Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wartrace Regulators July 3rd 2010 Match

52 shooters rolled into Wartrace to help fight off Bushwackers at the Line Shack. Help Marshall Hollister arrest Chet Van Meter at the Cemetary, get away from angry soldiers at the Livery Stable. Collect a debt from Harvey Logan at the KO Corral and capture the Horrel gang at Fort Sweeney.

Whiskey Hayes had some fun, fast and interesting sweeps including a Lawrence Welk Sweep. At the Corral we had a ball shooting the Texas Star and a pop-up clay bird. There were no "P" Traps even though I got one, it's pretty bad when the pistols and rifle are the same sweep and you shoot the pistols correct and then mess up the rifle. Given enough time I could think up a good excuse, but for now I'll just have to blame it on a "Senior Moment".

The weather started out great , some cloud cover and an occasional breeze. I had to work and didn't get to the range till about 1pm and more than one Cowboy told me the weather was great till I got there , then it got hot.

Buck Dodgers must have enjoyed the weather as he was the Top Gun for the Match, followed by Marshall Too Tall of the Ocoee Rangers, Papa Dave, Jackson Longstreet also from Ocoee and Tombstone John. These 5 will make up the Shootist Category for our August 7th Match, Congratulations Cowboys.

We'd also like to congratulate Marshall Too Tall, Captain Jo Walker, Sudden Sam, Dobber, Ben Uriah, Cash Jackson, Gringo Gordo and Demented Frenchman for shooting "Clean Matches".

While I wasn't there to see it I think Sheriff Frank Canton and Gringo Gordo had a cake (made by Gringo's wife) to celebrate Papa Dave's 2nd place Elder Statesman finish at The World Championship, End Of Trail, Way To Go Papa Dave.

We'd also like to say HAPPY 91st BIRTHDAY Blue Boy (July 4th), glad you could celebrate another birthday shooting a match with us.

Don't Forget The Regulators Reckoning, The Tennessee State Championship is fast approaching, click this link for more info.

I'd like to say a special Thanks to Cheyenne Thornton for taking the pictures for me.

Keep your powder dry and may every "Bang" end with a "Clang".