Friday, September 24, 2010

Regulators Reckoning 2010 Awards Preview

I've got the awards for the 2010 Tennessee State Championship and I think they turned out great.
I thought I'd give a preview of what you're coming to win.

The awards were done by Designz By You in Bell Buckle, TN.

For more info and an application go to the State Match link on our website.

See you at The Regulators Reckoning Oct. 7-9 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wartrace Regulators Cowboy Action Match 9-4-10

Marshall W.D. and Randy Saint Eagle, photo by Sean Clancy O'Conall.

53 Cowboys and Cowgirls rode into Wartrace to help us defend the town. With only 1 month left until The Regulators Reckoning, The SASS Tennessee State Championship it was time to rid the town of some unsavory characters. The final preparation at the range is next weekend and we didn't want any trouble. By the end of the day we had run all of the crooks and outlaws out of town. God blessed us with a beautiful day for a Cowboy Match, it just doesn't get much better than this.

Whiskey Hayes, as usual, had some fast and fun stages. Some had options of how to shoot them so you needed to think it out in order to get the fastest time, but none had "P" Traps.
We were delighted to welcome 2 new very first time Cowboy Action Shooters, Chief Red Cloud and Cousin Ron Haggen, who is also a new Wartrace Regulators member. Glad to have ya'll.

Papa Dave was the Top Gun of the day followed by Randy Saint Eagle, Tabasco Jot, CW Knight and Scattergun Kid rounds out the top 5. They will make up the Shootist Category in November. 6 thru 10 were Duck River, Marshall W.D., Sean Clancy O'Conall, Whiskey Hayes and Marshall Red Stockburn. Congratulations to these and everyone who shot with us.

We'd also like to congratulate Cheyenne Thornton, Delap Dave, Papa Dave, Papa Oso and Tennessee Roadrunner for shooting Clean Matches.

Our next match at Wartrace will be The Regulators Reckoning, The SASS Tennessee State Championship Oct. 7-9 2010, If you've not signed up it's time. It will be a Great Match and we'll have lot's of Vendors.

We also have to thank Charlie Bowdre for all the dozer work he and his family has done on the upper parking lot and vendor area, it looks great. It will now be our main parking lot for monthly matches.

Thanks again to everyone who came and shot with us. We'll see you at the State Championship.