Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wartrace 4/19/14 Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match

20 Cowgirls and Cowboys and 5 Wild Bunch shooters rode into Wartrace for some of the best weather we've seen this year. It was this first match in a while that I haven't either been wiping sweat or needing a coat or both.

I welcomed the shooters to the range and Latigo Jim gave the Safety Meeting. Buck Dodgers offered a prayer and we recited the Pledge. Then we divided up into 2 posses, 1 cowboy and 1 combined Wild Bunch and Cowboy.

Posse 1 started at the Cantina, a Stand and Deliver stage where with pistols and rifle we shot a triple tap, triple tap, double tap, double tap on 2 targets, then had only 2 shotgun knock downs. Buck Dodgers shot this one in 16.17, I shot it in 17.16, the only problem was I had to add 2 misses to my score.

Stage 2 the Jersey Lilly was a better stage for me, I had the top time on this one of 19.75. This stage was a shooters choice for the gun order with the rifle staged in the center window, shotgun staged in either outside window. You started at any window with hands at low surrender. With pistols and rifle shot from the center window with the same sequence. Triple tap each outside target then quad tap the center target and engage 2 knock downs from each of the 2 outside windows with the shotgun.

Stage 3 the Fort was Dodge City Dixie's time to shine, she won this stage with a fantastic 18.07. This was also a shooters choice stage where you started at the center table with long guns staged on it. The rifle and pistols were shot with a 2-6-2 sweep and 4 shotgun kd's in any order.

Stage 4 the Jail had long guns staged on the office table and you started either there or in the cell with hands on pistol butts, gun order was shooters choice. Pistols were shot thru the cell bars with a 5 shot Nevada sweep on the bottom 3 targets and a 5 shot dump on the top target. Rifle was shot in the same sequence from staged location and 4 shotgun kd's in any order. I won this stage with a 18.97.

Stage 5 the Mine was also all Buck Dodgers. Rifle was staged on the right table, shotgun was staged on the left table. We started at the right table with hands touching table, at the beep you triple tap the center target then single tap each outside target, then repeat. Make the rifle safe, move to the shotgun and engage 2 kd's, move back to the right table and engage 4 more kd's. Make shotgun safe and engage the pistol targets with the same sequence as the rifle targets. Buck blazed through this in 20.01.

Buck Dodgers was the Top Gun of the day followed by Dodge City Dixie, Randy Saint Eagle, Sheriff Frank Canton, Imis Twohofon, Reno Mustang, Alchemist Belle, Dirtwood Dobber, Tom Cassidy and Buzz Pike rounded out the Top 10.

Dodge City Dixie was the Ladies Top Gun followed by Alchemist Belle, Doc Kay B May and Ida Shot'em.

Congratulations also to the only 2 Cowboys to shoot Clean Matches, Dirtwood Dobber and Sheriff Frank Canton.

Branchwater Jack was the Wild Bunch Top Gun followed by Frank Buckshot, Papa Oso, Deadwood Miner, and Tennessee Roadrunner.

The Wild Bunch seemed to be a little more accurate than the Cowboys. Congratulations to Branchwater Jack, Papa Oso and Tennessee Roadrunner for shooting Clean Matches.

Complete Scores.

I have to say a big Thank You to Dirty Nerdy and Jersey Bratt for staying and helping all day even though they didn't shoot.

Thanks also to Dirty Nerdy for taking lots of videos.

Dirty Nerdy Videos

Thanks to all who came and helped make it a great day.

The next match at Wartrace will be the April 26 Long Range, for more info always check out our website.

The next Cowboy Match will be May 3rd.

I, along with several others, will miss the May 3rd match, we'll be at the US Open in Sparta Illinois.

Don't forget, if you can, travel to a match somewhere, it's always fun to see how other clubs do things.

Happy Trails until we meet again.