Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wartrace Regulators September 21 Cowboy Match

15 Cowgirls and Cowboys braved the weather and rode into Wartrace for the last match before the Tennessee State Championship. We had light rain right up until Safety Meeting time. We shot mostly the same stages as we shot on the Sept. 7 match and they were fast. We did not offer Wild Bunch at this match, it will be back on the mid-month on Nov.16th.

We actually started on stage 5, Corral, today and helped Wyatt Earp take down the Cowboys. Next we moved to the Livery Stable and fought the Indians. On this stage we shot Nevada Sweeps with the rifle and pistols and just 2 shotgun kd's. Just as we were finishing this stage the rain started back up so Whiskey came up with another scenario and we shot another stage at the Livery, this 2nd stage replaced the Train as the loading area was under water. This stage called for at least 3 single taps on each rifle target, same directions for pistols and again just 2 shotgun kd's. The rain stopped before we finished this stage. There are several ways to shoot this stage correctly and if you don't think it out before you start you may get a "P". Done correctly this is a very fast stage.

Next we helped the Marshall stop a prisoner trying to escape at the Wagon. Starting with the rifle you shot a double tap sweep on 5 rifle/pistol targets, then double tap sweep the same targets with the pistols, then move to the shotgun for 2 kd's. These P/R targets were a little farther back than we normally shoot pistols so you had to take time to aim.

We finished up at the Depot where some local bushwackers demanded your money. your line to start the stage was "here's my lead". You started with 1 long gun staged outside the Depot and the other staged inside. Starting with the rifle single tapped the 4 rifle targets for 10 rounds engaging each target at least once. Then from the rifle location you engaged the 4 pistol targets with single taps for 5 rounds engaging each target at least once, then move to the shotgun location and repeat for the next 5 rounds. Then 2 shotgun kd's. We ended up having a fantastic day, the first one in a long time where you weren't wiping sweat every few minutes and we were blessed to be able to stay dry.

Randy Saint Eagle was the Top Gun of the day, (don't get to write that very often), followed by CW Knight, Reno Mustang, Sunflower Kid, Whiskey Hayes, Birdshot Pete, Fort Knox, Deadwood Miner,  Dodge City Dixie and Cheyenne Thornton rounded out the Top 10.

Dodge City Dixie was the Ladies Top Gun, followed by Ida Shot''em.

Congratulations to CW Knight, Ida Shot'em, Randy Saint Eagle, Reno Mustang, Sunflower Kid and Whiskey Hayes for shooting "Clean Matches".  Interestingly the top 5 shooters shot clean.

Complete Scores when available. 

Thanks to everyone who came out and shot with us today, for everyone else, you missed a good one.

The next match at Wartrace will be the Long Range next weekend Sept. 28.

The Tennessee State Championship will be Oct. 10-12. We should have a great match with several vendors for the 3 days including an earplug vendor, something we haven't had for a few years.
Come and join us, spectators are welcome as well.

Also take a look at the Alabama State Championship Oct. 3-6

Happy Trails until we meet again.