Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wartrace 1 '09 Main Match

53 Cowboys and Cowgirls braved the heat to come to Wartrace for our August Main Match. It was hot but we had an occasional overcast sky that helped some.

In spite of the heat Tombstone Peacekeeper and CW Knight managed to shoot clean matches, Congratulations Cowboys.

I'd like to blame it on the heat, but I think it was CRS instead, I got one of the 15 Procedurals That were given during the day. Thats two for me in two months, I'm going to have to do better.

Whiskey Hayes did a good job again of setting up fast and fun stages.

Buck Dodgers, SA Pondwater, Tombstone Peacekeeper, Will Reilly and Duck River were the top 5 Cowboys and will make up the Shootist Category next month.

Birdgun Quail was wanting the True Grit award because he had a splinter in his finger and a mosquito bite, he thought that took a lot more grit than Two Moon Shining shooting in a back brace. We may have to give him an award just to stop the whining.

Once again thanks to Shotgun Schoolmarm and Annie Marlin for doing the registration and scores.

Come on out and join us for the Mid-Month Match Aug. 15 and our next Main-Month Match Sept. 5