Monday, May 19, 2014

Wartrace Regulators May 17 Cowboy/ Wild Bunch Match

18 Cowboys, Cowgirl and Wild Bunch shooters ignored the 80% chance of rain forecast and rode into Wartrace to help free the area from bandits and thieves. There was a light rain when we started rolling in but it quit long enough to get our gear unloaded.

Papa Dave welcomed everyone, Randy Saint Eagle did the Safety Meeting, Branchwater Jack offered a prayer and led us in the pledge. With only 18 shooters we just had one combined posse. A light rain started back up before we started the first stage.

We started on the Gallows where gun order was shooters choice, rifle not last. With pistols and rifle you shot 1,2,3,3,3,5,4,3,3,3 and 2 shotgun knock downs. P3 target was a SASS cowboy and I managed to put 2 shots in the dirt right between his legs.

The Line Shack was also shooters choice with  1,1,1,1,4,4,4,4,3,2, on rifle and pistols and 4 KD's for the shotgun. The rain quit while we were shooting the Line Shack.

At Grafton's you started outside with the swinging doors closed, gun order shooters choice, rifle staged in one window, shotgun in the other, pistols shot from either. With the pistols you triple tap each of the 3 pistol targets and put the 10th round on any rifle target. With the rifle triple tap each of 3 rifle targets and and put the 10th rifle round on a small round target on the berm. 4 shotgun KD's.

The Cemetery gun order was rifle, shotgun, pistols, with the rifle staged on one coffin, shotgun staged on the other. You started at the rifle, alternating double taps on 2 rifle targets for 10 rounds then make rifle safe. Move to shotgun and shoot 6 shotgun KD's and make shotgun safe on center table then alternate double taps on 2 pistol targets for 10 rounds. The rain started back while we were at the Cemetery and was coming down pretty good by the time we got to Wells Fargo.

At Wells Fargo the rifle was staged in either gun rack and the shotgun was staged on the center shelf or the other gun rack, pistols holstered. You started in either side doorway with hands on door frame, at the beep with the rifle shoot a 9 shot Nevada Sweep on 3 rifle targets then make rifle safe. With pistols do 2 separate 5 shot Nevada sweeps starting on any of the 3 pistol targets. Then 6 shotgun KD's in any order.

Papa Dave was the Top Gun of the day followed by Randy Saint Eagle, Dodge City Dixie, Reno Mustang and Big Six Henderson rounded out the Top 5.

Dodge City Dixie was the Ladies Top Gun.

 Frank Buckshot was the Wild Bunch Top Gun, followed by Hatchie Kid, Deadwood Miner, Branchwater Jack, Gunbutcher and Tom Horn.

The weather may have had something to do with it but no one shot a "clean match".

Complete Scores

With the rain it was hard to get any pictures but PeDe was able to take 3 videos, I think you can see them on my Facebook home page.

Several Wartrace Regulators are headed to Mississippi next week to shoot Smokin' Guns at Rabbit Ridge, the first leg of The Triple Crown., don't forget Wartrace will be the final leg this year.

The following week I'll be headed to the North Carolina State Match

The next match at Wartrace will be the May 24th Long Range.

The next Cowboy Match will be June 7th.

For more info always check out our Website.

Happy Trails until we meet again.