Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Georgia State Championship

I got word back from some Regulators, that at The Last Stand, Witch Doctor said that I had better be at the Georgia State Match "or else". Well not knowing what the "or else" was I decided, along with several Wartrace Regulators to head south and see what this ruckus was all about.

8 Wartrace Regulators made the trip, after checking out Boarding Houses and seeing they were all 30 minutes or longer to the range, Buck Dodgers sent up some smoke signals and sent a few telegraphs to see if we could find a Bunk House closer to the range. All his work paid off and we found a little Bunk House within 20 minutes of the range.

Papa Dave, Sheriff Frank Canton, Tombstone John, Branchwater Jack, Cheyenne Thornton, Buck Dodgers and I (Randy Saint Eagle) were joined by a friend from Florida, Amaduelist, at this little 5 bedroom 4 1/2 bath bunk house. Blackwater Desperado was also at the match but stayed at a different location.

Papa Dave, Sheriff Frank, Branchwater and Amaduelist got to the range early to shoot either the Wild Bunch Match or the Black Powder Match. Buck, Cheyenne, Tombstone and I got there in time to shoot the afternoon Side Matches. They had to normal speed side matches plus one of the most fun side matches I've ever tried. The entire match was based on Clint Eastwood movies and if you're a fan, you remember him shooting the Hangman's rope into to save Tuco.

This was set up where to save Tuco you had to shoot a 1/4" rope into at about 9 to 10 yards away. I'll tell you with old eyes it's hard to see that little rope. If you cut the rope it would fly up into the air so you knew right away you got it. If you saved Tuco you were given a button that said "I saved Tuco" and a piece of the rope. Mine took a place with all my badges from other shoots. Buck Dodgers turned out to be the King of rope cutting in our group. Buck cut it with his rifle and 3 different pistols, a Blackhawk, Vaquero and a Bisley.

Friday morning after the introduction, safety meeting, prayer and pledge we started the main match. We were on Posse 4 and what a great posse it turned out to be. Everyone worked and our posse ran like a well oiled machine. Buck Dodgers and Papa Dave were our Posse Marshalls and did an excellent job.

The stages were set up well and the targets big enough and close enough. Several of the stages had enough movement to keep it fun and you had to think on some to keep the shooting order straight. Several were shooters choice on gun order (rifle can't be last) and none had any "P" traps. You could tell it was a straight forward match by the fact out of 179 shooters 42 shot "Clean".

After shooting the first 5 stages they had Couples and Team matches. I had lots of fun shooting a team match with Olin Winchester (current World Champion Buckaroo) and his little brother, Joe Cartwheel. These are 2 fine shooters and you can expect to hear their names frequently.

I also got to shoot on a team with Cassalong Hoppidy and Deadly Sharpshooter, 2 more fine shooters and a lot of fun to Posse with.

Then we had a great meal prepared by the Mule Camp Cowboys with money collected going to help Storm Victims.

On Saturday we shot the last 5 stages and they were just as much fun as the first 5. Posse 4 consisted of Amaduelist, Big Boyd, Blackwater Desperado, Blaze Dawson, Branchwater Jack, Briscoe Callaghan, Buck Dodgers, Cassalong Hopidy, Cheyenne Thornton, Colt McCloud, Deadly Sharpshooter, Sheriff Frank Canton, Papa Dave, Purly, Randy Saint Eagle and Tombstone John.

This is how the Wartrace Regulators finished;

Buck Dodgers 6th Wrangler 21st Overall

Papa Dave 1st Elder Statesman 23rd Overall

Randy Saint Eagle 3rd Double Duelist 58th Overall

Sheriff Frank Canton 8th Silver Senior 103rd Overall

Tombstone John 9th Senior 119th Overall

Branchwater Jack 4th Frontier Cartridge Duelist 142nd Overall

Cheyenne Thornton 8th Classic Cowboy 149th Overall

Blackwater Desperado 4th Frontiersman 153rd Overall

Outback Steakhouse provided the meal at the Awards Banquet and Judgem' All Duncan and Witch Doctor took care of the awards.

If you missed this match you missed a good one and you should put it on your list for next year.

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The Wartrace Regulators will be giving RO1 and RO2 classes on May 14.

The Wartrace Regulators Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match will be May 21 for more info check out our website

Happy Trails to you and may all your shots "Ring Steel"