Sunday, May 22, 2011

May Mid-Month Cowboy/Wild Bunch

10 Cowboys and Cowgirls and 10 Wild Bunch shooters had a great day of shooting. The weather was fantastic and I think everyone had a ball.

With only 10 each we had to have 1 big Posse. The scenarios were slightly different so the Cowboys and Cowgirls shot first on each stage while the Wild Bunchers worked, then we read the scenario for Wild Bunch and they shot while the Cowboy Posse worked. This worked well but made the day a little long.

We shot the same stages as the May Main Match. They were fast and fun with no "P" traps, even though I got one (brain fade).

I had a ball and I hope everyone else did. We were excited to have one new Cowboy shooter, Brad Manco, and his wife and soon to be shooter, Dora Dufran. They are also new Wartrace Regulators. We also gained 3 more new Regulators, Montana Duke, Dynamite Jim and Tioga Roy, please welcome these new Cowboys and Cowgirl when you meet them.

Papa Dave was the Top Gun for the day shooting Wild Bunch, followed by Scattergun Kid {Cowboy}, C.W. Knight {WB}, Sheriff Frank Canton {CB} and Cherohala Chase {WB} rounded out the top 5. I thought it was interesting that the top 6 alternated Wild Bunch then Cowboy.
But I have to admit the Pards with them "New Fangled" guns topped the Cowboys this day but we want a rematch next month.

Congratulations also have to go out to Ida Shot'em, Dusty Wilcox and Dobber (shooting black powder) for shooting "clean" matches.

Our next Cowboy match will be June 4, for more info always check out our Website.

Complete Scores when available.

These pictures were provided by Dusty Wilcox's wife Lisa, Thanks Lisa.

If you're looking for a place to shoot on Memorial weekend.

If your looking for a travel Match in June try this:

Doc Holliday's Immortals in Griffin, Georgia will host our annual

two day match on June 11th & 12th, (2nd weekend) this summer.

"The Ride of the Immortals" will feature 10 challenging but fun stages,
6 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday.

There will be team side matches on Saturday and a BBQ dinner served on the range (included with the shooter fee).

Adult Shooter fee: $35

Jr/Buckaroo w/parent: $20

Dry Camping on range: $25

Extra Sat Dinner: $10

Vendor Fee: Free if Pre-registered.

Application may be obtained from the Doc Holliday's Immortals website,

'Nooga Kid

Happy Trails