Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mule Camp '09 Awards cont'd

Congratulations to Maggie Darlin' and Red River Ray your Southeastern Regional Winners.
I'd also like to say congratulations to Prestidigitator on a close second .47 seconds behind, now that's cutting it close.
Also to Killem-all Kate who was less than 5 seconds behind Maggie.
Congratulations also to all the Category winners and everyone who came out and had a good time.

Ozark Azz and Maggie Darlin' had left before the awards were finished so I don't have a picture of Maggie.

If anyone is looking for a place to shoot in September, come on over to The Tennessee State Championship, held in Memphis this year.

I'll see ya there.


Mule Camp '09 Saturday

I got a few shooting pictures and some of the demonstrations before it got time for the banquet and awards. I'll have the rest of the award pictures on another post.