Sunday, August 9, 2009

Memphis Gunslingers August Saturday Shoot 8/7/09

Buck Dodgers, Papa Dave, Tombstone John and I went to Memphis to shoot their monthly match and boy was it hot!!! This was probably one of the hottest Saturdays this year.
The Gunslingers put on a great match as always. 35 shooters came out and braved the heat. The stages were fast and fun, but at least one made you think some and on that stage I was the first shooter on our posse. It was a Degressive Sweep on just 2 targets. That was the first time I had seen that but I expect I'll see it again.

Congratulations to the Top Five Shooters, Prestidigitator, Papa Dave, Locco Perro, Buck Dodgers and Blackfish Kid.

I thought it was interesting that the top shooter is about 18 and the number 2 shooter is 74, covers a pretty broad span.
Mountaineer Lefty told us they have 146 shooters signed up for the State Championship right now, so if you want to shoot and haven't signed up you better hurry.

The Gunslingers are building covered loading and unloading areas and running electricity for fans, the fans really helped Saturday. Due to the small posse I wasn't able to take very many pictures, but I have a few.

If you're ever in the Memphis area go and check out The Memphis Gunslingers.