Thursday, June 26, 2008

May Mid-Month Shoot

Blackwater Desperado shooting cap and ballSheriff Frank Canton at the Outlaw Cabin
Perfecto Vaquera
Boothill Smoke
Woodrow Spearman
Shotgun School Marm

Will Reilly shooting Double Duelist
Crooked Penny
Marshall Red Stockburn
Randy Saint Eagle, timed by Tombstone Peacekeeper
Scattergun Kid making smoke
Duck River at The Wells Fargo Bank
Rockwood Ranger at the Outlaw Cabin
Mortimer Smith
Duck River at the Gallows
Imis Twohofon back their somewhere
Two Clicks
Latigo Jim
Charlie Bowdre

Tombstone PeacekeeperFort Knox
Steel Water
Dirtwood Dobber
Randy Saint Eagle

We had 35 shooters for our May mid-month, a pretty good crowd for a  mid -month shoot. It was a bright sunny day and fast stages, It don't get much better than this.  

The Scores are up: