Saturday, June 28, 2008

June '08 Main Monthly Match @ Wartrace

Marshall Red Stockburn at The Corral
Sheriff Frank Canton at The Train
Shaddai Vaquero

Shaddai Vaquero
Sheriff Frank Canton

We had 88 shooters I think a record for a monthly match for us. It was hot, lots of water consumed, hopefully by this time next year we'll have water at the range.  
Thanks to Fast Harley and Last Kiss for starting a "Road Trips" post on the SMSS and Ocoee forums to get some folks interested in coming to join us.

I think those who made it to the Bell Buckle Cafe afterward enjoyed a good meal. It was good to meet a lot of new folks, it may take me a few more meetings to remember your names.

It was fun taking Ziggy The Kid to the " Best Little Gun Shop in Middle Tennessee".  Hope you all had a good time and hope to see everyone at the State Championship in October.