Wednesday, October 29, 2008

08 Smokeout in The Hills

The Tennessee and Kentucky Black Powder State Championship Of Cowboy Action Shooting.

Ringer getting us started
Blackwater Desperado always breathing fire
Senior Black Powder, Harry 3 Fingers 1st and Kentucky State Champion, Sheriff Frank Canton 2nd and Tennessee state Champion , 3rd Just Hoss

Smokeless Elder Statesman,  Blue Boy , He's the Wartrace Regulators inspiration at 89
"B" Western Black Powder,  1st and Kentucky State Champion Copperhead Joe,  2nd and Tennessee State Champion Randy Saint Eagle

7 Cowboys and 1 Cowgirl from Wartrace decided to head up to Possum Trott for The SmokeOut
It was a really fun shoot and a cowboy atmosphere. We had a little rain on Friday for the side matches, but with covered firing points it wasn't really a problem. Saturday was a fine day and we shot 6 stages. After that we had a BBQ dinner at the Winfield Community center. Back at the Saloon Blackwater Desperado and his band entertained until the wee hours of the morning.
Sunday morning started with Campfire church, followed by the final 4 stages. I think some cowpokes were having a problem with their heads after Sat. night. After all scores were compiled, they had an Awards Ceremony. It was a really fun shoot and many thanks to Ringer, Tall Drink Of Water, Iron Maiden , Tn. Triple B, Rowdy Bates and all the gang from Possum Trott for a shoot done well. Also thanks Ernie for a good breakfast every morning.

 I now have a better appreciation for being able to see your targets.
I plan to be back next year. Also thanks to Sheriff Frank Canton, Marshall Red Stockburn and Papa Dave for letting me ride and share a room with them.

Congratulations to all the Wartrace Regulators.

Imis Twohofon 1st and Tn. State Champion Josey Wells Category
Blackwater Desperado 3rd  Josey Wales
Shotgun Schoolmarm 2nd and Tn. State Champion Ladies Modern
Sheriff Frank Canton 2nd and Tn. State Champion Senior
Marshall Red Stockburn 3rd Classic Cowboy
Randy Saint Eagle 2nd and Tn. State Champion  "B" Western
Papa Dave 3rd Elder Statesman

and most of all to our inspiration at 89

Blue Boy 1st Smokeless Elder Statesman