Saturday, March 13, 2010

Green River Gunslingers 3.13.10 Cowboy Match

Buck Dodgers and I decided at 6:30 this morning to take a chance on the weather and go to Bowling Green KY. to shoot the Green River Gunslingers match. I left my house in the rain, arrived at Bucks house in the rain an hour later, left Bucks house in the rain and got to within 20 minutes of the range before the rain stopped. It just goes to show God loves Cowboys and a good Cowboy Match. Although it was a cool day we had very little wind and NO RAIN for the entire match.

This was my first trip to the range and I thoroughly enjoyed it, it's always fun to travel to other clubs and see how they do things. Yak heads up this Cowboy Club and as an added benefit they had a cake and celebrated his birthday.

23 Cowboys and Cowgirls shot 5 fast and fun stages with no "P" traps. The range is set back in the woods and I'll bet it is really nice when the weather is warmer and the sun has a hard time getting through the trees to roast you. After shooting straight through, shooters choice, we had a very good meal, thanks to whoever did the cooking, and had time to visit with new friends.

I met a lot of really nice folks there and would like to mention a couple of them. Padre de Cinco was a really nice pard and had his family there with him, I understand he will have to change his alias soon, Congratulations. His son Campo Kid was shooting with him and what a great young man he is. This young cowboy is only 14 years old, but remember his name he will be a force to be reckoned with.

Thanks again to Yak and all the Cowboys and Cowgirls who showed us a great time and of course thanks to Buck for hitching up the Mules and hauling us up to the Bluegrass State.

1 W Buck Dodgers..111.78

2 Jr. Campo Kid…127.26

3 BW Randy St. Eagle.. 127.84

4 Du George Emmett..152.26

5 W Bushrod…166.57

6 W Leadbone…169.32

7 49 Poncho…193.13

8 F Fire N. Fallback…215.49

9 W Midnight….228.19

10 Fc Cleve…232.15

11 W Padre...248.81

12 LFC Lynn E Bird...256.13

13 S Dodge Boy…281.02

14 W Big Jake…282.16

15 Du Tuckassee…292.74

16 Du Shooter….294.13

17 F Burn em’ up… 299.44

18 W Line Rider….319.60

19 SS P I Parker….330.91

20 O Charlie Coyote….332.08

21 W Festus……….349.41

22 S Kaintuck…419.79

23 W Jimmy Ferrett…429.70