Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wartrace Regulators Main May Match 5/1/2010

During the safety meeting Will Reilly announced that he had resigned as President due to opening a new gun store. Will had told the Board at the last meeting and had recommended Whiskey Hayes to take over as President, Whiskey accepted and was unanimously voted in by the board.

We would all like to thank Will for his service to the Wartrace Regulators and wish him the best of luck with his new business. We would also like to welcome Whiskey Hayes in as President and look forward to several years of his leadership. Whiskey will step down as Safety Officer and his replacement will be named at a later date.

For the complete story on this go to The Wartrace Regulators Website

24 Cowboys and 1 Cowgirl disregarded the bad forecast and came to Wartrace to join Butch and Sundance in fighting their way out of the Line Shack. Helped the Pinkertons go after Frank James at the Cemetery. Joined Marshall Dillon fighting drunken cowboys at the Train. Helped Jesse James fight the Pinkertons at the Corral and fought off Indians at Fort Sweeney. After a successful day of fighting we all lived to come back and do it another day.

We would like to thank Wampas Cat Willie for making his first trip to Wartrace and hope it won't be his last. We'd also like to thank Clancy O Connal, Lil' Marshall W.D., Outcast and Sledge for making the trip west to join us.

Considering the forecast, we were blessed and only had about 15 minutes of rain during the first stage, the rest of the day was great. We shot straight through due to the impending rain and then 9 of us made the trip to Bell Buckle Cafe for a late lunch. Anyone who hasn't tried Bell Buckle Cafe doesn't know what they are missing.

Congratulations to Clancy O Connal the Top Gun of the day followed by Whiskey Hayes, Buck Dodgers, Randy Saint Eagle and Sergeant Shooter rounded out the top 5. These 5 will make up the Shootist Category for our June 5th Match.

We'd also like to congratulate Dobber for shooting the only Clean Match of the day.

Our next match will be the combined Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Mid-Month Match May 15. Come join us if you can.