Monday, August 10, 2009

World Record Stage

Whiskey Hayes set up The World Record Stage at the Corral so we could see how we did against the current World Records. All current records can be seen on Doc Shapiro's Website.
A few of us tried the stage after our August Monthly Match. We had pretty good luck with it.

As of 8-6-09,

Buck Dodgers has the Modern Category Record with a time of 19.35.

Papa Dave has the Elder Statesman Category Record with a time of 20.65.

Randy Saint Eagle has the "B"-Western Category Record with a time of 21.13.

It's a fun stage to try and I think Whiskey is going to leave it up the rest of the year so everyone who wants to can try it. I think it may be one of the stages in September? Doc Shapiro's site explains what you have to do to be considered for a Record.

I hope everyone tries it out and remember to thank Whiskey for setting it up for us.