Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Smokey Mountain Shoot-Out 2008

Vaquero Jake 1st Place BuckerooHailstorm Heather Best Costume on the Range
Shaddai Vaquero and Perfecto Vaquera Best Dressed Couple
Copperhead Joe     Only one B-Westerner should ask another, were there adult beverages involved in picking this outfit?
Buck Dodgers 2nd Place Modern
S.A. Pondwater 1st Place Modern
Vaquero Best Dressed Buckeroo
Hailstorm Heather Best Dressed Town Lady
Randy Saint Eagle Best Dressed B-Western
Will Reilly 1st Place Double Duelist
Randy Saint Eagle 2nd place B-Western
Kailbreak Jake 3rd Place Duelist
Whiskey Hayes 2nd Place Classic Cowboy and Emmett Moon 1st Place Classic Cowboy
Lacey V. Wildfire 2nd Place Ladies Modern
Buck Dodgers
Randy Saint Eagle 1st Place Speed Shotgun,  Hammered Double Bbl 
Will Reilly 1st Place Speed Pistol Duelist
Buxom Boo 1st Place Grand Dame
Fort Knox 3rd Place Elder Statesman
Lacey V. Wildfire being timed by Whiskey Hayes
Marshall Hiram Stevens
Buxom Boo
Cody Kid
Buck Dodgers being timed by Cash Jackson

Duck RiverWill Reilly
Dew R Dye
Bitter Creek Jack
Randy Saint Eagle

       Cash Jackson  Timed by Shaddai Vaquero
Hot Lead Dancing
Jailbreak Jake
Buckey Oneal
Walking Short
Fast Harley
Last Kiss
Duck River
Smokey Mountain
Will Reilly
Anyone wanting a good annual shoot to travel to should remember
 The Smokey Mountain Shoot-Out, It's on my list of things to do next year. 
It's been a long time between the shoot and this post, so I hope I didn't mess up any names or awards. 

Hi ! My daughter set this up for me and I'm going to try to figure out how to use it.