Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hooten Holler Round-up

Ladies B-Western
Vaquero Jake Kentucky State Champion Buckeroo and Horrible Hogan
Last Kiss Top Lady Gunfighter about anywhere you see her
Randy Saint Eagle
Randy Saint Eagle
Hooten Old Town
Hooten Stages

Jailbreak Jake timed by Buck Dodgers
Mary Von
Mose Spencer
Buck Dodgers

Were did the targets go?
My version of a B-Western gun cart, complete with a Will Reilly ammo bag

Hico Kid, King of The Outlaws

Buck Dodgers

Horrible Hogan

Vinegarron somewhere in the smoke

Sunshine Billy

Bella Spencer
 Grandma Mose Spencer trying to keep warm?

We had a good time at The Hooten Holler Round-up. Buck Dodgers, Jailbreak Jake, Tombstone John and I rode in on the same stage. None of us shot exceptionally well, Buck and Tombstone had rifle problems that hurt and I had a brain fade that cost me a P. Next year we plan to do better. 
It's been a long time between the shoot and posting these pictures and CRS has kicked in, I can't remember everyones name. 
The smart people had rooms in Hooten Old Town, otherwise its a pretty good drive to the range.