Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wartrace Regulators 8/7/10 Cowboy Match

56 Cowboys and Cowgirls rode into Wartrace to help out an old cowpoke named Nevada. We helped him keep his brother from getting hanged at the Gallows, get a beer in peace at Grafton's, gun down bank robbers at Well's Fargo, sell his cattle at the Corral and keep The Kid in Jail at Silver City.

Due to the name of the main character in all the scenarios, you might have guessed, every stage was a Nevada Sweep of some kind. Whiskey wrote the stages this way to keep it fast and simple for a hot August match. Several were "Stand and Deliver" keeping the movement down to a minimum. One of my favorite was the Corral where the Texas Star was the center target on a 3 target pistol Nevada Sweep, you started on the Star and did a 10 shot continuous Nevada sweep, after the rifle was shot on a diagonal or X Nevada Sweep starting on the center target with each 5 shots you could clean up any plates still on the Star with your Scattergun.

We had Pards come in from, West Tennessee, East Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky to help out old Nevada. It was not as hot as it has been for the last week or so, however it was still hot enough.

Buck Dodgers was the Top Gun of the day followed by Tabasco Jot, Dew R. Dye ( Ladies Top Gun), Shaddai Vaquero and Vaquero Jake rounded out the top 5. 6 thru 10 were Randy Saint Eagle, Papa Dave, Duck River, Whiskey Hayes and Jackson Longstreet. We'd like to thank everyone who came to shoot with us and hope you can make it back next time.

We'd also like to congratulate Alabama Hombre, Cherokee Sargent, Jackson Longstreet, Stoney Brooks, Sunflower Kid and Walking Short for shooting "Clean Matches".

We'd like to welcome some new Wartrace Regulators; Stoney Brooks and his son Nick Fawley and Cousin Ron Haggen, we're always excited to get new members.

Our next Match will be August 21st and it will be a combined Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match for more info check out our website. Don't forget to send your entry in for The Regulators Reckoning, The SASS Tennessee State Championship.

Keep your powder dry and may every "Bang" end with a "Clang".