Sunday, November 29, 2009


Nine Wartrace Regulators made the trip north to
"The World Famous Second Annual Blazing Saddles Cowboy Action Turkey Shoot."
Mose, Bella, MJ and the Kentucky Regulators know how to put on a Great Shoot. The hospitality was fantastic. To my Knowledge this is the best one day shoot going. For those who made it on Friday night I understand they had a party including T-Bone Dooley and The Dooley Gang Karaoke and for those who could stay Saturday night I understand another party was on the agenda.

Papa Dave, Marshall Red Stockburn and I headed out early Saturday morning for our first trip to TWFMSBSCATS and we were in for a treat. We met up with the rest of the Wartrace Gang, Memphis Gunslingers, Kentucky Regulators, Ocoee Rangers, Smokey Mountain Shootists, North Alabama Regulators and many others.

92 shooters shot 6 stages based on the movie Blazing Saddles. The stages were fun and fast with some unique props. I think a few folks, including me , had a little trouble with the Kentucky Sweep on stage 5, The Gallows. You dumped 20 rifle and pistol rounds on one large target and 4 shotgun rounds at dummies that didn't have to fall and some of us tried to go too fast. Not Tator though, he ran this stage in just over 11 seconds, I can't even count to 24 that fast.

After we finished the match we were treated to lunch consisting of smoked turkey legs, brisket, baked beans and lots of desserts. Following lunch we had team shoots. Everyone who participated had fun, but in the end, my team including Lefty's Lady, Copperhead Joe, Mountaineer Lefty and Randy Saint Eagle, didn't win.

Following the team shoot was the man against man shoot consisting of 5 pistol KD's and 2 shotgun KD's . Tator took this with just over 5 sec., MJ Spencer was only .3 sec. slower, but he forgot to knock down the pistol targets.

The awards followed with Tater being the Top Gun and Dew R. Dye being the Top Lady.
This shoot had the largest Smokey Mountain Outlaw/ Outlette Posse I know of at one place. 11 Outlaws and 5 Outlettes, Top Outlaw was T-Bone Dooley, Top Outlette was Yazoo City Gal.

The Top 5 were Prestidigitator, Boomerang, Blackfish Kid, Buck Dodgers and More Guns Massey. The Wartrace Regulators fared well;

Buck Dodgers, 1st Wrangler 4th Overall
Randy Saint Eagle, 1st B-Western 11th Overall
Papa Dave, 1st Elder Statesman 12th Overall
Will Reilly 1st Duelist 14th Overall
CW Knight, 1st Senior 18th Overall
Tombstone John, 2nd Senior 21st Overall
Marshall Red Stockburn, 2nd Classic Cowboy 33rd Overall
Blackwater Desperado, 1st Frontier Cartridge 79th overall
Shotgun Schoolmarm, 3rd Ladies 49'r 89th Overall

Congratulations to all the Regulators and thanks again to Mose, Bella, MJ and all the Kentucky Regulators for a great match. The biggest winners were the kids, toys were collected for Toys For Tots and the cowboys and cowgirls were generous.

The next match at Wartrace will be Sat. December 5th, registration 8:30, Safety meeting 9:30, start shooting 10:00.