Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wartrace Regulators April 4 Cowboy Match.

50 Cowgirls and Cowboys rolled into Wartrace to help out the Sacketts and make it a safer place.

Papa Dave started us off with a Safety Meeting and Whiskey Hayes updated us on the passing of Blue Boy's wife and Imis Twohofon's mother, please keep these cowboys in your prayers.

Jagged Rock offered a prayer and we recited the Pledge before the posse lists were read and we headed out to start shooting. We had 3 posses today.

At the Cantina we started standing at the center table with hands on holstered pistol butts, rifle staged on table and shotgun staged in either window. At the beep pistols shot from the table, alternate single taps on the 2 outside targets for 5 rounds and dump the remaining 5 rounds on the center target. Move to the shotgun and shoot 2 knock downs, move back to the center and shoot the rifle with the same sequence as the pistols, then move to the other window and shoot the remaining 2 shotgun kd's. On this stage I thought it would be better to dump 5 on the center rifle target and the alternate the 2nd 5 shots. The spotters thought that was such a good idea they gave me an extra 10 seconds added to my time for thinking of it.

At the Jersey Lilly we started at the center window with pistols holstered, shotgun staged at this window and rifle staged in either end window. Pistols shot from the center window in a 4-1-1-4 sweep, rifle shot from where staged in a 4-1-1-4 sweep and then move back to the center window for 2 shotgun kd's. This was my best stage, I didn't try to rewrite it.

The Fort was a stand and deliver stage where we started with pistols holstered, rifle and shotgun staged on the center table and hands touching the table. Gun order is shooters choice except rifle can't be shot last. With rifle engage the 2 rifle targets with 5 rounds each, shotgun 4 kd's in any order and pistols single tap the 6 pistol targets with 10 rounds engaging each target at least once.

In the Jail pistols are holstered, shotgun is staged in the office window and rifle staged in the cell window. You could start at the office or cell window with gun order shooters choice, rifle not last. With shotgun from staged location shoot the 4 kd's in any order, rifle from staged location shoot a 9 shot Nevada sweep on the 3 rifle targets and with pistols from the cell window shoot a 5 shot Nevada sweep on 3 targets and repeat instructions with the final 5 shots.

At the Mine Shaft we started standing between the posts with rifle and shotgun staged on the center table. You could start pistols or rifle, shotgun had to be last. Pistols shot from left table triple tap the center target and single tap each outside target, repeat instructions with 2nd 5 shots. Rifle from center table shoot rifle targets with same instructions as pistols.With shotgun engage 4 kd's from the center table then move to the left table and engage the last 2 kd's.

It was good to see so many shooters including some I hadn't seen in a while like Cherohala Chase and Will Reilly.

Hikes Point Hank was the Top Gun of the day and this is the first time I can remember a Gunfighter being the Top Gun, in fact there were 3 Gunfighters in the Top 10. Hurricane Charly was 2nd followed by Cumberland Drifter, Purly, Dead Lee Shooter, Ben T Iron, Randy Saint Eagle, Pleasant, Will Reilly and Black Jack Lee rounded out the Top 10.

9 shooters shot the match "Clean" including Ben T Iron, Buxom Boo, Dirtwood Dobber, Frank Buckshot, Hikes Point Hank, Nantahala Ned, Pleasant, Reno Mustang and Whiskey Hayes.

Complete Scores

It turned out to be a great day and a fun match even though I struggled on all but 1 stage.

If anyone got any videos or pictures and will send me a link I'll add them to this blog.

Here are some videos;

Black Jack Lee and Dead Lee Shooter's videos.

Reno Mustang Videos

Our next match at Wartrace will be the April 18 Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match and Papa Dave announced that the Wild Bunch will be shooting lots of ammo. Also after the match there will be a Side match at the Corral shooting playing cards. For more info always check out our website.

Wartrace Regulators

It's time to plan some travel Matches and the Georgia State Match is coming up May 14-16.

There was some question about a call yesterday and the TO made the correct call but I thought I'd address it to help clear up any confusion. Shooter finished shotgun, grounded it and drew pistol, TO yelled hull as there was an empty not fully out. Shooter hesitated then completed course of fire, reached down and removed empty hull. Minor Safety was called, some thought a no call because hull was removed before shotgun was set down at the unloading table, I wanted to add this from Shooters Handbook for clarity.

17. Long guns will be discarded with their actions left open and the actions/magazines/barrels empty at the conclusion of each shooting string. A 10-second minor safety penalty will be assessed if the firearm is not cleared and opened. This condition may be corrected prior to the next round being fired. If the long gun is the last firearm used, it must be cleared prior to it leaving the shooters hand(s) at the unloading table. This does not apply to guns shot out of sequence, made “safe” and then restaged. If the action of a long gun closes after being discarded open and empty, the shooter will, at the conclusion of the stage, show it to be clear to the TO or a spotter. Appropriate penalties will be applied if it is not clear. No one other than the competitor may handle the gun in question. See RO-I for further clarification.

This is from the RO 1 course.

Minor Safety Penalties
 • Not leaving a long gun action open at the end of the shooting string or before the next firearm is fired.
 • Leaving empty or live rounds in magazine or carrier of the long gun in which it was loaded.

I hope this helps, here is a link to the rule books if anyone would like to check them out.

SASS Handbooks

Happy Trails until we meet again.