Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Smokeout in the Hills 2011 Possum Trott

Dobber, Branchwater Jack and I left last Thursday and headed to The Smokeout In The Hills at Possum Trott to meet up with our cabin mate, Buck D Law.

Also from Wartrace were Blue Boy, Imis Twohofon, Blackwater Desperado, Hatfield.

This was my 3rd trip to Possum Trot and I believe it was the best one I've been to. Thursday night had Jambalaya and a Poker Tournament. Friday morning started with a breakfast of country ham, eggs, bisquits, gravy and fried apples.

The Long Range Side Matches ran from 8:30 till noon and Dobber and I tried some of them. Dobber won one of the 200 yard rifle events and I won the long range smokeless pistol match.

After lunch we had the regular Speed side matches plus Ringers Humdinger which covered 3 stages 8 guns and was a ball.

Friday night brought out the Chili Cook-off (which was also part of supper), the best Home Brew Contest, Liars Contest and the Pie Eating Contest which for the first time was won by a Lady, congratulations to Tequila Liz.

Saturday morning brought the start of the Main Match and Posse 2 with Cheyenne Culpepper as Posse Marshall had more fun than was believed possible. We had the Honor of having Blue Boy, the oldest active competitor in SASS, on our Posse. I can't remember but I believe Blue Boy is 92 or 93 and still has a good time shooting. Posse 2 also had our share of Category Winners, 8 winners out of 16 posse members.

I usually don't try to name all the posse members for fear of leaving someone out but we had so much fun I'm going to try. I apologize in advance if I forget anyone.

Shooting smokeless were Tequila Liz, Luscious Liza, Speedy Fredrico (1st Elder Statesman), Blue Boy ( oldest active competitor in SASS) and Long Wolf.

Shooting black powder were Imis Twohofon, Dobber, Kirk (1st 49r), Branchwater Jack, Witch Doctor (1st Ladies Senior), Ole Saddlebags (1st Wrangler), Randy Saint Eagle (1st Duelist), Mckensie River Drifter (1st Elder Statesman), Pig Iron Lane (1st Senior), Cheyenne Culpepper (1st Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter) and Fast Eddie.

Saturday night we feasted on Copperhead Joe's fish receipe that is bound to win the Parking Lot War at Comin' At Cha. It was some fine fish. After that we were treated to a great concert from Blackwater Desperado and Milkbone and as usual they do Southern Rock proud.

Sunday brought Cowboy Church with Cree Vicar Dave and his wife. We had a good service and got to hear Dave play his new Mandolin.

After Church we finished the final 4 stages and then feasted on a lunch of everything that was left over, if we'd had a couple more days there I'd have to buy new pants. Thanks to Baby Bull and Miss Julia for the fine breakfasts and to everyone who helped feed us so well.

After lunch Ringer had the scores together and Copperhead Joe passed out the awards.

Silver City Rebel was the Top Cowboy followed by Fast Eddie, Copperhead Joe, Cheyenne Culpepper and Pig Iron Lane rounded out the Top 5. Anita Marguarita was the Top Cowgirl.

Also congratulations to Hatfield and Ole Saddlebags, the only ones to shoot a Clean Match.

They also gave away free 14 entries to matches, Branchwater Jack won one to The Midwest Classic and I won one to The Georgia State Championship.

While this was a Great Match it was also a sad one as we learned this will be the last Smokeout at Possum Trott. Next year look for the Smokeout at Copperhead Joe's Range.

The Wartrace Regulators finishes:

Blue Boy, 2nd Smokeless Elder Statesman

Blackwater Desperado, 4th Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter, 48th Overall

Imis Twohofon, 3rd Josey Wales, 46th Overall

Dobber, 3rd Classic Cowboy, 44th Overall

Branchwater Jack, 2nd Classic Cowboy, 28th Overall

Hatfield, 1st Cowboy, 15th Overall

Randy Saint Eagle, 1st Duelist, 9th Overall

Complete Scores

To see the Videos I took click on Wartrace Cowboys Channel

The next Wartrace Regulators Cowboy Match will be November 5th.,for more info check our website

Happy Trails and may all your shots "ring steel".

Monday, October 10, 2011

2011 Tennessee SASS State Championship

The Wartrace Regulators hosted the 8th Regulators Reckoning, The Tennessee State Championship Oct. 6-8.

157 Cowgirls and Cowboys from 12 states were treated to FANTASTIC weather. The Lord blessed us with better weather than we could have asked for.

Thursday started out with the usual Side Matches, but with some new winners including
Marshal WD.

Side Match Winners

Friday morning started with Whiskey Hayes welcoming everyone and telling about the match.

Papa Dave gave the Safety Meeting and Charlie Bowdre gave thanks and then led us in the Pledge Of Allegiance.

We shot the first 5 stages either on the Hill or in the Old Town depending on which posse you were on. Whiskey Hayes wrote some fast and interesting stages with no "P" traps in any of them. When you look at the scores you'll see how fast they actually were.

After the 5 Main Match stages were finished we had a Team Match consisting of 3 person teams shooting the Texas Star with a rifle, pistol and shotgun knock downs and a clay bird. The teams were drawn from a hat so it made it very interesting. 10 teams tried it and the winning team consisted of Duck River, Sgt. Shooter and Ruff Edge.

This was followed by dinner on the range prepared by Rollin' Chopstix and it was as good a meal on a range as I have ever had. They were also our food vendor for the entire weekend including breakfast, pancakes and country ham on the range are hard to beat.

After dinner we had the Side Match Awards and Dooley Gang inspired high speed tag team door prize drawings. Thanks to sponsors, vendors and prize contributors we handed out well over 100 door prizes. I might have even seen lots of Jack Daniels.

Next up was Chickamauga Slim and Karaoke. I heard some pretty good singing including Charlie Bowdre. When I left the karaoke was still going with a group of cowboys singing, last I heard they were still trying to come up with a name. I kind of like Buck and the Dodgers.

Saturday morning brought the final 5 stages of the match and the weather was just as Great as the first 2 days. I was able to take some videos on Saturday and got to see some fantastic shooting. To see some of what I saw check out my YouTube channel. I didn't get names on all the videos so feel free to add names in the comment blocks.

Wartracecowboys Channel

Saturday night brought what I believe is one of the Best Awards Banquets in all of CAS. The food was great as usual and this year they did some rearranging so it wasn't crowded like last year. Whiskey Hayes gave away two guns donated by Ruger, our Main Match Sponsor.

First in the Awards we gave buckles to all the Category State Champions, then we sent them to see Mose and Bella. If you haven't heard the IDNR (Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources) is giving every SASS Category State Champion a free entry to the 2012 US Open. Mose and Bella are handling this and it looks like it will be the largest Cowboy Action Shooting Match in the World. If you didn't win an entry you better register early to be a part of this History Making Event. To read more about this click on the News Flash link and scroll down.

News Flash

Next we passed out the plaques to the Top 5 shooters in each Category, and then the Top Guns.

Prestidigitator was the Top Gun and Dew R Dye was the Top Lady.

The Top 10 were Tator, Silver City Rebel, Duke Skywalker, Fast Eddie, Mose Spencer, Dew R Dye, Knob Creek Drover, Buck Dodgers, Shell Stuffer and Risin' Outlaw.

17 Cowboys and girls shot a clean match, congratulations to them, their names can be seen on the Complete Scores Link.

Complete Scores

I'd like to congratulate all the winners and also everyone who competed.

The State Champions from Wartrace are:

Buck Dodgers, Wrangler 8th Overall

Randy Saint Eagle, Double Duelist 32nd Overall

Sergeant Shooter, 49'r 48th Overall

Tombstone John, Silver Senior 49th Overall

Scattergun Kid, Frontier Cartridge 50th Overall

Whiskey Hayes, Classic Cowboy 57th Overall

Ida Shot'em, Ladies Silver Senior 154th Overall

Way to go Wartrace.

I hope everyone enjoyed The Tennessee State Championship and remember us when you plan your agenda for 2013.

Happy Trails and may all your shots "ring steel".

My Entire Album

PLP Photo took pictures at the range and the Banquet click on their link to see and purchase Posse, action and Banquet photos.

PLP Photo