Saturday, July 5, 2008

Main July Match @ Wartrace 08

Tenn NudShotgun Schoolmarm

Shotgun Schoolmarm taking out a shotgun target

Blackwater Desperado making some smoke at the Gallows

Will Reilly  making it look easy at the Gallows
Will Reilly shooting pistol targets faster than I can look at them
J. B. Littlebit
A cowboy shootin' boy name of  Willy McCoy
Down home they call him slim?
Annie Marlin workin' a '97

Annie blazin' away

Tenn Nud being timed by J. Mark Flint
Shotgun Schoolmarm at the Gallows
Brush Creek makin' lots of smoke at the Gallows

Brush Creek Rattling our teeth at the Wells Fargo Bank
I promise there were targets out there before Brush Creek started shooting

We had a good shoot today 44 shooters, tried there luck today. The rain held off until the last shooter finished. The scenarios required a little thinking , but were fun and pretty fast. All pistol and rifle sequences were the same on a given stage  so nothing to trip you up there. Although you had to remember what to do. Scattergun Kid has already posted scores. Anyone wanting to know more about Cowboy Action Shooting or the Wartrace Regulators can go to  this link.