Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ocoee Rangers Jan. '09 Shoot

Cheyenne Thornton and I made the trip to the Ocoee Rangers today for their Jan. Shoot. It rained on us all the way there, but by the time we started to unload our gear the rain quit and the sky started turning blue. By the time we left today it was 54 and sunny. Never underestimate the power of prayer.
We were on Posse 3 lead by Yankee Dutchman, with Last Kiss, Fast Harley, Fast Honda, I mean Tombstone (you had to be there), Judgem All Duncan, Yazoo City Gal, Amorous Ali, Ziggy The Kid, Sassy Motchie, Sheriff Lord and I'm getting old , I can't remember who else.
It was a fun shoot with lots of Gunfighter Friendly stages, and Outlaw friendly ( except stage 2), I even tried Gunfighter on stage 2 without much success, but Fast Harley said I got some style points.
I saw many Pards from Ocoee, Tennessee Mountain Marauders and Smokey Mountain Shootist Society. They had 61 shooters today, a good turnout for a Jan. day that started out raining. I'll try to link the scored as soon as they are available.

I got very few pictures and it 2 sets of batteries to get them, I guess you should be wary of batteries that set in the gun cart all winter. Click on link below for scores.


Scores by Category