Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wartrace Regulators Feb. Make-up Match

February has been a bad month for trying to get a match in so we decided to have a Make-up Match, the first I can remember. Well sometimes you catch a break and it turned out to be a Great day for February. We had a Long Range Match (their normal weekend), a Wild Bunch Match and a Cowboy Match, all going on at the same time.

I started my trend from last year and had to go to work and then come to the match, fortunately I got there in time to join in on stage 2, stay with the posse the rest of the day and make up stage 1 at the end.

Whiskey Hayes wrote a fast and fun match with Yosemite Sam featured in every story line. We had 17 Cowboys and Cowgirls.

Cumberland Drifter was the Top Gun of the day for the Cowboys with a blazing time of  101.53, followed by Ben T Iron, Knob Creek Drover, Randy Saint Eagle and Tombstone John rounded out the Top 5.

Congratulations to Cumberland Drifter, Ben T Iron, Imis Twohofon and Cody Kid for shooting "Clean" matches.

Cowboy Scores when available

Thanks to Buckshot Peterson for taking videos.


5 Wild Bunch shooters were able to run their own posse due to being able to clear guns on the line. Papa Dave modified the stages for Wild Bunch.

C W Knight was the Wild Bunch Top Gun, followed by Papa Dave, Frank Buckshot, Duck River and Rawhide John.

Wild Bunch Scores when available.

5 Long Range shooters shot the match and here is a report from Dobber.

Saturday was a fine day for shooting. We served up coffee, donuts, orange juice,sausage and biscuits... and good companionship during the festivities.

Match Results were:

200 yd lever action rifle:

1st... Papa Oso

2nd... Tom Horn

200 yd single action rifle:

1st... Old Sarge

2nd... Mortimer Smith

3rd... Dobber

100 yd pistol caliber rifle:

1st... Dobber

2nd... Mortimer Smith

3rd... Tom Horn & Old Sarge

50 yd pistol:

1st... Dobber

2nd... Old Sarge

3rd... Papa Oso

Next match is March 23rd... and all shooters are welcome... so come and join us.

Dirtwood Dobber

The next Watrace Match will be next weekend with our March 2 Cowboy Match and according to it looks like we might be able to get this on in, we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Get out and travel to a match somewhere, it's great to see how other folks do things and support other clubs.

Happy Trails, until we meet again.