Wednesday, June 9, 2010

North Alabama Regulators Match 6/6/10

Papa Dave, Sheriff Frank Canton, Buck Dodgers, Tombstone John, Duck River, Randy Saint Eagle and Dobber decided to head south and join the North Alabama Regulators for their June Match. This was my first trip of the year to Alabama and I hope it won't be my last. We always have a good time with all our Alabama pards.

During the safety meeting El Camino mentioned Stage 4 had all reactive targets and that some stages look better on paper than after they are set up. Stage 4 was fun, but with 18 ropes on the ground, I think he may have been right. All kidding aside he had 5 fun stages with no "P" Traps.

Most of us from Wartrace shot on Posse # 3 and it was a good one. We had the pleasure of shooting with Diablo Del Thomas, a Buckaroo shooting his first Cowboy Match. You'd never have known it if you hadn't been told, he was trained well and did a really good job. We also got to shoot with fellow "B" Western shooter Stacy Hill, it was good to see him up and shooting after medical problems last year at Ambush. I also enjoyed meeting and shooting with Doc Duncan a very impressive Outlaw Shooter and brother to the infamous Judge'm All Duncan.

It was a hot muggy day but God blessed us with cloud cover and a good breeze most of the day. We shot 5 stages straight through and ate lunch while they tabulated the scores and got ready for the Awards Presentation.

Tuff Stuff was the Top Cowboy and shot 5 stages in an awesome 90.50 seconds, all the rest of us got in more shooting time for our money.

The Wartrace Regulators faired very well;

Papa Dave 1st Elder Statesman, 2nd Overall
Buck Dodgers 1st Wrangler, 4th Overall
Duck River 1st Frontier Cartridge, 5th Overall
Randy Saint Eagle 1st "B" Western 9th Overall
Tombstone John 1st Senior, 13th Overall
Sheriff Frank Canton 2nd Senior, 26th Overall
Dobber 1st Classic Cowboy, 33rd Overall

As always we had a Great Time and hope we can make it back soon.