Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rockcastle Rangers 4/14/12 Match

Papa Dave, Sheriff Frank Canton and I decided to head north to visit the Rockcastle Rangers. Dora Dufran and Brad Manco met us up there. Upon arrival you could tell Shaddai and the Rangers had been busy preparing for The James Gang Rides Again their second Annual Match. It looks like it is shaping up to be a Great Match.

After signing up and visiting with friends Papa Dave conducted a brief Safety Meeting, Shaddai led us in the Pledge to The Flag and Perfecto Vaquera offered a prayer. We had one posse with 15 registered shooters. This is the equivalent of their mid-month match and the crowd is a little smaller.

Shaddai had some interesting stages and always does some things that make you think a little. I enjoy shooting some scenarios I don't see very often. The stages were fast as evidenced by a 14.86 run on 24 targets on stage 2 by Campo Kid. Quite a few of us seemed to experience some gun trouble. We also had a couple of stage DQ's, but in spite of all that a few shooters put together some great times.

We shot 3 stages then were provided with a free lunch before we finished the final 3 stages.
By the time we had our gear packed they were ready for an Awards Ceremony.

Black Tom was the Top Gun, followed by Campo Kid, Shaddai Vaquero, Papa Dave and Let's Go rounded out the Top 5. Fire N Fallback and Cleve provided us with plenty of smoke.
Cowboy Brian, a brand new shooter decided not to shoot, instead he observed and helped out all day, I expect he'll be shooting their next match.

We were able to take 19 videos I posted on my Youtube Channel

Complete Scores when available.

We had a great time with the Rangers and hope to shoot with them again soon.

On the way home in an effort to uphold Cowboy Tradition we stopped in Bowling Green for ice cream at Brusters.

The next match at Wartrace will be the April 21 Cowboy/Wild Bunch. For more information always check out our website.

Wartrace Regulators

Happy Trails and may all your "Bangs End With A Clang".