Saturday, February 7, 2009

Feb. 09 Wartrace Shoot

What a beautiful day for a Cowboy Action Shoot. I got up this morning and it was 51 degrees, I knew it was going to be a good day. 59 Cowboys and Cowgirls came to save Wartrace from all manner of Outlaws and Hooligans. We shot 5 fast and fun stages. The fastest times on the stages ranged from 17.38 to 26.49, we won't get into the slowest times.

The top 5 shooters were, Buck Dodgers, Duck River, Papa Dave, Shaddai Vaquero and Whiskey Hayes, They will make up next months Shootist Category.
Category Winners:
Shootist Buck Dodgers
Elder Statesman Papa Dave
Traditional Shaddai Vaquero
Classic Cowboy Whiskey Hayes
Junior Boys Lil' Marshall W.D.
Gunfighter Clancy O Conall
Duelist Emmet Moon
"B"-Western Randy Saint Eagle
Silver Senior Charlie Bowdre
Senior Imis Twohofon
Senior Duelist Birdgun Quail
Frontier Duelist Hatchie Kid
Double Duelist Willy McCoy
49'r Slim Jim Dandy
Buckeroo Vaquero Jake
Frontier Cartridge Joe K
Frontiersman Blackwater Desperado
Grand Dame Buxom Boo

Congratulations to all Category Winners and once again to Buck Dodgers for being Top Cowboy.

I would like to encourage everyone to thank Sassy Lora, Shotgun Schoolmarm and Annie Marlin for doing registration and scores.

Don't forget The Smokey Mountain Shoot-Out. and
The Georgia State Championship

Thanks to Buck Dodgers for taking many of these pictures.