Friday, April 24, 2009

Georgia State Championship '09

Six Wartrace Regulators went a little farther south to The Georgia State Championship April 16-19. Imis Twohofon, Papa Dave, Buck Dodgers, Sheriff Frank Canton, Marshall Red Stockburn and Randy Saint Eagle. Dirt Merchant sent me an e-mail several months ago inviting us to come and I'm glad he did. This was my first trip to the Georgia State and I must say it was one of the most FUN matches I've been to.

We shot on the same posse with one of Papa Dave's friends, Polecat, and met and had dinner with 2 others, Regulator Rude and Badlands Barry. We also shot on the same posse with an amazing Buckaroo named Levi Creed, remember that name you'll be reading it in the Cowboy Chronicle. He and his family plan to visit our range this summer.

The Dooley Gang did Cowboy Karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as helping with the awards. T-Bone and The Gang are great fun.

God blessed us with great weather for this match, and if anyone didn't enjoy this match , it's their own fault, as there was something for everyone.

I have 7 different posts on the blog because of the number of pictures we took. I like to say a special thanks to all the Wartrace Gang for helping me take pictures. As you finish one slideshow just scroll down and another will be running.

The scores are posted on Doc Holliday's Immortals website .

Professional photographer Richard McIntosh was doing Posse and Action pictures.

I apologize in advance for any names I might have gotten wrong on pictures and for the names I just couldn't remember, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Randy Saint Eagle

Georgia State '09 More Pictures

These are more pictures from our first 5 stages. We had a few train wrecks, Marshall Red Stockburn's rifle jammed on the first stage and cost him 10 misses. I outran myself and had a rifle miss. Buck Dodgers got a phone call and missed the stage instructions on stage 4 and shot on a No-shoot target for a "P". We had a few problems, but we had lots of fun.