Sixgun Schwaby NY
Three Cut NC
Wendover Kid NC Posse Marshal

We started with Stage 6, Givhan's Ferry, where you started with shotgun in had, pistols holstered and rifle staged on a downrange table. You shot 2 shotgun knock downs each from 3 locations, then placed your shotgun on the table, then with the rifle and pistols put at least 3 rounds each on 6 targets. 1, 3 and 4 were square targets and 2, 5 and 6 were rectangles. It was one of my favorite stages. The first day went really well for me, good for Reno and Dixie had a bit of a train wreck.

Saturday we shot the Morning wave and it was pretty cool when we got to the range, still some frost in the shade. We shot the first 5 stages and I started with a pistol miss. I blame it on a loose nut behind the trigger. I think all 3 of us had some great stages and some that didn't go so well. I've learned that no matter how good the stages are I can manage to mess up a few of them.

With only 14 on our Posse we didn't have time to take any shooting pictures but I was able to shoot with some folks I'd never met and now I like to think I have several new friends. After we finished and checked out the vendors we went for ice cream, then headed back to our camp to prepare for the banquet. The banquet had some really good food including pulled pork, chicken, smoked sausage and some really big shrimp. They also had side match awards and a good cowboy singer.

Sunday morning we headed back to the range for the Awards Ceremony and a touching tribute to our Veterans. Santa Fe River Stan was the "Top Gun" of the match followed by Blackhawk Henry, Cowboy Junky, Morgan Dollar and Bulls Head Bill rounded out the Top 5.

Shamrock Sadie was the "Ladies Top Gun" followed by Sue Render, Sixgun Sallie, Hawkeye Gin and Maggie Darlin' rounded out the Ladies Top 5.

Wartrace shooters fared well, Garnet Gal was 1st Ladies Senior and shot a "clean" match,
 Scrub Oak Willie, 4th Silver Senior Duelist.
Reno Mustang, 1st Senior Gunfighter.
Dodge City Dixie, 2nd Ladies B-Western.
Randy Saint Eagle, 1st Senior Duelist.

Complete Scores

If you haven't been to Givhan's Ferry you should put it on you're list to try out. Thanks to Shamrock Sadie, Knot Hardly Dunn, JM Brown, Doc Kemm and all involved in putting on this match.

This was my last big match of the year and I have to say a big Thank You to Dixie and Reno for making is a fun trip.


Happy Trails, until we meet again.