Sunday, May 3, 2009

1st May Match '09

Only 11 regulators decided to brave the weather and help stamp out evil in Wartrace. I saw more water in the fields on the way to the range than I've ever seen in this area. I normally cut across from 64 to 269 on Potts road, but it was flooded. The rain stopped shortly after 9. We started about 10, had a light drizzle during part of the first stage. After a few minutes that stopped and we didn't see any more rain until we had finished and loaded our equipment back in our vehicles.

I demonstrated what not to do on the first stage, a stage DQ (traveling rule). Then went on to have 2 misses at the second stage, but managed to shoot the last 3 clean.

The weather turned out to be nice, and never got too hot. I think everyone had a lot of fun (usually at someone else's expense).
The stages were fun, stage 5 made you think a little. Thanks Whiskey for good stages.

A special thanks goes to Annie Marlin and Shotgun Schoolmarm for doing the registration and scores.

Our mid-month match will be May 16th.