Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wartrace Regulators 1-16-2010 Wild Bunch Match

11 shooters came out to the Wild Bunch/ Cowboy Action Match at Wartrace. To my knowledge this was the first combined Wild Bunch and Cowboy Action Match for Wartrace. Papa Dave heads up the Wild Bunch matches and decided that since there had been some matches cancelled this winter due to bad weather, he would open this Wild Bunch Match to us Cowboy Action shooters as well. We had 5 fast stages and the match went really well and I saw no problems in mixing the two disciplines. I still think on main month match should be Cowboy Action only, but see no problem with combining Wild Bunch and Cowboy Action for the Mid-month match, if people wanted to do that rather than have 3 separate matches.

I, for one, was a little disappointed in the turnout. I thought with the first day this year starting out above freezing and a forecast of near 50 degrees, more folks with "Cabin Fever" would come out to shoot.

I decided to play today , so I shot 3 stages Gunfighter, 1 stage Double Duelist because we had to move between pistols, and the last stage I shot traditional. After 3 misses on the first stage and not shooting any stages clean I knew I needed to practice. Most of us had misses, gun problems or brain fades, except for Gringo Gordo and Deadwood Miner who both shoot "Clean Matches".
Frank Buckshot decided to test his marksmanship skills on one stage and shoot the rifle targets with his pistol.

We had 6 shooting Wild Bunch and 5 Cowboy Action shooters. Papa Dave was the Top Shooter followed closely by Sgt. Shooter. I think everyone in attendance had a good time and God blessed us with a dry day.

The scores from this and all Wild Bunch Matches will be posted on the New Wild Bunch page on our website.

Buck Dodgers is doing a great job with our website including the New Traders Post page.

If you are wanting to buy or sell any Cowboy gear contact Buck.

Hopefully by our Feb. match we will be having better weather. Check out our website for updates on upcoming matches and remember we will be hosting The Tennessee State Championship this year.

Also annual dues are due now.

I would like to thank Frank Buckshot for helping me take pictures and apologize to Feisty Mama and Deadwood Miner for not getting pictures of them. My camera batteries died.