Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mule Camp '09 Awards cont'd

Congratulations to Maggie Darlin' and Red River Ray your Southeastern Regional Winners.
I'd also like to say congratulations to Prestidigitator on a close second .47 seconds behind, now that's cutting it close.
Also to Killem-all Kate who was less than 5 seconds behind Maggie.
Congratulations also to all the Category winners and everyone who came out and had a good time.

Ozark Azz and Maggie Darlin' had left before the awards were finished so I don't have a picture of Maggie.

If anyone is looking for a place to shoot in September, come on over to The Tennessee State Championship, held in Memphis this year.

I'll see ya there.


Mule Camp '09 Saturday

I got a few shooting pictures and some of the demonstrations before it got time for the banquet and awards. I'll have the rest of the award pictures on another post.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mule Camp Karaoke '09

Friday night after the side match awards, T-Bone Dooley, Ringo Fire and Nuttin' Graceful cranked up the Karaoke. There wasn't a huge crowd , but all who stayed had fun. If you ever have the opportunity to check out The Dooley Gang and their Karaoke, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Shootout At Mule Camp '09

Tombstone Peacekeeper, Two Moons Shinning and I made the trip to Mule Camp, the Southeastern Regional for SASS. After we got there we ran into Rockwood Ranger and Muleshoe Mike, I think we were the only Regulators to make it this year. Several others went to the Mississippi State Championship instead.
Mississippi State Scores

We arrived early Thursday afternoon, but decided not to shoot side matches due to rain, it wasn't that bad, but we decided to save our ammo.

We shot on the Friday morning posses, and although the weather was threatening, we were once again blessed and only had a light drizzle while we were putting guns back in the truck. We shot in the afternoon on Saturday and had a light rain during one stage, but it wasn't bad. Once again God blessed us with decent weather to shoot in.

There were several vendors to check out as well as a Cowboy Fast Draw setup. You could use your own guns and gear or they would loan you theirs. This was done with wax bullets, and every registered shooter was given 10 free shots if they wanted to try it. They explained the game well and gave lots of pointers on how to stand, draw and fire. You shot at a target 15' away that had a light in the center. After the ready signal in 2 to 5 seconds the light light up, that was your signal to draw and fire, a hit on the target stopped the time and made the light flash. I was able to get a .620 on my 10th shoot, Tater got a .506, but I was proud to be as close as I was.

Doc Johnson's Traveling Medicine Show was there, he was fun to watch.

Jim Bowman was singing cowboy songs that would take you back to your youth.

Lassiter was demonstrating the art of Fast Draw and giving some history on the sport.

Joe "Hoppy" Sullivan was portraying Hopalong Cassidy.

T-Bone Dooley, Nuttin' Graceful and Ringo Fire were there with Karaoke on Friday night, and they were a ton of fun as usual.
Dirt Merchant presented a birthday cake to Ringo and we all helped him celebrate his birthday.

Barbwire Bluegrass was the band for the banquet.

Outback Steakhouse catered a good meal but it took a while to get over 300 cowboys and cowgirls through the line.

After the meal there were silent auctions, a live auction, raffles and awards, that wound up about 11 p.m.

I know there were other things going on but this is all we took in.

The stages were well written, the targets were big and close ( I still missed 3 of them) and there were no "P" Traps.

I got to be on the Posse with my new friends, Levi Creed, Buck Elliot and Ma Creed, they're a great family and plan to come to Wartrace in July. Levi, by the way is our 1st place Buckaroo for the Regional.

I would also like to thank San Quentin, Dirt Merchant and everyone involved in putting on Mule Camp, for a fun match.

I would also like to thank Two Moons Shinning and Buck Elliot for taking most of the shooting pictures for me.



All Other Results

May Mid-Month Shoot '09

Well the weather has not been very pleasant in May and we only had 15 shooter come out to take their chances. But guess what again we were blessed and had a good shoot. The rain held off, and the cloud cover kept it from being too hot. I was on the trail and almost home before the rains came. It just goes to show you never trust a forecast, just come on and shoot.

It looks like for our June 6th shoot we'll have some Smokey Mountain Shooting Society pards and maybe some Ocoee Rangers coming to join us, so make plans to be there and see a posse of Gunfighters.


Sgt. Shooter is wanting to sell a few guns here is a list.

Here are the guns I have For Sale

1. Marlin Rifle, Model 917M2, Cal 17MACH2 w/scope, $400.00

2. Taurus Pistol 24/7, 40 Cal, 15 & 11 Shot Mag, $425.00

3. Uberti Cattleman Revolver, 6 shot, Old Silver Finish, Cal 45LC, 5 1/2 in barrel $550.00 each I have two of them and they have both been slicked up.

4. Smith & Wesson Auto Pistol, 17 Shot, Cal 9mm, with TLR-2 Light &
Laser, $800.00

5. Colt MK IV/Series 80 Mustang, Cal 380, with factory Night Sights, $900.00

6. Springfield Champion Auto Pistol, Stainless, Cal 45, 4in barrel, Factory Night Sights, 7 shot, $1,000.00

7. Bushmaster Rifle, M-4, Cal 223, with Laser Light Optical Sights, Spot
Light, Picitally rails, with custom pistol grip and front handle, $1,875.00

My cell phone number is (615) 785-1805.

Sergeant Shooter
aka Randy Gorman

Scores (when they are posted)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

1st May Match '09

Only 11 regulators decided to brave the weather and help stamp out evil in Wartrace. I saw more water in the fields on the way to the range than I've ever seen in this area. I normally cut across from 64 to 269 on Potts road, but it was flooded. The rain stopped shortly after 9. We started about 10, had a light drizzle during part of the first stage. After a few minutes that stopped and we didn't see any more rain until we had finished and loaded our equipment back in our vehicles.

I demonstrated what not to do on the first stage, a stage DQ (traveling rule). Then went on to have 2 misses at the second stage, but managed to shoot the last 3 clean.

The weather turned out to be nice, and never got too hot. I think everyone had a lot of fun (usually at someone else's expense).
The stages were fun, stage 5 made you think a little. Thanks Whiskey for good stages.

A special thanks goes to Annie Marlin and Shotgun Schoolmarm for doing the registration and scores.

Our mid-month match will be May 16th.